Exotic bullies

Exotic Pocket Bully: Complete Guide

What is an exotic pocket bully? As a dog lover, you may have heard of the exotic bully breed, but do you truly understand all there is to know about these unique dogs? From their …

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Pocket Bully: History, Size & Health

The Pocket Bully breed is a captivating combination of strength and charm, making them an increasingly popular choice for dog lovers. This article explores into the history, size, and health considerations of these unique and …

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Do dog whiskers grow back

Dog Whiskers: Do They Grow Back?

Over time, dog whiskers have become recognized as vital sensory tools that aid our furry companions in navigating their surroundings and communicating with others. But what happens if these whiskers are trimmed or accidentally lost? …

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Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken

Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken? (What Are the Risks?)

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) recommends keeping your four-legged pet away from raw chicken. However, most cats prefer munching a meow mix rather than raw chicken or meat. Also, it …

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blue wilderness grain free dry cat food

The Best Grain Free Dry Cat Food

Choosing Grain-Free Dry Cat Food is a great choice for cats of all ages. They are made with natural ingredients, such as meats, vegetables, and fruits. Unlike traditional dry food that contains grains, grain-free dry …

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Black Ragdoll Cat Breed: Controversy

Can Ragdoll Cat be black? The breeders argue that a black Ragdoll cat shares the characteristics of ragdoll cats, such as a docile personality, large size, and silky coat. Cat associations argue that a purebred …

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Cat Drinking A Lot Of Water

Is your cat drinking a lot of water? It is alarming if your cat drinks too much throughout the day. It is in a cat’s nature to drink water but too much water can be …

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Can Cats Eat Tomatoes (Common Foods Cats Should Avoid)

Have you ever heard of a cat munching tomatoes? It seems odd, right? But, yes, cats eat red ripe tomatoes, not green unripe. Felines might hop on to get a piece of tomato when they …

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benefits of fish tank for dog owners

The Benefits of Having a Fish Tank for Dog Owners

Fish tanks are an awe-inspiring addition to any home, but they hold an even greater significance for dog owners. Not only do they provide a peaceful and visually stunning environment, but they also offer specific …

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dog eating kibble dry dog food on the floor

Best Dog Food for Picky Eaters: Irresistibly Tasty Chow

Are you at your wit’s end trying to get your dog to eat his food? It can get frustrating trying to figure out why your dog won’t eat, especially if there’s nothing medically wrong with …

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Adult black and tan Doberman pinscher lying on yellow petaled flower field during daytime

The Best Dog Food for Doberman Pinschers

Strong and intelligent, the Doberman Pinscher is a great canine companion and deserves to get delicious meals. Although energetic, your Doberman is prone to some health issues that can easily deny you an otherwise happy …

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male dog name

The Best Dog Food for Firm Stools |A Guide to Lose the Loose

Is your lovely dog suffering from stomach upsets and diarrhea? If yes, it might be an indicator that something is wrong with their health. However, even if the issue is not a serious one, no …

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sad white dog sitting outdoors

The Best Dog Food for Weight Loss and Tips for Overweight Dogs

A National Pet Obesity Awareness Day Survey done in 2014 found that over 50% of dogs in America are obese. Several surveys conducted in different parts of the world have shown almost similar results, that …

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white and black husky dog wearing a blue leash

Best Dog Food for Huskies Reviews and Guide

Do you have husky doggies? All that they dream of is rushing through snow-covered ground and leading you on adventures in winter. Huskies consider themselves as four-legged wolves with energy to traipse through woods chasing …

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cute bulldog outdoors

Best Dog Food for Diabetic Dogs — Diets for Regulating Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a disease caused by the body’s inability to produce insulin, which causes your dog to have high blood sugar levels. Canine diabetes may not be reversible, but it is manageable with a special …

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