When Will Golden Retriever Stop Biting?

Golden retrievers are best known for their even temper and kindness. They are perfect family pets as they work very well with kids. These gentle creatures are amazing. And it’s not impossible to fall madly in love with them.

But even these dogs are prone to mouthing as pups. They bite especially when you play with them. Even when their teeth aren’t yet developed, these bites can be painful. In fact, it could be harmful to kids.

So, when will a golden retriever stop biting?


Why Are Golden Pups Mouthy?

Golden retriever pups are more mouthy than when they turn into adults. There are a couple of reasons for that.

Firstly, golden pups are still trying to figure out who’s the boss. They will bite their siblings and even their parents. They are still figuring out the hierarchy around the house. And that will include you.

They may begin biting softly. But it will soon be more painful and more harmful as they grow older.

The second reason is that pups are still teething and developing their teeth. This can be a very uncomfortable, itchy, and even a painful process. Teething normally starts at four months until their sixth or seventh.

Your dog’s way relieving themselves is through biting and chewing. They’ll bite anything that comes near their mouths. That includes your hands, feet, or your clothes.

When Will Golden Retriever Stop Biting?

If you’ve been told they’ll outgrow their biting, it’s untrue. While goldies aren’t aggressive, they can bring this biting attitude until adulthood. That means that your golden retriever will only stop biting if you train them to.

Training your Dog

Golden retrievers are smart dogs. It’s also one of the many reasons why dog owners love this breed. They are perfect for new dog moms who have less experience with training dogs.

Because of their intelligence, they can learn things quickly. Training them to stop biting can be a good experience for both of you.

There are several ways of training a dog to stop biting. But before any of that, your dog should learn the basic commands first. They should know the meaning of certain words like “Stop” and “No.”

Apart from these, it’s also good to teach them signal sounds. For example, you can use “Ouch” to indicate you’ve been hurt. This will come handy while training them to stop biting.

It’s also important to give your dog their very own space. They should have an escape route when training. They should be able to stop and have their own quiet time, so never force them to train.

Most of all, you should be consistent with your training. Your dog should know that biting is unacceptable behavior in your home.

How to Train Your Dog

There are several ways to train your dog. The most simple is using commands.

When your dog bites you or a member of the family, rush over to them and say “No.” You should be firm but not scary, or else they’ll be more aggressive. They should know that you’re the alpha and that they should follow you.

If this doesn’t really work, you can use water and a spray bottle. If they start with this behavior, spray water near their face. Doing this will make them associate biting with bad consequences.

Make sure the nozzle is gentle, and it only sprays a mist of water. Something that is enough to startle your dog but never hurt them.

Another way of training your dog is using your sound signals. According to ASPCA, yell “Ouch” in a high-pitched voice. This will startle your dog. Once they stop, fold your arms and turn your back on them for at least 20 seconds.

In the event your dog continues to be mouthy, either leave the room or put them in a crate. You can continue with training after a minute or two. Repeat the process. If they stop mouthing, praise them enthusiastically and give them treats.

Golden retrievers have an eager-to-please attitude, so you can use that to your advantage.

Some owners also use taste deterrents. These can be bought on local pet stores.

Chew Toys

Giving your dog chew toys can also help them divert their attention from your hands. There are several chew toys that are made especially for teething dogs. You can ask a vet for the best chew toy for your golden retriever pup.

Something that can hide treats can help. Bones with a hollow inside where you can put peanut butter is a good choice. They’ll focus more on these treats rather than on you.


When will golden retriever stop biting? It depends on when and how you train them. Its always up to you, the pet owner, to ensure they don’t bring this behavior into their adulthood.

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