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best brush for long haired german shepherd

Owning a German Shepherd would also mean two things: you vacuum every day and you need the best brush for German Shepherd coat. These are very common for GSD owners since they have shed very much and it’s important to keep their fur out of the way for the safety of the family. One way of keeping their shedding to a minimal is brushing their fur daily so finding the best type is essential.

The German Shepherd is a heavy shedder.

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Best Brush for German Shepherd Coat Comparison

How to Find the Best Brush for Long Haired German Shepherd

German Shepherd dogs shed heavily throughout the year. It is a normal thing for them, but if you find that your dog’s shedding is abnormally heavy, then you might want to visit a vet. This could be a health issue.

Nonetheless, most of the time you can keep it under control by brushing their fur every day for a few minutes. It’s a simple task, but it does help maintain their coat. Through the right brush, you’ll be able to go deep into their coat and brush out all the loose ones.

Basically, a GSD has two layers of coats: the surface coat and the undercoat. The latter is often responsible for all the loose fur and shedding that happens. That’s primarily the main reason that you’ll need a deeper brush than you normally would buy.

And of course, various brushes are made for certain types of coats. Dogs with thicker coats often use a heavy-duty brush for German Shepherd coat hair while those with denser coats need lighter ones. This review is primarily for those who aren’t aware what the difference between brushes are as well as how to choose a brush and which ones are good buys.

These brushes could also work for other breeds with a similar coat as German Shepherd dogs. However, if your dog has a denser and shorter hair, you might need a different kind of brush.

That being said, here are some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing a brush for German Shepherd coat.

Brush Type

best brush for german shepherd coat

Dog brushes are made to help groom your dog and reduce shedding.

The brush type could tell whether it will work on a certain type of coat or not. You can find several brushes available, but there are basically three types of brushes. Here are the following and what they are for:

  • Wire-pin – Wire-pin brushes are typically made with a wooden handle and wire pins. They could have rubber balls on each end to avoid scratching your dog’s skin. Most of the time, the wire pin is made for show dogs as well as pooches with long hair. It’s very gentle for your dog. You can use this after using any of the two brushes to manage your dog’s hair.
  • Bristle – This is the type of brush that works with any dog of any type of coat and fur. Each type has different bristle length and gap in between and these factors would help you know which one is best for your dog.
  • Slicker – Slicker brushes may look like wire-pin brushes. The difference is slicker types have finer bristles since it’s used to remove mats and tangles.

Bristle Length

Your German Shepherd has medium-length fur with a harsh outer coat and a soft, woolly undercoat. The contrast can be quite daunting when you’re trying to choose a bristle brush.

Basically, you’ll require a brush for German Shepherd coat hair with longer bristle length and one that has wider gaps in between the bristles. This makes it easier to brush through the harsh coat and reach the deeper undercoat and shake those loose hair.

Bristle Gap

The gap between each bristle differs depending on a dog’s coat. Widely gapped brushes work best with longer and double layered coats. This allows the coat to brush through a normally harsher surface coat while being gentle for the softer undercoat. This type would often be a good brush for German Shepherd coat


You can find a brush that has two types of bristles on each end for different purposes. These special features make your job easier and more effectively, plus you won’t have to buy two different brushes. That means you can also save money.

German Shepherd dogs often get tangled and matted fur due to the double layers. If you can find a brush with a feature that can de-tangle and avoid mats, your dog will look much better and shedding could be be kept to moderate at the very least.

Finding brushes with various types of features are a little more expensive than normal types, but the add-on does make your work better.

best brush for long haired german shepherd

You’ll need to vacuum your house everyday when you have a heavy shedder pet.

Rakes and Combs

Rakes are often used for a dog’s undercoat, and therefore, would be a great brush for German Shepherd coat. As the name suggests, this looks exactly like a rake you would use for leaves, with bristles set widely apart from each other and longer and thicker bristles. Apart from controlling shedding, this can also help with matting.

Combs, on the other hand, are often made for grooming. They can also be sued for matting and tangles. You can find short to long combs with bristles that are far apart or compressed. Normally, the compressed combs also help with taking off fleas and ticks which can be a cause of excessive shedding.

With or Without Rubber Pins

Wire-pin brushes often have rubber pins at the end of each bristle to protect your dog’s skin from scratches. When buying a similar type of brush, you should really consider whether you should buy one with the protection or not.

But perhaps for those who are new to owning a dog or if their dogs have far more sensitive skin, rubber pinned bristles will work best.


Of course, the price of a brush for German Shepherd coat would differ and it’s important to stay within your budget. But you shouldn’t just choose the cheapest. You also have to check whether the value and quality of the product works well with its price and how its value can affect its effectivity.

