Dachshund Life Span: How Long Do Dachshunds Live?

If you own a Dachshund or you are planning to get one, you are probably wondering about the Dachshund life span. Moreover, you might want to know how long your dog can keep you company. Besides, it might be very difficult to say goodbye to your beloved dog when the time comes. You might also need to know when your dog is already a senior that may require special care. Let’s find out in this article.


Dachshund Life Span

The Dachshund may live for 12-16 years. However, the lifespan of a dog greatly varies depending on the care that your dog is receiving. Moreover, there are also other factors to take into consideration when we talk about the life of an animal. There are ways to prolong a dog’s life with proper care and breeding practices. Besides, genetics plays a huge role in the lifespan of any animal.

The life expectancy of a Dachshund remains the same in all varieties of this breed. Therefore, whether you have a standard, miniature, long-haired, short-haired or wire-haired Dachshund, you may expect them to live for about 12-16 years if they remain in good health. Moreover, if you get your dog from a responsible breeder, you are likely to get a healthy puppy. Refrain from obtaining puppies from puppy mills that don’t care for their breeders and puppies properly.

Vaccinating your dog regularly may help prolong the lifespan of your dog. Besides, vaccines help prevent deadly diseases from infecting your dog, especially when they are most susceptible to these diseases as puppies. Also, regular trips to the vet for routine checkups may detect illnesses early to provide the cure sooner.

The average life expectancy of a Dachshund may be the same throughout all of its varieties. However, your Dachshund may surpass this life span with proper care and vaccinations. Illnesses may shorten the life of your Dachshund and some illnesses are easy to prevent with scheduled vaccinations.

Common health problems of Dachshunds

As a purebred dog, the Dachshund is predisposed to some health problems as a breed. Moreover, some of these health problems are partly due to the physique of the Dachshund. However, some of these health problems can easily be avoided with proper care and responsible breeding practices. Dachshunds should be checked for health problems before breeding to prevent genetic problems from being passed on to their puppies.

Some health problems of the Dachshund are obvious. So, if you want your Dachshund to live long, you have to bring home a healthy animal. Reputable breeders usually check for these problems before releasing the puppy to their new owners. These are some common health problems of the Dachshund that you have to look out for and hopefully avoid:

Back problems and disc damage

Back problems are the most common health issues for the Dachshund as a breed. Moreover, this can be a result of injury, aging or genetic problems. There are many causes of this health issue and they are avoidable, except for aging. Here are some of the common causes of back problems in Dachshunds:

  • Back injury
  • Physical fatigue
  • Injury from using the wrong type of collar on Dachshunds (a harness and leash is safer than a collar and leash when walking Dachshunds)
  • Bone mineral loss due to vitamin deficiency
  • Bone mineral loss due to aging
  • Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD)
  • Obesity


Obesity is a common problem for Dachshunds, especially if they are not getting enough exercise. Moreover, obesity may cause other health problems that may shorten the life of your Dachshund if ignored. The back of a Dachshund is very delicate, carrying extra weight in their bodies for a long time may cause long-term damage. Besides, obese Dachshunds are also more prone to injury since their bodies are already stressed from carrying the extra weight. The proper weight of a Dachshund has to be maintained if you want your Dachshund to live long. Enough exercise and proper diet are essential in keeping your Dachshund healthy.

Hip or elbow dysplasia

Hid or elbow dysplasia is a common congenital problem that occurs in most purebred dogs. This condition interferes with the development of your dog’s joints that causes it to partially dislocate. Eventually, Dachshund may feel the effects of wear and tear on its joints and may have extreme difficulty with walking and other movements. Furthermore, this is a genetic problem that can be passed on by the parents to the offspring, so responsible breeding practices may help avoid this health problem.

Eye problems

Numerous eye problems can affect a dog throughout their life. Moreover, the Dachshund as a purebred dog is predisposed to several eye problems that have to be kept in check. Besides, there are eye tests available for your dog that you can request from your dog’s veterinarian. Early detection and intervention may save your dog from blindness caused by eye problems. Here are some of the common eye problems that occur in Dachshunds:

Cardiac issues

Cardiac arrest can also happen in dogs. Moreover, it is the leading cause of death in senior Dachshunds. Most Dachshund cardiac issues are caused by the degeneration or deformation of the cardiac muscles and valves. Also, the mitral valve disease may cause the heart to murmur as it puts pressure on the heart’s normal function.

The Dachshund life span can be influenced by a lot of things. However, as a responsible dog owner, you may help prevent the onset of certain health problems that your Dachshund may encounter. Some health problems are in-born, so you have to be careful in selecting your dog to maximize its life expectancy.

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