Just Some of the Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

There is always an endless debate between people who prefer dogs and people who prefer cats. However, qualities of both dogs and cats are always subjective depending on their owners. In this review, we’ll find out why dogs are better than cats. If you are a cat person, this article might change your perspective about … Read more

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The Benefits of Having a Fish Tank for Dog Owners

benefits of fish tank for dog owners

Fish tanks are an awe-inspiring addition to any home, but they hold an even greater significance for dog owners. Not only do they provide a peaceful and visually stunning environment, but they also offer specific benefits for both you and your furry friend. From reducing stress and anxiety in dogs to providing a new form … Read more

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Too Fluffy To Function: 13 Fluffiest Dog GIFs That Will Make You Stop and Stare

Fun fact: Fluffy dogs have hair, not fur. That’s how they grow longer and have less dander than other dog breeds. They are usually hypoallergenic, but mostly, they are just too fluffy for words! Here are some adorable GIFs of fluffy dogs you’ll want to stare at all day. I know I did! The Great … Read more

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Can Chihuahuas Help with Asthma?

If you or any of your loved one has asthma, you will keep looking for ways to get rid of it. Like any other condition, this is something that you don’t want to keep for a long time. And if owning a cute dog is an option to get rid of this pesky illness, then … Read more

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Tales of the Tailchasers: An Interactive Story About Cute and Adorable Dogs Chasing Their Tails

Once upon a time, some dogs wondered what was wagging behind them. They wanted to know what it was so they tried to find out. They tried and tried and tried. Some were successful, but most ended up searching in vain. Legend says it’s a fluffy snake. But only those who succeeded live to tell … Read more

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Paddleboarding With Your Dog Can Be Easy & Fun


There’s no reason why you can’t take Fido along on your paddleboarding adventures whether you usually paddleboard alone or with the whole family. It will be fun for you as well as for your four-legged friend. However, it is important to introduce them to the board properly, be safe about paddleboarding with your dog, choose … Read more

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Office and School Dogs That Will Relieve Your Weekday Stress!

Working or studying from 9 in the morning til 5 in the afternoon is tiring – regardless of whether you simply sit in a chair and desk all day. It’s mentally stressful, especially when you do it from Monday to Friday. But stress no more! Man’s best friend is here to the rescue! According to … Read more

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