Why Do Boxers Lick So Much?

Last updated on November 3rd, 2020 at 05:06 am

Are you trying to get answers to some of your most confusing questions? You might have unique queries like, why do boxers lick so much? Read on.

Boxers are adorable pets. Everything they do is always funny, charming, and a little weird sometimes. They love licking their humans, and in some cases, they also lick the air.

Is this weird behavior? Is this a sign that something is wrong with your dog?

This article will help you understand what causes your boxer to lick thin air. You can also get answers on why dogs, in general, can lick their owners so much.

Get to know your pet better. Find out how to deal with their adorable weird behaviors.


What’s the Root Cause of Boxers Licking the Air?

It’s not hard to love boxers because of their silly and loving personalities. This is one of the reasons for their popularity with dog lovers. When boxers do something ridiculous, you’d always laugh it off and think nothing about it.

But being a concerned owner, you might want to know if there is meaning behind it.

Boxers are sensitive dogs and would use their nose to check out everything. One reason why their tongues are out wagging in the air is that they’re trying to moisturize their nose.

The dogs could be trying to lick their faces, reach for food crumbs, or lick water around the mouth. Boxer dogs are doing extra effort in mouth cleaning. They have a differently formed face, which makes it look unique for them to clean the sides of their faces.

Are There Other Causes Why Boxers Start Licking the Air?

If you notice that there’s no sign of water or debris on their mouths, your pet might be doing this for other reasons. When boxers practice this kind of behavior all the time, you might not think anything of it. But when they start to develop the habit, there could be underlying causes that need attention.

Your Pet Might Be Experiencing Stress

Boxers can start licking the air if they feel stressed. Your pet may start doing this if they’re worried about certain things. They also exhibit such behavior when they’re worried. It could be about you getting mad about something they’ve done.

Pressure on the dogs to perform something can sometimes cause them stress. Your pet only wants to please you. Seeing your unsatisfied reaction may give him the wrong impression. Again, boxers can be very sensitive in the physical aspect but also in their emotions.

It Could Be Because of Health Reasons

You can also consider health reasons as part of the reason why your pet licks the air in a constant manner. The problem might stem from minor to major health issues, which is why you should have regular checkups for your boxer.

Some boxers might lick the air to soothe gastrointestinal issues. Or they are also trying to relieve pain located at the back of the mouth. Some causes may even come from hidden serious medical issues.

When to Raise Alarm with a Boxer’s Air Licking

Be mindful of sudden changes with your boxer. Dogs will sometimes do things out of character to self-heal. There are also pets that will only lick the air (or “air lick”) when you’re around. This tells you that the problem could be on the emotional side.

You wouldn’t want to encourage this behavior. Discover the root of the problem before it could develop into something worse. Try to feed your boxer better food, or have him undergo recreational exercises. If your pet isn’t air licking because of cleaning, better start observing him. 

Medical Problems Related to Air Licking

It’s important that you’re aware of what medical problems you’re looking for. As mentioned above, the cause of air licking can be minor or major medical issues. Below is a list of possible (simplified) medical conditions they are suffering from: 

  • Canine cognitive dysfunction, which is common in older dogs above 10 years old
  • Nausea that comes from illness or from bad food ingested
  • Teething or tooth pain in dogs where they try to lick nonstop to relieve the pain
  • Central nervous system problems that lead to seizure
  • Dog allergies that come in the form of licking, chewing, or scratching of the dog on its body

If your pet doesn’t have any of the symptoms above, what else is the problem?

Your Furry Friend May Have Behavioral Issues

If it comes down to this, the good news is your dog has no medical issues. Make sure they don’t resort to overlicking. If you leave it be, they will do it out of habit and not out of necessity. There is no reason for them to continue doing it if there’s nothing to clean on their mouths.

Consider having your dog undergo training. There are many types of dog training courses that you can choose from. Go to the same training to make your pet stop tugging at you. Or ask professional dog trainers about recommendations for the best training solution.

Now that you’re aware of the reasons why do boxers lick so much, you’ll know what to do. Don’t wait until things get worse, and make sure that your beloved pet gets the treatment that he needs.

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