Just Some of the Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

There is always an endless debate between people who prefer dogs and people who prefer cats. However, qualities of both dogs and cats are always subjective depending on their owners. In this review, we’ll find out why dogs are better than cats.

If you are a cat person, this article might change your perspective about dogs. Moreover, dogs still maintain their titles as man’s best friend for the longest time. But, have you ever thought of the real reasons why cats never get called man’s best friend? Let’s shed light on this never-ending debate about which pet is really better with people.

Why are dogs better than cats?

Dogs have a lot of qualities to love. On top of that, they can make some work easier for people. This makes dogs more versatile than cats in general. In addition, this claim that dogs are better than cats is backed up by science. However, cats have great qualities, too. Cats are just a lot more independent than dogs and cats prefer a solitary way of life with attention for other things involving people in general. Here are some reasons to choose dogs over cats.

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Dogs communicate with humans better

Dogs have many ways to communicate with humans and other dogs. Furthermore, dogs sometimes act like humans, too. The ability of dogs to communicate with people is superb. That is why they are regard dog as man’s best friend. On the other hand, cats may communicate with people by meowing and other non-verbal cues. However, not all cats are able to send a clear message to humans when they want to. Cats mostly communicate with their owners only when they whine to ask for either food or water. In addition, cats purr to communicate, but it is more difficult for humans to determine what cats really mean with these sounds.

Dogs are easier to train than cats

Dogs are often very eager to please their owners. That is why they are easier to train than cats. Moreover, dogs can be trained to do a lot of different things to help people with important tasks. There are dogs that can be trained for different types of work like search and rescue operations, bomb-sniffing, agility courses, herding, and service tasks.

In contrary, cats are very difficult to train for specific tasks because they prefer to be left alone or they are often uninterested to participate in obedience training. However, cats are often driven by instinct rather than specific training. For example, cats might not need any training to learn how to use a litter box. However, dogs might need to be housebroken to prevent them from peeing on your bed.

Dogs are more versatile in animal-assisted therapy

Dogs are very common service or therapy animals. This is due to their willingness to help people in different situations. In addition, therapy dogs can be trained depending on their human’s needs. There are various types of service dogs that make life easier for the people who own them. Service dogs may help people with physical challenges and psychological difficulties. Many dogs are also serving as emotional support animals for veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder. On the other hand, cats may also be service animals, but their tasks are often limited to emotional support only.

Dogs can protect you and your property

Dogs are generally protective of their owners and their properties. Even without additional training, dogs would generally alert you about suspicious things happening around them. Regardless of the breed, dogs would often alert you when something odd is going on around them. In addition, guard dogs can protect your property and your life with their strength. In contrary, cats do not really care about your property and they might not even attempt to protect you in times of danger.

Dogs have more breeds to choose from

Cats have several breeds to choose from. However, there is not much variety when it comes to the physical structure of cats. Most cat breeds only vary in their coat types. Moreover, smaller and larger cat breeds are more difficult to find. On the other hand, dogs come in all shapes, sizes and coat types. Different dog breeds offer unique breed-specific qualities.

Dogs can be really good gym buddies

Dogs can help motivate you in your physical activities. There are plenty of active breeds to choose from to make your gym experience more fun than ever. On the contrary, cats can never offer the same enthusiasm during a workout as dogs. If you are looking for a reliable, yet entertaining gym buddy, dogs are really the best bet.

Cats are loners while dogs are social animals

Cats are considered as solitary animals. However, cats might tolerate living with other cats or other animals. But, they usually don’t interact with them as much. On the other hand, dogs are social animals that prefer to interact with cats and other animals around them. In addition, dogs love the attention of people so much. In contrast, most cats would prefer to be left alone to do their own thing.

Dogs are more clingy than cats

You probably want a pet that is very affectionate. If that is so, you might want to own a dog instead of a cat since dogs are able to express how much they love you. In fairness to cats, they can also be affectionate at times. However, it is not really consistent with cats. Some days, cats might care for you a little bit, but on other days they just don’t care whether you come home or not as long as they have enough food and water to survive.

Dogs might experience separation anxiety more frequently when their owners aren’t around. However, separation anxiety in cats seldom happens. In addition, when separation anxiety ever occurs in cats it is rarely about cats missing their owners. Cats are predisposed to separation anxiety if they were orphaned or weaned at a very young age which has very little or nothing to do with their human owners.

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If any cat person asks why dogs are better than cats, you can clearly state these reasons which are backed up by science. In addition, dogs can assist people in many ways to make life easier. Dogs are very intelligent social animals that earned the title, man’s best friend.

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