Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

There may be times that you begin to wonder why do dogs sleep so much. You might have been observing your own dog and thought about their sleeping habits.

Are dogs also supposed to sleep a lot like cats?

Should they be more active?

Do you think you’re doing something wrong with raising your dog?

You’re not alone in this plight. A lot of owners also wonder about the same thing. Dogs are awesome and very playful which can make some pet owners worry if they begin sleeping for long periods of time.

Worry no more! In this article, we’ll help you understand the dog’s sleeping habits.

If you’d like to make sure that your dog is sleeping at the right length of time, then read on below.



Dog Domesticity: What Does This Have to Do with a Dog’s Sleeping Habit?

A dog’s lifestyle also depends on how their owners live. Dogs can sleep more than necessary because of lack of stimulation. Environments that have less stress give your dogs no reason to be as active.

Things like hunting, escaping, and hiding are no use to them now. When pets begin to live with humans, everything they need to survive is within reach. Neutered pets no longer mate because of the absence of the need to reproduce.

Simply put, dogs choose to sleep since there’s nothing else to do.

This isn’t a bad thing at all. As an owner, you would rather prefer a well-behaved pet than an uncontrollable one.

But when do you draw the line between healthy sleeping and unhappy boredom?

Reasons Why Dogs Sleep More Than Necessary

According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 50% of the day is how much normal dogs sleep. Dogs tend to rest for 30% in a day. It might surprise you, but dogs only give 20% of their day being active.

dog sleeping on a sofa

There are also several factors that affect a dog’s sleeping habits:

  • There are breeds that tend to sleep more than others. An example would be the Border Collie breed or the Bernese Mountain dog.
  • Dogs might sleep more than needed when they feel sick or if they are overweight.
  • Puppies tend to sleep more than adult dogs.
  • Senior dogs sleep more as well because they need more time to recuperate energy.

What Is the Normal Sleeping Cycle of Dogs?

Dogs can sleep for 12 hours a day on the normal. If you want to time your dog sleeping, you’ll find that he’ll sleep more or less in the same number of hours as mentioned. This is no cause for any kind of alarm.

But you should also be wary of excessive sleeping. This can also be a sign that there are potential health problems in your pet. The safest way to find out is to take him to the vet before it’s too late.

Giving Your Dog Activities to Enjoy

dogs on a field

If it bothers you a lot that your dog doesn’t get enough action around the house, arrange activities for him. There are plenty of fun ways to make your dog’s day exciting.

  • Play with your dog at certain times a day. This helps him look forward to some exercise and playtime with his favorite humans.
  • Take your dog out for walks. This enables your dog to roam around and see a new environment. It stimulates his senses as he sees new people and sniffs around “new ground.” He can even meet new doggie friends along the way.
  • Hide dog treats around your home. Even without going out somewhere, you can keep your dog busy and curious. This stimulates his hunting senses as he scopes out the house for the treats.
  • Get your dog toys. Yup, like babies they also need entertainment. There are easy dog toys and complicated dog toys that can help tickle the curiosity of your pet. This activity can help him to be active throughout the day.

When Is the Right Time to Get Help for Your Dog’s Oversleeping Tendencies?

This would be the most confusing decision. When should you take your pet to the vet for a checkup? You don’t want to look like a paranoid dog parent who runs to the vet for the smallest things.

Below are some signs to look out for:

  • When your dog finds it hard to wake up in the morning
  • When the sleeping pattern of your pet changes out of the blue
  • When your dog experiences narcolepsy (this is when they fall asleep even in the middle of playing)
  • When the sleeping habits of your dog affect his eating and drinking routines
  • When your dog wakes up filled with stress or in fear
  • When the interest level of your dog goes down and he’d rather sleep than play with something he likes on the normal
  • When your pet looks limp, unwilling to eat or drink, or when it’s body is weak

What’s the Best Thing to Do?

If you take your pet to the vet, your vet will ask you lots of questions that you have to answer. It can be tricky to find out the exact problem in some cases, but don’t let it discourage you. There’s nothing wrong with driving your dogs for a checkup.

There are dogs that suffer from anxiety, hypothyroidism, diabetes, back pain, and more. Drowsiness can be a sign for all these serious ailments.

When you’re worried about “why do dogs sleep so much?” keep track of them. Make sure that your pet is eating right and has enough exercise in a day.

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