The thing is, even when you have spent less on a brush but it doesn’t work, it will still be money wasted. Plus it’s far cheaper than professional grooming.

Top Brushes for German Shepherds

Eogro Dog Grooming Dual Brush Professional for Pets

“Features two types of brushes”

  • Includes pin brush
  • Includes bristle brush on other side
  • Created for any dog breed
  • Helps reduce shedding
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle

This Eogro dual brush has two different brushes on each side which can work on both long and short-haired dogs. It can be a brush for German Shepherd coat as well as for other breeds like a Poodle, Husky, Shih-tzu, and more. It can even be used for your cats.

best brush for long haired german shepherd

Brush your German Shepherd everyday to help reduce shedding.

The wire pin brush is an ideal tool for removing tangles and matting that can often cause extreme shedding. It has rounded tips so even without rubber, it will be gentle on your dog. The other part includes soft bristles that can be used to help remove loose fur while spreading essential oil that naturally occurs on your dog’s fur. This gives a natural shine and keeps tangling and matting from happening.

Overall, this is a good brush for any dog, even for a German Shepherd. With contrasting sides, it is easier for you to work on your dog’s coat every day with only one tool. The ergonomic and non-slip handle makes it easier and more comfortable to hold, especially when you’re having a bit of trouble with your dog’s hair.

Andis Premium Pet Grooming Tools

“Reduces loose fur from both layers”

  • Can greatly reduce shedding
  • Can also remove dirt and debris
  • Reduces tangles and mats
  • Non-slip handle
  • Stimulates hair follicles for faster hair growth

This Andis slicker brush is a part of a grooming tool and is used for helping reduce shedding. You can buy it on its own or you can purchase it with other tools, depending on what you have found more effective for your German Shepherd. It contains some firmer bristles to really get through the double layers and get the loose hair from both the topcoat and undercoat.

It is a wider brush, which makes it easier for you to go through your dog’s body easily and make the work faster. It does have slightly compressed bristles, however, which can be a little hard when it comes to going through the harsh topcoat of your GSD. You will need to apply a little pressure so you can reach the undercoat.

But once you do get to the undercoat, it can stimulate your dog’s hair follicles which can promote hair growth. The non-slip handle also works best when you are going through the thick topcoat of your GSD’s fur.

DakPets Deshedding Brush-Dog Hair & Cat Hair Shedding Tool

“Removes loose undercoat without damaging topcoat”

  • Works on any dog breed
  • Greatly reduces shedding
  • Also helps avoid ticks, fleas, and parasites
  • Made from non-irritant stainless steel
  • Non-slip rubber grip

This deshedder tool from DakPets can be used on any dog breed, so it can be a good brush for German Shepherd and even your pet cat. This has a detachable head design so you can clean it easily for the next use. There is a quick release button if you want the stainless steel comb removed after using it. It also snaps back instantly.

The bristles are firmer and more compressed so it can only acquire the loose undercoat fur and keep the topcoat undamaged. Because it is made from stainless steel, it avoids rust and can be safe for your pet’s skin. The gap within each bristle might make it a little tough to get through your GSD’s tough topcoat, but the non-slip grip will make it easier to hold especially when untangling any messy fur.

Generally, this deshedder does it job and can greatly reduce your dog’s shedding. Plus the closely gapped bristles help avoid and remove fleas, ticks, and parasites that might have transferred to your dog.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

“One-button cleaning”

  • Activates self-cleaning with one button
  • Gently removes loose hair
  • Removes and avoids dirts and parasites
  • Works on any breed of dog
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle

This Hertzko slicker brush works greatly when it comes to reducing your dog’s shedding. Apart from that, the bristles are able to remove dirt and parasites since they have small gaps between them. However, it does get a little tough going through your GSD’s coat with such closely gapped bristles — but it’s not impossible. It just isn’t as smooth with widely-gapped brushes, especially when you encounter mats and tangles.

Speaking of tangles, it does help untangle your dog’s fur which really helps create a smoother coat and also keeps your dog’s fur from excessive shedding. It has an ergonomic non-slip rubber handle with a thumb rest that gives you control and makes it easier to slide through your dog’s fur.

However, the best part about this slicker brush is its self-cleaning feature. There’s a button at the back of the tool that when pressed, the bristles will go in and the fur will be left behind. You can simply brush away the fur or wash it if you want.

While the best brush for German Shepherd coat doesn’t entirely stop your dog from shedding, it does greatly reduce it so that you can manage the loose fur everywhere. Plus, keeping your dog well-groomed greatly enhances their appearance without spending a lot of money and time. Who wouldn’t want a handsome little fur baby, right?

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