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best dog training collar

Are you a dog owner or have you just purchased your first dog? First of all congratulations! However, if you haven’t already experienced chaos courtesy of your dog, then you are in the minority report.

Running away helter-skelter, barking without control- and for no good reason, amongst other weird behaviors are some of the most common dog problems. But you now have a solution; invest in the best dog training collar. 

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Best Dog Training Collar Comparison

What Separates One From The Rest?

Why are you looking for a dog collar? Will this particular brand give me the control I need? These are the type of questions you should ask. To answer them elaborately, let’s look at the different type of dog collars available.

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Martingale Collars: These offer better leash. They are made from a combination of nylon and chain. They have the main neck loop and a smaller leash loop. Because of this, it’s impossible for your dog to escape from this collar.


This is mostly dictated by the material. Dog collars come in the following material types:

Faux leather: These are the least durable materials. While they have a great physical appearance, your dog won’t enjoy them for long before they wear out.


A secure collar should be your major priority if you intend to be walking with your dog in public places. Features that enhance security further include buckles. Plastic buckles are easier to use, and they give your dog better comfort. On the other hand, metal buckles are more long lasting and more secure, but they might weigh down smaller dogs.

Top Dog Training Collars


Daxpoo Waterproof Rechargeable Portable Dog Training Collar

  • Adjustable belt made from nylon material
  • ​2.71 OZ collar weight
  • ​100 vibration and shock levels
  • ​Receiver and collar remote are rechargeable
  • ​Excellent for use with average sized dogs (between 25lbs & 60lbs)
  • ​Can accommodate two dogs collar
  • ​Quite easy to read due to the backlit LCD screen
  • The collar can be damaged by water

The Daxpoo dog training collar comes with technology-packed features including an LCD display. It is meant for one dog and should be used remotely. The range, however, limits your training experience. But this shouldn’t worry you because the collar is meant for training domestic dogs.

Therefore, the longest distance you will experience between you and your dog would probably be at the park. The Daxpoo collar will be your best shock collar if you own a medium sized dog. However, for the petite Chihuahuas, and the extra-large German shepherds, an alternative dog training collar would be ideal.

At 330 yards of range, the Daxpoo dog training collar is among the best. This is due to their advanced RF 434 Mhz technologies. The strap offers great adjustable lengths. With a length of 14 to 23 inches, this dog training collar will easily fit average dogs.

The LCD screen is wide enough and has a good resolution enough for you to read at a distance. This offers convenience because you can quickly check the level of stimulation. And because of the fast synchronization speed, changing the settings is super-fast.

Finally, the collar offers four distinct modes to choose from; beep mode, vibration, light, and static shock. Depending on your dog’s level of response, you can play around with these commands until you find the right one. Our dogs are different. However, use the shock mode only when it is really important.


Fiddo Electric 2 Dog Collar

  • Two adjustable collars with a single transmitter
  • ​Has an auto-shutdown safety mode
  • ​Waterproof
  • ​Convenient and easy to read with LCD screen
  • ​Power saving technology
  • ​Ability to charge the batteries simultaneously
  • ​Lights up in dark environments to enhance the visibility of your dog
  • The battery doesn’t store charge for long

The Fiddo Electric dog collar comes with a large LCD display and big buttons that you can easily read even in darkness. In fact, you’ll have special settings for a dark environment. This is your ideal product if you have two dogs, who are both new to being given instructions and obeying them. It is also ideal for dogs with uncontrolled barking and constant chasing and jumping behavior. However, if you are looking for extreme professional training levels, this dog collar might disappoint you.

The collar can fit most average sized dogs. With a length of 7 to 26 inches, you’ll definitely get a perfect fit for your dog. However, this collar will not accommodate dogs below 15 lbs. and above 100 lbs. The power saving technology is ideal if you plan on training your dog away from home. The Fiddo Electric dog collar has an auto-standby and a memory function that automatically saves power when not in use. You also experience safer training because of the auto-shutdown mode. It activates whenever you use the leash excessively.

Finally, you can use the collar at night or in places of low visibility thanks to the night time usability settings. You will also find it easy to trace your dog due to the light mode feature. However, if you have a hairy dog, the hair tends to hide the collar. Consequently, the light becomes invisible.


