Tales of the Tailchasers: An Interactive Story About Cute and Adorable Dogs Chasing Their Tails

Once upon a time, some dogs wondered what was wagging behind them. They wanted to know what it was so they tried to find out. They tried and tried and tried. Some were successful, but most ended up searching in vain.

Legend says it’s a fluffy snake. But only those who succeeded live to tell the tail.

So this little guy needed to chase its tail. See what happens next!

An alternative to chasing one’s tail.

“I give up,” said the adorable terrier.

While his friends were asleep, amidst dreams where they caught their tails, this guy ended up in a pickle. “Guys! Halp! I can’t get it! Halp!”

Just a pomeranian puppy chasing his own tail.

While too young, this tiny pup cannot be blamed for not knowing. “Where is it? Where is it?”

These two, however, have evolved past chasing their own tails. They challenge you. “Chase this.”

Outside, this curious character is wondering about the strange form of his own tail. “Is that my tail? Why is it pink? Let me take a look.”

In another part of the world, one dog was vexed and caught an impostor! “Hey! You’re not one of us!”

The speed is quite impressive on this one. We salute your resilience. You dizzy dog.


And we have a winner! “Caught ya!”

Finally…. A sheep. Chasing its tail.

The end.

A note: Vets say that dogs chase their tails because they may have developed dog OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). It’s treatable and manageable with love, care, and proper training.

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