5 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Make the Best Dogs

Wondering why golden retrievers make the best dogs? Here’s a simple answer—because they are the best! Who wouldn’t want to be around this big furry ball of sunshine and happiness? 

Just getting a hug and a warm greeting from this super friendly dog—it doesn’t matter that it’s your first time meeting each other—is enough to lift your spirits and believe that there’s everything good in the world. No kidding. So you can expect that your question, why golden retriever is the best dog, will have a good answer. 

Although originally bred as gun dogs in Scotland and trained to work in the field, golden retrievers have gone on to become one of the most popular dogs and companions, especially in the US. People, without a hitch, are caught on how adorable and sweet, warm and cuddly, smart and all-around great buddies golden retrievers can be. 


Why the Golden Retriever Is the Best Dog

Here’s a list as to why golden retrievers are everything you’d want in a pet:


Golden retrievers are the animal world’s friendship ambassador. They love everybody! They love being around people. They greet everyone they meet warmly with a happy tail wag and a good lick. 

They also won’t hesitate to jump at you and give you a cuddle. There will never come a day that you won’t get an enthusiastic greeting and licking every time you get home. 

Golden retrievers also get along well with other pets, even other dogs. 

However, they are more sensitive and in tune with people, especially their humans and their moods. These adorable fluffs are sympathetic and very, very affectionate. They are especially eager to please their family. And due to their loving and caring nature, they are great companions for older people. 

Their gentle nature and joyous disposition make them great playmates and baby minders as well.


Golden retrievers are also much praised for their intelligence. Many pet owners find them easy to train, and they follow directions easily. In fact, they are the favorites in obedience training. 

They have been found to be great guides for the blind. As therapy dogs, they give cheer and entertainment, especially to long-term hospital patients and the elderly in retirement homes. Golden retrievers are also popular choices as assistant dogs and search-and-rescue dogs. They are especially good at water rescues because these happy pooches love water. 

Golden retrievers are really amazing hard workers. And because they are retrievers and love fetching and retrieving stuff, they make great helpers around the house. Fetching the mail, getting the newspapers, or getting that extra blanket from the next room? Your golden pooch will be all happy to help.


Golden retrievers are devoted dogs. They are faithful to their humans and family. They love being with their family or pack and love doing things with them. And they won’t hesitate to save their humans when they are in danger. 

There have been many stories and accounts of golden retrievers saving their humans from all sorts of dangers, especially from drowning. These accounts alone are good answers as to why the golden retriever is the best dog.


For a golden retriever, every day is fun, fun, fun. They are such clowns. It’s no wonder they are called eternal puppies. They are so energetic and just want to romp around and play all day. They love activities, especially outdoorsy ones. They can’t wait to go outside and go for a walk or for a run. They actually make great exercise or gym buddies and running companions.


The golden retriever breed is considered to be one of the most beautiful dog breeds. Looking at its fluffy golden coat, that cuddly large body, that happy grin coupled with that amazing love for life is enough to melt the heart. They are such great beauties!

The Final Thought

Just meeting a golden retriever is enough to convince people of how amazing and how cute they are. They are so sweet and so friendly, and their antics are so adorable. They touch the heart and infuse anyone with the feeling of joy. 

Really, this breed is such a blessing. It’s no wonder why the golden retriever is the best dog there is. 

So take good care of your golden ball of fluff. Give them all the love they deserve. Play with them, praise them, hug them, talk to them, and take very good care of them as they take good care of you. If you do, you’ll be rewarded with ten to fourteen years of happiness or maybe more. 

Take note that this is a general guide on how golden retrievers are on average. Make sure to treat each one individually, like the special beings that they are. 

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