Why Do Dachshund Puppies Shake?

If you have a dachshund puppy, you must have seen it shake or shiver a few times or more. If you are not oriented, like some new pet owners, you can get worried or alarmed. Hence, the question—why do dachshund puppies shake—is not something that you should take lightly.

A dachshund is a cute and adorable breed. Its distinctive look—long body and short legs—makes it more endearing and popular with pet owners. So if you are still planning to pet a dachshund, it is best to figure out ahead what this shaking issue could be. 


Why Do Dachshund Puppies Shake?

Before you get worried sick, you should know that it’s typical for wiener pooches to shudder. Some people say that shaking is a form of outlet to ooze all that excess energy for such a little pupper. But when should you get cautious? 

Read on and learn about the possible reasons as to why dachshund puppies shake. 

There are two main factors for the shaking occurrence. One is demeanor (behavioural), and the other is a health condition (illness). What we owners wish our puppies had is that the shaking is only behavioural so it will be easy to fix.


  • Excitement

This is the best reason that your canine could be shaking. As referenced previously, dachshunds are little pooches with lots of energy, and shaking is an easy outlet. When they are excited, they need an avenue to work off a portion of that vitality

This can happen before taking a walk, when you return home, or when you are about to give them a treat. Just like yelping, hopping, and going around, you may likewise notice them tremble. If this happens, there is no compelling reason to stress as they are not at risk.

  • Fear or anxiety

Just like excitement, fear or anxiety is a strong emotion that can make your dachshund puppy shake. Our dogs can feel danger, just like us humans. But unlike us, our canine friends cannot express their feeling of fear and anxiety verbally. Hence, they tend to express it by shuddering.

As a responsible pet owner, you should be able to identify situations that may cause stress to your pup. It could be vehicle rides, noises, firecrackers, and anything strange to them.

  • Acquired behavior

Whenever you see your pup shudder, your instinct would tell you to comfort him, give him a few snuggles, and show him how valuable he is to you. These acts of love are gestures that your dachshund pup adores. Keep in mind that dogs are instinctive and cunning, and they catch on quickly.

If you yield to your pooch each time they shake, they will use the gesture to get some affection. 

Health Condition

  • Pain

When your pupper is in pain, it may shake. The pain may be intense that your little canine responds to it by shaking. But pain is more common in adult dachshunds.

With their short legs and long back, adult dachshunds are prone to hip problems, back issues, and kneecap disorders. 

Monitor your dog’s health. Make sure to feed them nutritious food and give them enough exercise. Vitamins and vet-prescribed supplements will also help in keeping them healthy.

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  • Thermoregulation

This is a medical term for temperature control. When your dog is feverish and fighting a cold, shaking can be an effective way to produce body heat. The symptoms of such health complaint are similar to what we pet owners experience, so you can detect some signs with ease.

If apart from shaking, your puppy is also sneezing and coughing, then you already know the reason behind. Make sure your puppy is hydrated and warm. If symptoms persist, consult your trusted vet.

  • Sickness

Now, this is something we, pet owners, dread—for our puppies to be sick. Some health conditions that cause shaking are as follows:

Atrophy. In layman’s term, this is called muscle weakness. This occurs mostly in the hind legs and often causes shaking. This is an age-related disorder and is common in older dogs.

Epilepsy. In a similar way, like with people, epilepsy can happen to dogs. Shaking and other signs will manifest if your canine friend is positive with this disorder.

– Nausea. Your little pupper may become queasy for various reasons. It may be because of something they eat that didn’t go well with their system or some medications. Other signs of nausea include depression and loss of appetite. Because nausea can be an indication of something more serious, it is better to call or visit your vet. 

Kidney disease. Another more serious cause of shaking is kidney disease. Aside from shaking, other signs will be blood in urine, weight loss, and loss of appetite. You should take care of your pup because kidney problems can be a result of poisoning or poor hygiene.


If you think your dachshund’s tremor is not behavioral but a health issue, it’s best to visit your vet right away. Ask your vet the following questions to be sure:

  • Why do dachshund puppies shake?
  • Is there some kind of treatment required?
  • What other symptoms should I be aware of?


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