Will My Golden Retriever Ever Calm Down?

Planning to get a golden retriever puppy? It’s one of the best options if you want a family dog. This breed is popular with families because of its playfulness and dedication. Golden retriever puppies are very energetic. As the owner, you’d wonder, will my golden retriever ever calm down?

When your golden retriever is at its growing puppy stage, it packs up a lot of pent-up energy. This phase can start from a few months and may reach up to a year. A dog’s temperament may be because of its breed’s natural characteristics. In some cases, it can also be because of its environment and upbringing.

Once you have a sociable golden retriever puppy, you can expect it to be a hyperactive one. There is no specific age that you can expect for golden retrievers to calm down. There are puppies of this breed that calm down earlier. There are also full-grown dogs of the same breed that carry their excitement until they are adults.


Will Golden Retrievers Have Their Energy All the Time?

Don’t feel discouraged yet! You can still expect golden retrievers to start calming down at two to three years old. The energy level of this canine friend can vary, but it does experience a decrease in energy over time.

A Healthy Exercise Routine for Your Golden Retriever

Controlling your dog’s physical activity early on can help you manage its brimming energy. Keep in mind that an uncontrollable behavior in dogs can lead to behavioral issues. This is why it’s important that you instill discipline into them.

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Plan a regular exercise routine that will help your pet stay calm throughout the day. This can include walking, obedience training, and other recreational activities. Through routine training, your pet can learn when to be energetic and when to stay calm.

For owners who are busy or are always away, you can hire a walker or a dog sitter for your pet. This is important to sustain your golden retriever’s exercise schedule.

The Unlimited Energy Supply of Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers love to run. You can get frustrated and wonder if your golden retriever will ever calm down. These dogs love wide-open spaces and will do anything they feel would be fun, such as digging holes, chewing, and chasing other animals or insects.


Furthermore, golden retrievers also tend to jump around when meeting new people. As an owner, you have to understand that your dog is a working dog. They have it in their blood to be as active as they can be all day without slowing down one bit.

Many owners fail to give their golden retrievers the physical activities they need. If you live an active lifestyle, you can include your dog in your activities. Make this canine friend’ your constant companion when you go brisk walking or jogging.

Moreover, there are simple physical activities you can give to your golden retriever:

  • Daily walks for about an hour
  • Jogging or running with your dog several times a week
  • Playtime with other dogs
  • Playing fetch and other high-energy games
  • Swimming

If your pet is still adjusting to a certain exercise, there are still other ways to control its energy.

Positive reinforcements

When your dog wants to get your attention, it will do anything to gain your approval. Train your dog to be calm by using the reward system. For instance, you can give him treats when he is calm and behaved. Through this system, you will instill the notion that being calm is a good thing. Your pet will likely repeat it when it wants to get treats from you.

Impulse control

Another option is to teach impulse control. This is where you can train your pet to act in certain ways in particular situations. For example, when waiting for feeding time, teach your pet to sit down first until you give the go signal to eat.

It also helps when you prepare the right type of dog food for your golden retriever. Not all human food is good for pets which is why it’s crucial that you know about the right kind of food to avoid feeding your pet the wrong ones.

Final Note

Train your dog to sit down while greeting visitors and when waiting by the door. This gives your retriever ideas about when he should feel excited and when he should act calm. Most of all, shower your canine friend with the love and affection it deserves. This is the easiest way to get rid of frustration, especially of this pressing thought—will my golden retriever ever calm down?

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