Dog Grooming

Dog Whiskers: Do They Grow Back?

Do dog whiskers grow back

Over time, dog whiskers have become recognized as vital sensory tools that aid our furry companions in navigating their surroundings and communicating with others. But what happens if these whiskers are trimmed or accidentally lost? Do they grow back, or are they lost forever? What are the effects of cutting dog whiskers? Key Takeaways: Whiskers … Read more

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Do Chihuahuas Shed?

Do Chihuahuas Shed? This is a common question for aspiring Chihuahua keepers. Moreover, this is a huge consideration when getting a Chihuahua if you or a family member suffers from asthma. Shedding is a normal occurrence in most dogs. Also, it is the dander attached to a dog’s shed that triggers asthma or triggers other … Read more

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Will a Golden Retriever Shed Hair?

The golden retriever is one of America’s most favorite breeds. They are loyal and friendly dogs with even temperament. Plus, their golden coat is so recognizable for its amazing color and its softness. In general, people love goldies because they are beautiful and perfect as family pets. But will a golden retriever shed hair? If … Read more

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Which Dachshund Sheds the Least?

When choosing a pet dog, it’s always best to know everything we can about the breed. How well can it handle being left alone? What’s its temperament, and can it work with kids? Shedding and their grooming needs are some of our top considerations. After all, not everyone is a fan of loose fur sticking … Read more

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Which Labrador Sheds The Least?

Labrador retrievers are America’s most favorite dog breed. This is according to American Kennel Club’s breed popularity. But while they are total sweethearts, some owners may see their shedding as a problem. So which Labrador sheds the least? But is it true that Labs shed differently depending on their coat color? Is it true that … Read more

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Doggies Top Model: The Most Fashionable Dogs of All Time!

They say fashion knows no age and gender – but does that include our dogs, too? Sure, we buy our furry friends some accessories and even clothes from time to time. But these pups and dogs will change the way you look at fashion – especially doggy fashion. They’re ready to slay their own catwalk … Read more

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Best Shampoo for Chihuahuas

Your dog may not need daily baths, but the best shampoo for Chihuahua is something that can thoroughly clean them and make them smell good. All the while, it will moisturize their skin and prevent any problems from becoming worse. The ideal shampoo should be made for your dog – specially formulated for their skin … Read more

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Best Shampoo for English Bulldogs

Our dogs don’t need to bathe daily. You only need to bathe them at least once every three months and only when they are dirty. That said, the shampoo should be powerful enough to remove accumulated dirt but gentle enough on your dog’s thin skin. Finding the best shampoo for English Bulldogs guarantees these key … Read more

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Best Shampoo for Beagle Dogs

how often do beagles need a bath

Why is it so important to find the best shampoo for Beagle dogs? Easy, you need something guarantees they are cleaned, but also to ensure that they are safe. Many shampoos are created with various chemicals that can cause skin dryness and allergic reactions that would not only make your pet look bad but also … Read more

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