Boxer Dog vs Dalmatian: Does Your Home Need A Working Dog or A Non-Sporting Dog?

If you are planning to get a dog, and you are torn between two breeds, you might want to find out more reasons to choose one over the other. In this review, let’s compare the boxer dog vs Dalmatian. Which dog is more suitable for your home? Let’s find out in this article.


Boxer Dog vs Dalmatian: Does your home need a working dog or a non-sporting dog?

The boxer and the Dalmatian are two very different dogs that were bred for different purposes. However, both need plenty of exercises. The Dalmatian is a non-sporting dog that would enjoy your company even during intense physical activity. On the other hand, the boxer is a versatile working dog that is ready for almost any task that you train them for.


Both the Dalmatian and the boxer are elegant dogs. However, whichever looks better depends on the preference of the aspiring owner. You might like the Dalmatian because of their signature spotted coat that comes in either liver or black. However, you might find the muscular physique of the boxer more appealing. Besides, the boxer also has more colors and patterns to choose from.

Coat color

The color of the Dalmatian is a signature spotted pattern that comes in both liver and black. However, Dalmatian puppies are born pure white. After a few weeks, they gain their black or liver spots. On the other hand, the boxer comes in various colors and patterns for you to choose from such as the solid colors, brindles, piebald and more.

Coat type

The Dalmatian and the boxer only come in a single coat type. These are both short-haired breeds that aren’t hypoallergenic dogs since both of these dog breeds shed regularly. If the amount of shedding is your deciding factor between the two, then it is just a tie since both of them sheds frequently and neither is hypoallergenic if someone in your family has allergies.

Size and weight

The boxer and the Dalmatian are both large dogs. However, the boxer is slightly larger and heavier. Dalmatians stand about 19-24 inches tall and weigh around 45-70 pounds. On the other hand, the boxer dog stands 21.5-25 inches tall with females being on the smaller side. The boxer is also slightly heavier than the Dalmatian with their bulkier and more muscular physique. Boxers usually weigh around 65-80 pounds.

Overall features

Both the boxer and the Dalmatian are on the larger side of the dog world. If the size is a deciding factor, their size differences aren’t very far apart, but their weight difference might be notable. Neither dog is hypoallergenic, so neither is suitable for severe allergy sufferers. However, you might like the Dalmatian because of their unique coat that is unlike any other dog breed. But, the boxer offers a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, so based on appearance, which dog do you find more appealing?


Before getting a dog, you might want to check out the breed’s temperament. Moreover, you might prefer a dog that will match your family’s activities and energy.


The boxer is well-known for their loyalty, intelligence, and courage. Moreover, they were bred from an ancestry of working dogs. They are very affectionate towards their family members and they are very adaptable in various living conditions. Also, the boxer needs plenty of exercises since they are always full of energy. You might even get concerned if the boxer is lethargic since it is very out of their character.

The boxer dog is very protective among their family members and they are very cautious when dealing with strangers. Also, they can even be trained to be a protection dog, if you feel the need for a dog to protect you and your family. However, due to the protective instincts of the boxer, if they aren’t trained properly, boxers may have aggressive tendencies.


The Dalmatian is known to be a curious, outgoing and intelligent breed. Moreover, the ancestry of the Dalmatian comes from a long line of coach dogs. This gives the Dalmatian the protective instincts of a watchdog and they are very cautious with strangers. The Dalmatian is a very active and intelligent dog that has a lot of stamina.


The life expectancy of the Dalmatian and the boxer are not far apart. However, the life expectancy of the Dalmatian is 11-13 years. On the other hand, the boxer’s life expectancy is only an average of 10-12 years. But, an individual dog’s health may affect these life expectancies and they might even surpass it if the dog remains in good health during their senior years.

Boxer dog potential health issues

A proper diet may help your boxer live longer. However, the boxer dog breed is predisposed to certain health issues that are attributed to the breed. This doesn’t guarantee that your dog may or may have these health problems, but it is important to know the health issues that you might encounter if you decide to get a boxer:

Dalmatian potential health issues

The Dalmatian is an overall healthy breed with fewer potential health problems. However, since the coat of the Dalmatian is predominantly white, deafness is also attributed to the gene that gives white coat color in dogs. If you are planning to get a Dalmatian, opt to buy from a responsible breeder without deaf dogs among their breeders. The Dalmatian is predisposed to the following health problems:

  • Deafness
  • Kidney problems
  • Hip or elbow dysplasia

The Verdict

In boxer dog vs Dalmatian, it all boils down to your personal preference whichever breed you pick. Both are naturally loyal and protective dogs that trace far back in their ancestral roots. Besides, both the Dalmatian and the boxer need plenty of exercises. Both the boxer and the Dalmatian would make great family dogs, so feel free to pick the one that you think is more suitable for your home.

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