Labrador Vs. Pugs: Choose Your Fur Buddy

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Planning to get a family dog anytime soon? There are a lot of amazing dog breeds to pick from, but what is the best breed that you should get? Two of the most well-loved breeds are the Labrador and the pug. In the comparison of Labrador vs. pugs, the question now, is which is the better pet?

First, you need to consider things, such as:

  • Size—do you want bigger dogs or smaller dogs?
  • Personality—do you want dogs that are friendly to kids or athletic dogs?
  • Temperament—do you want energetic dogs or calm dogs?


Pros and Cons of Getting a Labrador

Labradors are good-natured, very friendly, energetic, and are good with kids. The breed is friendly to everyone. They’re related to the golden retriever, Chesapeake Bay retriever, and flat-coated retriever breeds.

The Labrador will make a superb family dog. This breed loves playing fetch and even swimming activities. One important thing to note about Labradors is that they need more exercise than a walk. It’s not enough to keep this breed in your backyard because of its pent-up energy.

This is the breed to go for when you have children. These dogs will grow very well alongside your kids, and they will go with the flow. Compared to golden retrievers , Labradors are more conservative with their affections.

Pros of raising Labrador retrievers:

  • They have a short, dense, and easy-to-care coat.
  • You can train them with ease.
  • They get along well with other animals.
  • They are very positive breed and independent.
  • They are very athletic and love regular exercise.
  • They are the tail-wagging type and are very cheerful.
  • They have a very controlled temper and are dependable.

Cons of raising Labrador retrievers:

  • Even though they have short coats, they shed a lot.
  • They can be quite stubborn at times.
  • They tend to chew a lot, so providing them chew toys is a must.
  • You will need to make sure they get enough exercise every day.
  • They are prone to serious health problems.
  • They have very high energy and love to jump during their puppy stage.

Pros and Cons of Getting a Pug

Pugs are also known as very playful and clownish dogs. They are stable and calm most of the times. Pugs can also be very good-humored and are well-known for their familiar odd barks. They can go off on visitors but will snuffle, snort, and grunt at them when welcomed inside the house.

People tend to love pugs because of how childlike they are. They aren’t only childlike in temperament but in physical features as well. The short faces, wrinkled foreheads, innocent expressions, and expressive eyes make pugs irresistible.

Pugs always want to be with their owners, but you can also teach them not to be too spoiled or clingy. They are dependable dogs and very charming. You won’t have problems with pugs being with other animals. But they can get jealous when you cuddle with other dogs.

Pros of Raising Pugs:

  • They are very affectionate and appreciate snuggles.
  • They love getting a lot of attention.
  • They don’t need to have vigorous exercise.
  • They are usually polite with everyone around them.
  • They are small but at the same time a very sturdy breed.

Cons of Raising Pugs:

  • Their coats may be short but in combination with their wrinkly skin, it can hold odor when not cleaned thoroughly.
  • They may get into a lot of mischief.
  • They carry quite a lot of gas.
  • They might give you trouble with housebreaking.
  • They shed almost every day.
  • They might have a lot of potential problems in their health because of their deformed build.

Are Labradors Harder to Raise Than Pugs or Vice Versa?

When you want less trouble with raising a dog, you can get adult ones. Whether it may be a Labrador or a pug, you will likely have less trouble when they are in the adult phase. A lot of dog lovers would tell you to get pets from official shelters or animal rescue groups.

In case you wish to raise a puppy, you have to go to the right breeder. When you get puppies, there’s no way to tell if they will develop temperament or not. This is because you won’t see a puppy’s temperament until he grows up to be an adult.

When you want to make sure that your dog is healthy, you have to train them as early as possible. Choose to have your dog undergo obedience or discipline training. Once your dog learns from training, you will experience fewer problems as they grow up.

Keeping your dogs happy will also make them healthy. Get your pets the right dog food and avoid giving them snacks that are unhealthy. Even though you’re tempted to share human meals with them, always look into the health benefits of what they eat.

Which Breed Should You Pick?

Both the Labrador and the pug breeds work well with new owners. But if you want an easier breed to handle, go for the Labrador retriever.

Between the Labrador and the pug, the Labrador is more friendly, hence it responds well to strangers. But Labradors will also be noisier compared to pugs, especially when you always have friends and family come over. If you want a quieter environment with grunts and snorts, go for the pug.

Grooming is easy when you have Labrador retrievers. Pugs may have higher requirements when it comes to grooming. The latter needs more attention in bathing because of the moisture and debris that get stuck in their skin folds and wrinkles.

You won’t have trouble with any breed if you wish to raise them alongside children.

Still debating on Labrador vs. pugs? You’ll never know until you encounter them. It’s time to go to your nearest animal rescue, shelter, or breeder and see them up close and personal.


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