Cat Drinking A Lot Of Water

Is your cat drinking a lot of water? It is alarming if your cat drinks too much throughout the day. It is in a cat’s nature to drink water but too much water can be signs of dehydration or other issues.

It is a sign of critical health issues when your cat takes excessive water. Therefore, you must know about the actual problem at the earliest stages to ensure the best care for your cat. You need to know the difference between drinking lots of water and regular drinking habits.

What is a Normal Water Drinking Habit for a Cat?

There are different factors behind the cat’s drinking nature. However, a specific figure for drinking water cannot be specified. How much water a cat needs depends upon the size and age of the cat. Another factor is the nutrition, is the cat eating dry food drinking more water than one eating wet food?

The water requirements of a cat also depend upon its lifestyle. An active cat who spends several hours in the warm temperature of the outside environment will drink more wat than an inactive cat, spending time in a calm atmosphere inside the house. You will be able to know about the regular drinking routine of your cat with time as you refill the water bowl every day.

cat drinking a lot of water

Behavior Reasons for Drinking A Lot of Water.

Some cats can begin to drink a lot of water due to stress or anxiety.  The unusual routine of drinking water can be a reassurance for your pet. However, it can immediately become a habit of your cat to drink excessively when not needed.

You can quickly identify if drinking a lot of water is a problem by noticing the following behavior changes:

  • Behavior of hyper-clingy
  • Anti-socialization
  • Prominent alterations in the eating routines
  • Sleeping in distinctive locations in unusual time

It is your responsibility to know about the reason for the changes. You can also analyze the prominent changes like any new move or addition of a baby. You can address these alterations and give yourself some time to your cat to get rid of stress.

The different signs of stress can be symptoms of critical health problems for your cat. Therefore, you must analyze your cat to know about known pressure quickly. You can also consult with a pet doctor for health issues. This way, your cat will be checked for drinking excessive water rather than a routine.

Physical Reasons for Excessive Thirst.

Various physical problems can be why a cat drinks a lot of water.

Diabetes: Unusual thirst can also be caused due to diabetes. It is a severe disease that can threaten your cat’s life. Therefore, you need to use insulin injections to treat your cat.

Hyperthyroidism: A cat with hyperthyroidism can cause diarrhea, thirst, weight loss, appetite, and vomiting. It will affect the cats’ age of over 12 months, and you need to ensure the proper treatment. Therefore, you have to look for the best treatment for hyperthyroidism.

Kidney Disease is a common disease in older cats but can also affect younger cats. When your cat faces kidney disease, your cat will get excessive urination and drinks more water to rebuild the lost fluid. You can use different disease control methods, including diet and medication.

New Change to Dry Food: Changing the dry food of a cat can also cause the cat to drink a lot of water, depending upon the nature of the food. It can cause increased thirst in your cat. Moreover, you can take your cat to the vet if your cat is drinking water excessively after several weeks of changing the food.

Heat Wave: A potential reason for drinking too much water is the heat wave which is not bearable for the cats. It is also possible that your cat is drinking excessive amounts of water because of the extreme tides. So, your cat is expected to drink more water because of the weather, not the heatstroke.

Cats’ Drinking Habit Should be Observed.

Your cat’s drinking habit ensures crucial health insights for you. Different factors force your cat to drink more water than a routine. Pet owners need to analyze their cat’s drinking habits.

If you know why cats drink a lot of water, you can get an appointment with the best cat vet. The vet will diagnose by examining your cat to reveal the health problems. You also need to provide food and water with the vet’s consultancy.

Consider a Vet.

When you have used all techniques and intelligence in analyzing the situation, you can visit the nearest vet to examine your cat and get the proper medical treatment. You can also find the vet on the internet for every kind of cat issue.

Final Verdict

It is critical if a cat drinks a lot of water, you must observe the changes in the cat’s routine and/or environment to resolve the issue. Moreover, you must provide high-quality food to cats to help them avoid drinking water excessively. The proper treatment will help your cat to live a happy healthy life.

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