Which Labrador Sheds The Least?

Labrador retrievers are America’s most favorite dog breed. This is according to American Kennel Club’s breed popularity. But while they are total sweethearts, some owners may see their shedding as a problem. So which Labrador sheds the least?

But is it true that Labs shed differently depending on their coat color? Is it true that a Labrador’s color affects them in general?

This article will shed some light on this issue and debunk long-believed myths.


How Much Do Labradors Shed?

Labs are not the heaviest shedders. You can even tame the shedding a little by brushing their coat weekly. But you will need a good vacuum or you’ll see hair floating around. Your rugs and carpets will be filled with fur if you don’t vacuum at least once a day.

It’s also not a good idea to get a Lab if you have asthma or you have any allergies.

Shedding is heavier when the seasons change. For three weeks around the time Spring comes, you’ll see more shedding. The same goes when it’s time to hit the Autumn days.

That’s because Labrador retrievers change their coats for the weather. When Spring comes, they lose a lot more fur as they shed their winter coat. When fall comes, the “summer coat” looses and your dog gets a heavier bulk.

If you have a Lab or you want one, get ready for heavy vacuuming around these times.

Why Do Labs Shed?

Labrador retrievers have dense coats. That’s the reason they shed more so than short-haired dogs.

labrador on bed

They also have a double coat – meaning they have two layers of coat. Their outer layer is sleeker, straighter, and waterproof while the undercoat is fluffy. These layers help your dog tolerate any kind of weather.

Which Labrador Sheds The Least?

Many dog lovers believe that yellow Labradors shed the most. That leaves black and chocolate labs as the least shedders.

That may be the reason why more people would look for black and chocolate-colored Labs.

Unfortunately, that isn’t really the case. Shedding can differ from dog to dog, regardless of their color. That said, yellow Labs may shed the least compared to a black Lab or vice versa.

This rumor may have come from the fact that a yellow Lab’s fur has a lighter color. It can show up more easily in rags, couches, and carpets.

Regardless of what variant you have, be ready for mild to moderate shedding.

Does Color Affect Your Dog?

To make it clear, the color doesn’t affect the dog’s temperament and personality. It really depends on your dog and what influences them as they grow.

But it is true that color can affect your dog’s health. Researchers found that chocolate Labs have a significantly lower lifespan.

When you have a chocolate Labrador, you should pay more attention to their health.

How To Manage Shedding

Your dog may shed a lot, but there are ways to help tame the shedding. Below are some tips to help keep shedding to a little.

Brush Your Dog

Brushing your dog’s coat can help with the shedding. Brush their coat for at least three times a week and daily when it’s the time for heavy shedding. This helps take out all the loose furs before it falls out.

It also helps bring back your dog’s natural hair oil.

There are different types of brush available in the market. But you have to get one that suits your dog’s coat type. Since they have double coats, the brush should reach deep into the undercoat.

According to AKC, slicker brushes work best for Labrador retrievers. You can also use a coat rake when the shedding gets a little heavy.

Brush your dog’s hair continuously in both directions to pull the loose hair. Continue doing this until you get less and less hair.

Bathe Your Dog

You don’t have to bathe your dog every day. In fact, they may only need bathing at least four to five times a year or when necessary only. But if your Lab is shedding rather heavily, bathing them more regularly can help.

Always choose an organic dog shampoo. It should never contain any harsh chemicals, fragrance, or paraben. There are some shampoos made especially for Labrador retrievers. Or you can get shampoo for double-coated dogs.

You may also get a shampoo that’s made especially for shedding. These types of products normally bring back your dog’s natural oils and moisture.

It’s best to get the vet’s suggestion as to how often they should be bathed. Ask them for their recommended products as well.

Massage your dog when they’re bathing. You can use silicone and/or rubber brushes and bath mitts. Doing this helps separate the loose hair.


Labrador retrievers are lovely dogs. And that’s even when they shed moderately (or heavily at times). Don’t let this get in the way of considering this dog unless it’s related to your health. Now that you know which labrador sheds the least, you can still choose based on their level of shedding and prepare yourself for the level of grooming they need.

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