Boxer Dog vs Doberman: Which Breed Is More Suitable for Your Home?

Boxer dog vs Doberman is a guide to help you decide which breed is more suitable for your home. Moreover, these breeds may both be large, yet they have plenty of differences when it comes to their appearance, health, and temperament. Let’s find out which breed is more suitable for your home.


Boxer Dog vs Doberman

The boxer dog is the 11th most popular breed in the US, according to the American Kennel Club. On the other hand, the Doberman pinscher which is nicknamed the Doberman is the 17th most popular breed in the US. However, the popularity of the Doberman is beginning to decline due to some breed-restrictions in certain apartments, towns, states and even in entire countries.

The boxer dog is a very adaptable breed. Moreover, there is currently no breed restriction for the boxer dog, except in areas where pets are generally disallowed. This means that if you are living in an apartment and you would like to have a large dog breed, the boxer might be your best bet, since boxers can enjoy living in apartment spaces, too. Nevertheless, even if a boxer dog lives in an apartment, it should still get enough physical activity.


Overall Appearance

Both of these breeds are large and powerful. However, their physique greatly varies due to the initial tasks that they were bred for back in the day. The boxer stands 21.5-25 inches tall and weighs about 65-80 pounds with females generally being on the smaller side. On the other hand, the Doberman pinscher stands 24-28 inches tall and weighs 60-100 pounds with the female being generally smaller also.

The boxer is muscular and more compact compared to the Doberman. Furthermore, the Doberman has a taller, yet sleek and substantial physique. Both of these dogs are very powerful. You can either have them ear cropped and tail docked or have their natural appearance of droopy ears and longer tails. Either way, it all depends on your preference as a dog owner whether you like their natural looks or you want to have it modified.


Health is always a concern in getting any breed. Moreover, you have to ensure that you are getting a dog or puppy from a responsible breeder. On the other hand, if you opt for a rescue dog, you also have to get them thoroughly checked for health problems and get their vaccines updated.

Diet plays a huge role in any dog’s health. Moreover, not all dog foods are created equal. If you plan to get either of these dog breeds, stay away from these worst dog foods which might do more harm than good to your dog. Furthermore, there are also some breed-specific health issues that you have to look out for.

Boxer Dog Potential Health Issues

The boxer is generally a healthy breed with proper breeding practices, a healthy diet, and enough exercise. However, this breed is susceptible to the following health problems:

Doberman Potential Health Issues

The Doberman was originally bred as a protection dog. However, after many years of selective breeding, they are still prone to the following breed-specific health issues:


The boxer and the Doberman are both short-haired breeds with no other recognized coat type in purebred dogs. However, despite being both short-haired dogs, neither of these breeds is hypoallergenic. The boxer dog may also tend to shed like crazy in certain conditions. On the other hand, the Doberman also sheds frequently which is bad news for allergy sufferers who want to own either of these breeds. Nevertheless, their short coats make the boxer and the Doberman low-maintenance dogs.


The boxer dog and the Doberman are both working dogs. They are both intelligent and generally obedient to their owners. However, a lot of things may affect the temperament of a dog. It is all about nature and nurture. The boxer and the Doberman both have certain instincts for the tasks that they were bred for.


The boxer is generally protective of their families. Moreover, they are very lively and pleasant. If you even have other pets at home or even cats, the boxer dog may get along well with your cat, too. Generally, the boxer is well-mannered and even-tempered unless provoked or its owner is attacked.



The Doberman as generally bred as a guard dog. They have very strong protective instincts deep within their roots. The Doberman is very loyal and courageous. However, Dobermans that weren’t handled well earned this breed a bad reputation. In some towns, states, and countries, the Doberman breed is banned due to their aggressive tendencies.


Both the boxer dog and the Doberman are very intelligent breeds. Moreover, both of them are very capable of working dogs that can be trained for various tasks. The boxer dog is outgoing and easy to train. On the other hand, the Doberman is eager to please and very alert. Either of these dogs can be trained for their tasks and they can really perform well. However, if you are having difficulty in training either breed, you might want to try using a training collar to ease your training sessions.

The Verdict

The boxer dog vs Doberman is an in-depth comparison of these two breeds. Moreover, this article covered traits that you might need to consider before choosing one over the other. However, you have to check the local laws in your area if you are leaning towards getting a Doberman due to certain breed restrictions.

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