Boxer Dog vs Great Dane: Which Giant Will Steal Your Heart?

If you are reading this, you are probably torn between the boxer dog and the Great Dane. However, these are two very unique dogs with very different traits that may or may not be ideal for your home. This article of boxer dog vs Great Dane aims to help you decide which breed to take home to your family.


Boxer Dog vs Great Dane: Which Giant Will Steal Your Heart?

The boxer dog and the Great Dane are both large dogs. They may have short coats but neither dog is hypoallergenic. Nevertheless, if you don’t have a severe allergy sufferer in your household; either of these breeds might work for you. Both dogs belong to the working group which clearly means that both of these breeds need enough exercise or a specific task to be happy and not destructive.


The boxer dog is a large breed that stands 21.5-25 inches tall and weighs about 66-80 pounds. However, in boxers, females are generally smaller than males. Boxers come in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. But, all boxers are short-haired. Generally, boxers have a muscular, yet elegant physique.

The Great Dane is another large breed that is well-known as a “gentle giant”. They stand 28-32 inches tall and weigh around 110-175 pounds. Just like the boxer dogs, female Great Danes are often smaller than males. Great Danes are really large, yet they are gentle and very friendly. There are plenty of Great Dane colors and patterns to choose from. But, they are only found in short-haired coat types.

The boxer and the Great Dane have their own unique qualities when it comes to appearance. You might want to take home the Great Dane due to its massive size or you might opt for the muscular physique of the boxer. Either way, there are more qualities that you have to consider before taking either of these breeds to your home.


In choosing any dog, you always have to consider their health. However, there are dog breeds that are more susceptible to certain health issues than others. Providing the right diet is always beneficial for your dog. Also, it is notable that human illnesses can’t be passed on to your pet dogs. You may still interact with your dog normally even when you are sick without fear that your dog might get infected.

Not all commercial dog food is healthy for your dog. There are some dog foods that you should avoid since they aren’t really healthy for your pet. Moreover, these dog foods might even contribute to some health issues later in your dog’s life.

Both the boxer and the Great Dane may thrive well on high-quality dog food. Moreover, since these are large dogs, both require an ample amount of exercise to remain healthy. Make sure that you have enough space at home for their exercise needs or you have enough time to take either of these dogs for a long walk or run.


Both the boxer dog and the Great Dane are not considered hypoallergenic dog breeds despite their short coats. However, the boxer sheds more frequently than the Great Dane. You may have to bathe and brush a boxer more frequently that you would bathe or brush a Great Dane. The amount of shedding may or may not be the deciding factor in getting a dog, but it might be a consideration, especially for households with allergy sufferers.


If you plan to add either a boxer dog or Great Dane to your home with a few other existing pets, you probably want to know which breed does better with other pets. The boxer is a highly adaptable breed that can be happy in various living conditions. Moreover, the boxer may also be good with cats once they are socialized properly at a young age.

The Great Dane is a “gentle giant” among the dog breeds. This is probably because of their friendly and patient demeanor among their family members and other dog companions. Moreover, the Great Dane is intelligent and highly dependable. Besides, they are also very good with kids. However, since Great Danes are very close to their families, they may have separation anxiety when they are left alone for extended periods.

If you work for long hours during the day, your dog is probably left alone for a long time. However, you may leave some toys to keep your dog entertained while you are out. Boxer dogs can be entertained with toys for long hours since they are naturally outgoing. Moreover, the boxer is a very protective dog that may guard your home while you are out.

The Great Dane is very different. They prefer the company of other animals and humans. However, they may develop separation anxiety when they are left alone. Despite having entertaining toys, the Great Dane would still long for the presence of their owners and this may lead to destructive behavior once their anxiety kicks in. The Great Dane is an ideal dog for your family if it is seldom left home alone.


The Boxer dog and the Great Dane are both easy to train. Both of these breeds rank in the 48th spot among the most intelligent dog breeds. They are both eager to please their owners, so they’ll follow commands based on their understanding. However, if you ever experience any difficulty in training either of these breeds, you might want to consider getting a training collar to aid your training sessions.


If you are still having trouble deciding whether to get a boxer dog or a Great Dane, this comparison of boxer dog vs Great Dane might have helped you decide which breed to get. Considering the appearance, health, grooming, temperament, and trainability you might be able to pick the right dog for your home.

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