Black Ragdoll Cat Breed: Controversy

Can Ragdoll Cat be black? The breeders argue that a black Ragdoll cat shares the characteristics of ragdoll cats, such as a docile personality, large size, and silky coat. Cat associations argue that a purebred of a Ragdoll can’t be black.

Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) mentions that Ragdoll cats must have blue eyes Colorpoint, Van, Mitted in pattern or Bi-Color. This cat must include cream, blue, red, lilac, seal, or chocolate color on the traditional points of Ragdoll such as ears, paws, and mask. However, lynx and tortie variants are also acceptable.

Black Ragdolls can consist of blue, but they often have green or golden eyes. Moreover, a Ragdoll cat can include a mitted pattern. However, they usually include a solid design that has not been officially recognizable. Therefore, several cat associations consider a black Ragdoll as a mixed breed.

Black Ragdoll is a Unique Breed. 

Black Ragdolls became controversial after rejection from the competitions. The black Ragdolls are considered mixed breed since traditional ragdoll cats are white in color.

A black Ragdoll is similar to other Ragdolls even though it lacks the traditional color patterns of the Ragdoll breed. Ann Baker created The first-ever Ragdoll cat in California in the 1960s with a white domestic house longhaired cat named Josephine to produce cute and docile kittens.

A blackie kitten was an all-black male that looked like a Burmese who became a Buckwheat, and a dark black/brown female. Therefore, it is a unique breed in the family of Ragdolls because of the fabulous characters with a friendly nature.

Are Black Ragdoll Cat Rare?

Black Ragdolls are a rare and lovely breed. The Ragdolls have become the odd pets because several organizations of cats don’t recognize them. Therefore, it is the most in-demand cat breed because of exciting facts about ragdolls.

Advocates for Ragdolls also insist that a solid black Ragdoll can give birth to legitimate kittens, which are Ragdolls in pattern and color. However, several people don’t believe that black Ragdolls exist worldwide. Therefore, a black Ragdoll cat has become the most controversial cat breed.

black ragdoll cat

What is the personality of a black Ragdoll cat?

Black Ragdolls have a similar personality to other Ragdolls, they are very affectionate and loves to bond with humans. However, every cat can’t act the same way as other cats, even those of the same family. The common qualities of Ragdolls are not guaranteed for every kitten.

The characteristics of black Ragdolls have an excellent affinity for humans and follow them from one room to another. They also act like limps for relaxing and are known as a Ragdoll cat. Therefore, it is a chill cat breed for every pet lover. This breed is playful and acts like a puppy.

How much is a black Ragdoll cat?

The price of black Ragdoll kittens differs, following the show cat, a breeder, and a pet-quality cat. A pet-quality Ragdoll kitten is often available in a price range of $500 to $1000. However, a kitten with both show and pet quality can cost more than $2000.

You must understand you can’t get a black Ragdoll cat with a show quality because shows will not accept these cats. A breeder-quality black Ragdoll kitten can cost more than $2000 due to popularity.

How To Adopt A Black Ragdoll Cat? 

You can search for the authorized breeders and catteries in your local area when you plan to parent a black Ragdoll cat. Moreover, getting a healthy and purebred Ragdoll cat from a trusted cat breeder is recommended by searching for a reliable seller.

It would be best if you cared for your Ragdoll cat like a family member at home. Your affection for your Ragdoll will help her to live a happy life.

What should Black Ragdoll Eat?

Ragdolls need high-protein food to maintain their skeletal structure. These cats require meat regularly to fulfill their needs for proteins. Nutritionists believe that a Ragdoll’s meal must possess a natural feline diet. This diet includes 3% carbohydrates, 20% fats, and 50% animal proteins.

A black Ragdoll cat becomes the healthiest pet by eating wet whole-meat-based food regularly. It is a reality that meat is a nutrient food that is biologically best than processed protein food, such as:

  • Bones
  • Dairy proteins
  • Fishes
  • Insect meals
  • Meat
  • Plant proteins such as soya and gluten
ragdoll cat black

A Ragdoll cat gets 90% of its energy from calories from fats and proteins. It would help if you did not offer the overconsumption of carbohydrates to the Ragdolls because they will face different challenges like stomach sensitivity and weight gain.

The cat food for Ragdolls must not contain the ingredients of high carbohydrates like:

  • Grains such as sweetcorn, rice, and wheat
  • Sugar which is found in the biscuits
  • Starchy veggies such as sweet potatoes, peas, and potatoes

Which is Better Dry or Canned Food for Ragdolls?

Ragdoll doesn’t like dry food because it contains high carbohydrates and low moisture content. Dry food can cause the Ragdolls different urinary tract and gastrointestinal problems. Moreover, a black Ragdoll cat requires 60 milliliters of water per kilo following its weight.

The canned cat food for Ragdolls includes more than 75% moisture content to ensure natural hydration for Ragdoll kittens. Wet food has become better than biscuits because it provides high animal protein. You must deliver the best food to your cat rather than saving a few bucks by purchasing dry food.

Final Words

You can get a black Ragdoll cat from authorized breeders and catteries. It is a rare cat breed that can have a length of 17-21 inches with a height of 9-11 inches. These cats are usually available in a weight of 10-20 pounds. It’s a fact male Ragdolls consist of more significance than female Ragdolls.

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