Can Pugs Be Left Outside? What Are the Consequences of Having Small Outdoor Dogs?

Pugs are very charming breeds. They are one of the most charming and lovable dogs that you can find. These fur babies are very clingy to their owners and need love and attention. But if you’re a new owner, you can’t help but ask: Can pugs be left outside? If you’re undergoing such a dilemma, then this is a good article for you to read.

Why would it be dangerous to leave pugs outside?

We’ll help you understand the reasons why pugs are not recommended to be on their own outdoors. As a dog parent, you need to be familiar with how a situation like this can affect your pug.

Below are some essential points you need to consider when you’re planning your pug’s home situation. There are dogs that do well with outdoor environments, while there are those that do not. Learn about what pugs feel when they are indoors or outdoors.

If you want to make your home the best place for your pet to be comfortable, then read on.

Indoor or Outdoor Dogs: Where Do Pugs Belong?

This is one thing you need to research before you get not only pugs but any kind of dog. Pugs are indoor dogs, and it’s not recommended that they are alone out in the open. There are many factors to consider, especially since pugs have a very distinct form.

Pugs don’t adapt well to many outside elements. Pugs can get hot at a faster rate, and they aren’t able to cool themselves down. Good places to take your pugs to would be in a building or car with air-conditioning.

How the Outdoor Environment Affects Pugs

Given that pugs have “pushed in” faces, they have shorter breathing passages. When temperatures are at their extreme, like heat or cold, pugs may have a harder time adjusting. Pugs are weak, especially when the weather is too hot.

Even though pugs are great with children, they might be in danger from smaller kids. Pugs have large protruding eyes which are prone to injury. This is a breed that seeks love and gentle treatment all the time.

Pugs Being Dependent on Their Owners

Pugs are very close and dependent on their owners. At all times, pugs will try to get your attention. If you plan on owning a pug, expect that they will want to play with you all the time. The younger the pug, the more attention they need.

Older pugs are much calmer and prefer to sit down somewhere in the house. But once your pug starts asking for attention, you should be there to give it to him. If you want a pug, make sure that you have the time for him, or else you will break his poor little heart.

Looking Out for Evil Dog-Snatchers

Security is also a big issue once you decide to let your pet out. Pugs and other dogs breeds are hot in the robber’s eyes. It’s sad to say, but there are people who steal dogs for breeding or selling.

Pugs are highly valued dogs, and dog thieves are aware of that. They know the price of a pug once they get to sell it to others. Your pug is a small dog which means it has shorter legs to run away. They are less mobile, and thieves can lure them in by food.

Pugs Are Also Prone to Allergens

Different types of allergens can affect pugs. These can range from weeds, pollen, mites, and other sorts of allergens. Also, pugs have sensitive skin that can have hive breakouts and dermatitis. They might suffer from itching and irritation when left out too long.

You also have to consider the presence of bees, wasps, and spiders outside. Your pet can get ticks and fleas that may harm their skin. Its either you bathe your dog in a thorough manner or have them step outside for a little bit.

House Training Your Pugs Rather Than Leaving Them Outside

Pugs are very intelligent creatures. You can house train them while young to avoid any bowel movement problems. This is a breed that can go under training with ease. This is because pugs love pleasing their owners and will follow you to gain attention.

Training your pugs also increases the time that you spend with them. Because of this, you won’t only have well-behaved dogs but also happy pugs that get to have precious moments with their humans.

So Will You Still Leave Your Pug Outdoors?

Every action has its own consequences. You should know the implications of putting your dogs outdoors. You might have your own reasons to put them out there, but it shouldn’t be permanent.

Can pugs be left outside even if you‘ve trained them? Yes, you can, but it’s not recommended to do it. Pugs will obey you because they love you. It’s time that you show your love back to your pets too by thinking about what’s best for them.

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