StarMark Pro-Training Dog Collar

  • Comes in 3 sizes; small, size one and large
  • ​Patented humane design
  • ​Has a watchband pattern design
  • ​21-inch collar circumference
  • ​Adjustable link snap feature
  • ​Functional and effective for young dogs
  • ​May not fit large dogs (above 50 lbs.)
  • Made from frail material, therefore, durability is compromised

This collar is designed using the link snap technology. Because of this, it will fit most small dogs. For larger dogs, a bigger size can be bought at an extra cost. If you have time to bond with your dog, this is a good budget dog collar. However, if you are always in a hurry to drag along your dog, you might need to reconsider. This is not one of those dog collars you slip on and off over the dog’s head. Wearing this collar requires you to sit your dog down and snap the links at an angle to open or close.

The links on this dog collar offer versatility. The fact that you can add and remove them without any technical background is a great relief. If your dog adds a few pounds over the festive holidays, all you have to do is to buy additional links. It will cost you a few extra bucks, but for the cost of this collar, you can afford more than enough links to last the entire year.

The design is simple yet effective. It takes less than five minutes to master the art of leashing your dog using the StarMark pro-training dog collar. The only caution you need to take is to always maintain a snug fit around the neck. This ensures that you won’t choke your dog to death one day. Finally, much as the rope is quite fragile, you can opt to replace it with a stronger one. It will work just fine.


Petronics Rechargeable Training Collar

  • Adjustable nylon collar
  • ​330 Yards of range allowance
  • ​100 shock and vibration levels
  • ​Power saving design with auto-protect mode
  • ​Safe to train your dog even with zero training skills
  • ​Energy saving and water resistant
  • ​Great visibility in darkness
  • Not suitable to wear for long- the collar may irritate your dog’s skin

The Petronics training collar comes with a single collar. However, you can always buy an extra collar at an extra cost. The transmitter is capable of controlling up to two collars. This is a good option if you are a beginner. However, if you are looking for a collar to use every day, this might not meet your needs.

The charging system is a bit complicated. You have to remove the device when charging. In addition, you get a single charger for the receiver and both collars. As a result, the entire charging will take you 24 hours minimum.

With a hundred levels of shock and vibration, you will be in a position to train even the fiercest of your dogs with the Petronics collar. The collars are also water resistant. As a result, you need not worry about light showers or humid environment. You can adjust the collar ranging from 14 to 24 inches in length. Because of that, you can use it with almost all dogs; except the very big ones.

The collar is designed with advanced power saving technology. The memory function coupled with the automatic standby function ensures power is saved during low use sessions. Finally, the Petronics collar is one of the easiest dog training collars to use. In addition, the auto-protect mode ensures minimal risk for your dog. It will shut the system off whenever you overuse the collar.


PetSpy Waterproof Rechargeable Remote Training Dog Collar

  • Four adjustable modes: light, sound, shock, and vibration
  • ​1100 yards of range allowance
  • ​Designed for two dogs and fits both small and large sized dogs
  • ​Waterproof, sturdy, and durable collar
  • ​Rechargeable lithium battery
  • ​Movement sensor
  • ​Uses intelligent technology for excellent results
  • ​The range is affected by obstructions

This PetSpy dog collar comes with instructional manuals and videos. In addition you also get dog training guides at no extra cost. Therefore despite the high level of technology used, you shouldn’t find it hard to operate.

It is ideal for extreme training conditions. With a range allowance of over 1000 yards, you should be able to put that into some good practice. However, this is determined by environmental conditions. If you live in a hilly area, or one with several buildings or trees, your range allowance will reduce to a few hundred yards.

The technology in this dog collar is on another level. It has a sensor that senses the dog’s movement, and when there is no movement, power is automatically saved. Despite that, sadly the battery doesn’t hold up charge for long. Let’s hope the manufacturer will come up with better quality batteries.

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The collar is adjustable. You get a diameter of 2.5 to 8 inches. Because of that, you can fit a dog of any size. Ideally, from 10 lbs. and above!

Finally, you can adjust the modes of training up to eight times. This means that you can handle your dog better by controlling the level at which your dog gives the optimal response.

Overall, the best dog training collar can offer you a great piece of mind. Dogs tend to get distracted easily. But with the right tools, you need not be a dog trainer to install a little sense of direction in your dog. Ensure you fit the shock collar on your dog ergonomically for safety purposes.

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