Cat Health

Spielende Hauskatze

How To Destress Your Cat

When we talk about stress, we talk about people without even thinking that humans aren’t the only creatures on this

Cat Check-Up

How Do Cats Get Chlamydia

Sometimes, cats are prone to infections, and some are more of a trouble than others. One such common infection in

cat ears

How Do Cats Hear So Well

Cats are known to have ‘super’ powers. While this might seem like an exaggeration, if you think about it, compared


How Do Cats Feel Pain

Along time there have been some misconceptions that cats don’t feel pain the way we do, so they can be

How Do Cats Get Fleas

Fleas, those sneaky super-long-distance jumping tiny parasites can cause a lot of unwanted inconveniences to our little purring feline friends,

A cat given a pill

How Do Cats Get Ringworm

Though Ringworm sounds as if it’s one of those horrid, grotesque pesky little creatures that crawl under the skin of


How Do Cats Get Ear Mites

Cats seem so independent and the word goes around that their purring might have healing properties, but that doesn’t mean

cat licking itself

How Do Cats Get Worms

While some people might think that not all cats get worms, the opposite is true. No matter the age, the

cat lying down

How Do Cats Age

There’s a popular myth going on around about how do cats age which says that to find out how old

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