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The Best Dog Food for Weight Loss and Tips for Overweight Dogs

A National Pet Obesity Awareness Day Survey done in 2014 found that over 50% of dogs in America are obese. Several surveys conducted in different parts of the world have shown almost similar results, that …

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white and black husky dog wearing a blue leash

Best Dog Food for Huskies Reviews and Guide

Do you have husky doggies? All that they dream of is rushing through snow-covered ground and leading you on adventures in winter. Huskies consider themselves as four-legged wolves with energy to traipse through woods chasing …

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Best Dog Food for Diabetic Dogs — Diets for Regulating Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a disease caused by the body’s inability to produce insulin, which causes your dog to have high blood sugar levels. Canine diabetes may not be reversible, but it is manageable with a special …

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Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach and Diarrhea | Supporting Digestion and GI Health

A sensitive stomach can result in vomiting, diarrhea, and poor appetite. This will often lead to a struggle in maintaining weight and a lack of energy. A high-quality dog food diet for a sensitive stomach …

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cute bulldog wearing a dog leash walking

The Best Dog Food for Bulldogs — Complete and Balanced Diets

Given how much bulldogs love to eat, it is extremely important to make sure that the food they eat is nutritious, complete, and balanced. It is just as important for your bulldog to have a …

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dog lying down on a chair during daytime

Best Dog Food for Yeast Infections — Restore and Maintain Normal Flora

Yeast infections are not uncommon in dogs. You might assume that your dog is meant to have a stinky smell, but she may have a yeast infection. The most common canine yeast infections are those …

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Cat Drinking A Lot Of Water

Is your cat drinking a lot of water? It is alarming if your cat drinks too much throughout the day. It is in a cat’s nature to drink water but too much water can be signs of dehydration or other …

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Are Dachshunds Smart?

The Dachshund is one of the popular dog breeds in the US. Moreover, aside from their unique physique, the dachshunds have an immense personality to captivate the hearts of many. But, if you are still planning on getting a Dachshund, you are …

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Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

Owning a dog can be a fun experience. Furthermore, you probably enjoy your dog’s loyalty and overall character. However, sometimes you can’t help but wonder, “Why does my dog follow me everywhere?” You may appreciate the clinginess of your dog, …

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Why Does My Dog Eat Dirt?

Dogs are very curious animals. Moreover, you might even wonder why they nibble on almost everything that you might not even want to think about. Some dogs even like to eat poop, while others enjoy eating grass. Furthermore, your dog …

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Why Does My Dog Fart So Much?

As a dog parent, you are always concerned about your dog’s health. However, regardless of how much you care for your dog, it can sometimes be inevitable that they become gassy. Then, you probably begin to wonder, “Why does my …

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Are Boxer Dogs Smart?

In the US, the boxer dog is the 11th most popular dog breed out of the 193 recognized breeds in the American Kennel Club. Moreover, the boxer is really a very versatile and adaptable breed which makes it ideal for …

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Boxer Dog Will Not Listen: What Can I Do?

The boxer is a very popular dog breed in the US. Moreover, there are numerous reasons behind their popularity, such as their versatility and trainability. But, what should you do if a boxer dog will not listen? Boxer dogs are …

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Why Does My Dog Hump Me?

Dogs are part of the family. Moreover, you might find humping as an annoying behavior in your dog. You are probably wondering, “Why does my dog hump me?” Furthermore, this behavior is not limited to male dogs since some female …

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Can Dachshunds Be Left Alone?

At some point in time, every dog parent might need to leave their dogs alone. It might be due to your work and study schedule, a vacation or a night out. Dachshunds enjoy the company of other dogs or even …

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