Can Boxer Dogs Handle Cold Weather?

Boxer dogs are sweet home companions despite their bad rep. So, if you’re trying to get a boxer pup, you need to know more about this breed.

For this specific article, we’ll be shedding some light regarding this breed and the weather. 

Can boxer dogs handle cold weather? If so, how cold is too cold? We’ll also provide tips to keep your pooch safe and warm during winter.


Can Boxer Dogs Handle Cold Weather?

Some dog breeds love the cold and the snow. Others work well under the sun. Boxers fall under an in-between group. They’re dogs that can tolerate both cold and hot weather.

Your boxer will most likely not care about the cold weather if you’re out for a while. But these dogs have short coats, meaning they need a little extra help to keep warm.

If you plan to spend more time outside with your dog, bring a coat. These are specially made for dogs to keep them warm during cold days. It’s like giving your dog a jacket to avoid freezing outside.

But besides giving them coats, keep their paws safe. Snow can be dangerous for your dog’s paws. You can buy your dog booties to wear outside. Consider these especially if you’re using melting chemicals in your yard.

It’s also best to clip your dog’s nails during snowy weather. Longer nails can break when it catches the ice and crusty snow.

How Much Cold Can Your Dog Handle?

The smaller the dog, the more at risk they are of going out during winter. Bigger breeds can mostly tolerate colder temperatures and can stay out longer, especially with the help of a dog raincoat.

Boxers are medium-sized dog breeds. You can let your dog out at -5 degrees Celsius for a short while. They also should have coats and booties. Anything below that will make them freeze and get sick.

Boxer pups should especially be kept inside during the winter days. If you’re currently potty training them, make sure they’re always warm when going out.

Signs Your Dog Is Freezing

When you need to bring your dog outside, always check their reaction. If they start doing the following, bring them inside immediately:

  • Starts walking slowly
  • Trembling and looking unwell
  • Curling in a cramped position
  • Cuddles and snuggles close to you
  • Sticks to you or another heat source

Just like humans, your boxer can also catch a cold when out for a long time. Colds in dogs include symptoms like:

  • Lethargy
  • Runny and/or congested nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Low fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sneezing

But cold is not the only issue you should be worried about. If you leave your dog frozen or cold for a long time, they could suffer from hypothermia. They’re paws or ears may be frozen cold. Overall hypothermia may damage the organs or even cause death.

Your dog may also get bladder or lung infection when they aren’t dried properly.

Since boxer dogs are not bred for cold weather, they are more at risk. Always take extra precaution when it’s getting colder.

How to Keep Your Boxer Safe

Below are some of our tips to keep your boxer safe during the winter season.

Don’t Shave

Don’t shave or groom your dog and keep their coats. Their fur provides them with the protection they need during winter. 

They already have short coats which don’t provide as much warmth. Shaving it all off will leave them more vulnerable. If you do have to shave or groom your boxer, do this during the summer season.

Don’t Leave Your Dog Outside

Your boxer needs a lot of exercise to keep them healthy. A lot of dog parents simply let their dogs out in the yard during the day. The dog can then just run around and play as part of their exercise routine.

But you can’t do that during the winter. Or if possible, just do it for a short period. Never leave them behind for a long time without no way of getting in.

Some states have snowless winters. If you live in these areas, you can let your dog play outside. But only do it during the day and always check the temperature first.

Regular Vet Appointments

Visiting the vet will help your dog during the winter season. It’s the time when they are most vulnerable. Regular visits to the vet will give you peace of mind, knowing that your dog is checked for diseases.

Comfortable Temperature

Most owners leave the thermostat open for the dogs when they have to step out. But be careful of how hot you leave the place. Most dogs, even short-coated boxers, will already show signs of overheating at 81°F.

Play with the thermostat and check your dogs if they’re comfortable. Panting is a huge sign that they’re hot. And if it’s already hot and dry for you, the same goes for them.

So, can boxer dogs handle cold weather? They mostly can. But never forget to give them extra protection against the snow and cold.

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