Boxer Dog Shedding Like Crazy? Here’s What To Do

Dogs shed, but there are some breeds that shed more than others. There are a lot of cute and fluffy dogs, but there are also some that shed vigorously. Boxer dogs also shed, but to what extent? What are other factors to consider in dealing with boxer dogs that shed like crazy?

Light shedders are breeds that have short hair. The characteristic of these dogs’ hair fall is like the strands of human hair. Heavy shedders are breeds that shed hair in clumps. There ought to be a continuous coat shedding for a breed to be under the heavy shedding level.

Boxer dogs don’t shed a lot, but they don’t shed lightly either. Of course, there are many factors that can affect the way a dog’s coat sheds. The way that you brush your dog’s hair as well as how many times they are being brushed is one of those factors. If your boxer dog needs brushes every day, then it’s going to be an everyday sweep on the floor.


What Affects Shedding in Boxer Dogs?

Seasons Play a Big Role When it Comes to Shedding.

Yet, there is also a big misconception with this because it’s the sunlight that affects shedding. Many think that when the seasons change, the temperature has the biggest impact on dogs.

What can trigger the change is the change in the amount of sunlight in a day. Climate can affect shedding, but it’s only secondary to the effect of the sun. Your location is also a factor on whether how light or strong your boxer sheds his hair.

If your area is very sunny, your boxer’s body responds by shedding. Your dog’s body will react and shed even if it’s spring, as long as its body feels like there is enough heat in the surroundings.

How Much Daylight Does It Take for Boxers to Start Shedding?

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Boxer dogs and other dogs with the same coat length can begin shedding at areas with 13 to 14 hours of daylight. Your dog’s pineal gland is triggered by the signals and, in turn, sends signals toward the body to begin shedding.

When the days begin to become shorter, the coat starts to thicken up again. This is opposed to spring and summer when the coat sheds off again.

So how can you keep up with boxer dogs shedding like crazy?

Many owners complain that the heaviest shed for boxer dogs is around spring. This is where boxers are shedding more than usual. Keep in mind that it’s not always because of the season change; it happens to days that have more daylight hours.

Why Genetics Has a Big Part with How Boxer Dogs Shed

The coat’s texture of boxer dogs coming from the US, the UK, or Germany will have varying textures. Dog’s coats, even in the same breed, can actually vary in thickness. Puppies themselves will have a different thickness on their coats.

The Health and Diet of the Boxer Dog Also Affects Its Shedding

Don’t be lazy with your boxer’s food, and avoid feeding your dog with human food. Look for types of food that your pet will love and one that is good for its body. You may find healthy and delicious varieties that make your pet’s coat strong and healthy.

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A bad diet can also lead to an unhealthy coat. An unhealthy coat can contribute to shedding even without daylight. Plan your pet’s meals and always consider adding daily vitamins. You could put in omega fatty acid supplements into the mix as well.

Take the Shedding Problem into Your Hands

Grooming is important to keep your boxer’s coat healthy. You may want to start a grooming routine for your pet’s coat upkeep. Hair from dogs can fall faster, so it’s important for you to monitor your boxer’s shedding.

If you leave the hairs unattended, it can hinder the coat from producing new and healthy hairs. Your boxer would end up looking unkempt because of its old and dead coat. Dead hair can clump itself on the coat and unto your pet’s skin.

Not only would it make your pet’s coat look dry and ugly, but it would also cut out the healthy circulation of air. Yeast infection could develop because of the trapped moisture between the coat and skin.

Make sure that you can brush your dog at least once a week or depending on how much hair your pet has. Give them a proper bath and choose the right shampoo them. Look for a healthy and mild shampoo that won’t damage their hair.

Always Clean Up After Grooming

Get good quality brushes and rakes for your boxer. There are even vacuum suction tools for grooming that can make the process easier. If you want to stick with the normal grooming, go for a pin or slicker brush.

The important thing is that your dog is always clean and healthy. Once you are aware of the factors that contribute to your pet’s shedding problem, it will be easy to find solutions. Go for the best option on how to cope with boxer dogs shedding like crazy and never have the same problem again.


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