Are Golden Retrievers Good Apartment Dogs?

Golden retrievers have high energy levels and an excellent personality. It makes them one of the world’s most beloved dogs. Many families would love to have one as a member of the family. Before you decide, however, you must ask the question, are Golden Retrievers good apartment dogs?

Besides their amazing attitude, golden retrievers are easy to train. They’re also great with kids.

But with all the positive things about this breed, will they be good apartment dogs?

Apartment Living For Dogs

Many apartment owners are more lenient towards pets nowadays. You can find an apartment in the city or suburban scene that allows you to have dogs.

Now, the problem is not all dog breeds thrive in such an environment. The common dog breeds that can work well in such a place are smaller breeds like Chihuahuas. That said, will a big dog like the golden retriever live comfortably in a smaller space?

In addition, what kind of problems will you face when you get a goldie in an apartment setting?

Are Golden Retrievers Good Apartment Dogs?

If you wish to have a golden retriever, there are several things you need to consider.


Golden retriever dogs are medium-sized. But they’re bigger than most dogs.

According to the American Kennel Club, male dogs should stand at 23 to 24 inches. They should also weigh around 65 to 75 pounds. Female golden retrievers are slightly smaller than the males.

That said, their size alone could be troublesome if you live in an apartment. They need their own space. If you have a big family in a 2-bedroom apartment, space can be a problem.

But that doesn’t mean single individuals or couples living in an apartment can’t get one. With more space, your golden retriever is a good addition to the family. You can also get bigger dogs when you have a bigger apartment space.

It’s important that they’re comfortable with their spot and they have their own safe space.

Energy Levels

Another problem you might face with having a goldie in your apartment is exercise. Without proper exercise, your dog will feel bored. They may also develop hyperactivity.

This can then lead to destructive behavior.

But since you have less space and no yard for exercises, how do you fix this?

You don’t always need to have space in your own place. There’s plenty outside. Even walking your dog around the neighborhood will greatly help them.

If you can find a dog park or even a simple park, you can bring your dog there. Golden retrievers are generally friendly. They aren’t aggressive and works well with other people and dogs. So, you can bring your dog to any public place and they won’t make a scene.

Let them run around the park. Play fetch with them as they love this game due to their retriever blood. Make sure they have a leash or a harness so you can always keep an eye on them.

They’d love to explore so the longer the leash, the better. When they do something unruly, simply tug on their leash and say “No.”


With less space, there are likely things your dog can and can’t do. It’s best that you get them when they’re still pups and train them. While adult dogs can still be trained, pups are more receptive.

Teach them basic commands. Ensure they follow you so it’s easier to live with them. You can also add boundaries around the house and train them to follow these.

For example, you can train them not to sit or lie on the couch.

It’s also best to potty train them as early as possible. There are litter boxes you can buy for your dog. Train them to use this especially when going outside is a hassle.

Separation Anxiety

Golden retrievers are also prone to separation anxiety. If you’re living alone in your apartment, ensure they aren’t left alone for long.

While you can train them to be more independent, finding a reliable pet sitter is a good choice. Since you’re living in a complex, you have more neighbors than usual. It’s likely you can find a reliable teenager who wants to earn extra money.

Hire them to walk your dog for their daily exercise. They can also have company even for a while. This helps reduce anxiety when you’re gone for a few days.

Find A Dog-Friendly Space

Make sure to find a dog-friendly space if you want to get a golden retriever. Always ask your landlord before renting the apartment or getting a dog.

Golden retrievers do well as watchdogs, but they are friendly towards others. Surely, this won’t be a problem in a place where people live closer to each other.


Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t get a dog. And just because golden retrievers are big and energetic doesn’t mean they can’t thrive.

So, are Golden Retrievers good apartment dogs? Yes and no. These dogs adapt well to almost any environment, but they need training and exercise to adapt to the small space. This makes it easier for families to get a golden retriever.

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