Can Golden Retriever Puppies Sleep Outside?

As a new pet owner, have you often asked, “Can golden retriever puppies sleep outside?” For first-time dog owners, its very confusing to decide where a pet should begin sleeping. There are dog owners that let their dogs sleep on their bed. There are others who use kennels while there are also some that leave their puppies outside in their dog house.

What is the best way to arrange your golden retriever puppy’s sleeping place?


Sleeping Arrangements for Your Golden Retriever Puppy

It’s important that you let your golden retriever know where he should sleep on the first night. With this, you should guide your pet to go to his sleeping area. Once he gets the routine, he will be able to go to his sleeping place alone until your puppy grows up.

If you prefer it, you can also start by letting your puppy sleep indoors or even in your room. You can place him in a crate or prepare a small room for him. As your dog grows accustomed to the environment, you can move the crate farther.

Once the puppy is ready, you can then start introducing him to his sleeping place outside. Although there are puppies that need more sleeping time outside than others, you can allow your puppies to sleep inside the house at night and let them out in the morning to help them calm down.

Introducing the Sleeping Space Outside

The more comfortable the sleeping place is, the easier it is for the puppy to settle himself to sleep. When your pet doesn’t like his sleeping arrangement, he will sleep somewhere else. This can be problematic.

The bed is another popular sleeping arrangement for many owners who want to be closer to their puppies. You might want to follow suit, but it isn’t the best thing to do so. Let your puppy get used to his sleeping place, especially when it’s outside.

Letting your pet sleep somewhere he shouldn’t be will make him claim that place as his “own.” To avoid this, you should learn to establish boundaries. Patience and consistency are vital factors for this kind of undertaking.

Is It Okay to Let Your Golden Retriever Sleep Outside?

Golden retrievers, like any other dogs, are carefree animals. You shouldn’t confine these types of dogs within a house all the time. Dogs love running around, and they will grow up happier with a natural surrounding.

There’s no harm if you let your pet sleep outdoors. What’s important is you make sure that your doggo is healthy, comfortable, and happy. Be sure he is also safe with the arrangements that you have for him outside the home.

Never Leave Your Puppy without Food and Water Outside

Don’t forget to fill up your puppy’s water and food bowl outside. Your pets need to have fresh food and water at all times. Also, learn about what kind of food is most suitable for your dog here. When your puppy stays out in cold weather, you might want to provide food that is high in fat. The high calories will keep the puppy warm.

If the water freezes under the cold weather, you can use a water heater to prevent the freezing. Also, check if the water bowl has spilled and will need a refill. Make sure you’re up for the tasks since these could take some time to get used to.

Give Your Puppy a Proper Shelter and a Safe Activity Area

Still bothered with the question “can golden retriever puppies sleep outside”? That’s normal. Since your puppy will have a vast playground outside, you need to separate play from sleep. It can help when you provide a kennel that is big enough for movement. Don’t consider crates since they are small for the golden retriever and can stress your dog.

Make sure that your puppy’s kennel will protect him from weather changes. The shelter needs to be able to protect your puppy from too much sunlight or rain. It should also have good air circulation so that your pet doesn’t feel too hot in the summer. Try to check his bowel movements too.

In some cases, you can find owners investing in air-conditioning units to keep their fur babies pampered. If you ever decide to get one for your golden retriever, choose an A/C that is not prone to burning. Don’t get ones that have long cables that can strangle the puppy.

Consider Giving Your Pet a Buddy

Not all dogs like to be by themselves. If you notice that your puppy is playful and needs attention, he might need a friend out there. Puppies are very playful at this short stage of their life. If the puppy is social, this playfulness heightens.

Puppies thrive once there are other puppies or dogs around that they can play with. But you need to control your dog’s behavior. The moment you start noticing that your puppy is in distress, find ways to calm him at once.

Relax and Be Calm for Your Golden Retriever

Remember that golden retrievers get their energy from their owners. If you are in constant worry about your puppy outside, he will feel it too. Trust your pet and make sure that he feels comfortable outside.

It also helps when you establish a sleeping schedule for your puppy. Golden retrievers have inherited their sleeping habits of sleeping 10 to 12 hours a day. Their wolf instincts tell them to sleep in extended periods so they will have the energy when they wake up.

With proper training, you can train your puppy to follow a particular sleeping arrangement.r. So can golden retriever puppies sleep outside? Yes, they can, as long as you train them early. Don’t forget to provide everything they need so they can have a good night’s sleep.


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