What Is A Mini Hippo Dog?

Have you ever wondered: what is a mini hippo dog? Since it is one of the newest dog breeds on the block, we are not familiar with the characteristics it possesses. If you are one of those persons who want to know this newest designer breed of dog, it is better to learn more about them.

What is a Mini Hippo Dog?

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Because of their interesting appearance and characteristics, these cute little dogs are becoming more popular. As to what its name implies, this cute dog breed resembles a small hippo. They catch people’s attention because of their adorable appearance. It has a square shape and broad characteristics which are proportional to its length and height. Also, it has a wrinkled head, neck, shoulders, and a padded muzzle.

Mini hippo coat

Mini hippo dog comes in different types of coats. The first one is the beat coat which is usually with a wavy feeling of smoothness and longer than one inch. The second one is the brush coat which has a glossy touch and its normal length is one inch. The horse coat is the third type which has a length of quarter-inch and usually rough in texture.

This type of dog breed does not shed so you don’t need to worry about the irritation when we see the fur and hair that we are always vacuuming because of our dog’s shedding. A little shedding may come for a few days during the fall season and spring. This only means that we need to be prepared for it and take the best action to make sure that this cute little puppy does not mess our carpet, room or car.

Dog traits of a mini hippo

This mini dog shares the intelligent and calm trait of its Shar-Pei parent. They are stubborn sometimes but you don’t need to worry about that. You need not worry for his training because this dog doesn’t have the same training need as its parent Shar-Pei do.

The usual training is enough for this cute little puppy to keep him in line. This little one has gotten a few of its characteristics from its Spaniel parent. This adorable puppy is always playful and friendly.

Miniature Sher-Pei Temperament

This cute dog is renowned for its playful, independent, calm, alert, and cool temperament. This is what makes this mini hippo a good companion for you and your family. It is easy to train because of its quiet but cool nature. This wonderful pet is a dog with a friendly disposition. They make a very good companion pet, giving you the enjoyment of its company.

Other Characteristics

This social dog may be so possessive about your company, that may lead for them to suffer jealousy. They are protective of the property of their owner and their family. They are also good at guarding your house at night when they usually patrol around the backyard and they would bark at anything suspicious just to give you a warning and to convey their love and loyalty to you.

They are also good in military works, sighting abilities, racing, and herding. These dogs don’t want the idea of them being left alone in the house.

Proper Care and grooming

This breed of dog also needs a moderate type of exercise routines every day. This dog tire out faster than the other breeds of dogs. You need to take them out every day for a walk or a jog but we need to give them breaks in the middle of their activities and exertion for them not to break down in the end. Let us be aware that we need not over-exercise them especially outside since it is not advisable for them to easily get overheated.


We need to feed them formulas and food that is suited for their age, size and health. Give them the perfect meal recommended of its size and their energy levels. Also, we need to be sure not to sacrifice with the quality of doggie food we buy for them. Cut and divide their food into the portion that they can take to avoid choking.


  • Allergies

This dog breed may experience seasonal allergies. To help them prevent allergies, make sure that you feed them high-quality food.

  • Ear health

Since they are prone to infection, this cute little one should have their ear cleaned once a week. You can see that there are wax and visible dirt in their ear when you clean them.

  • Eye Health

They sometimes experienced Cherry eye that needs surgery to treat. There are also some eye conditions that require ointment to medicate. When you notice that they have eye-goop, you need to wipe them away immediately.

  • Dental Health

Their teeth require regular checkup and cleaning as they may suffer from bad breath due to food that they eat and their lifestyle.

Are you now one of those people who want to know what is a mini hippo dog? This mini hippo dog has wowed may dog enthusiast. This adorable mini hippo dog is surely making its way to be one of the people’s favorite pet. Through proper grooming, feeding, and exercise, this dog can turn out to be the best companion that is perfect for you. Also, we need to keep in mind that owning a dog can be beneficial in many ways.

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