Will My English Bulldog Calm Down?

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Energetic bulldogs – and dogs in general – are amazing. They’re fun to have around since their happiness and energy is infectious. But it becomes problematic if your English bulldog is too hyper.

Today, we’ll be talking about hyperactivity in English bulldogs. This article will help understand why they are too active plus ways to help them calm down.

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English Bulldog’s Activity Level

If you own an English bulldog, you’ll know by know that rumors about their laziness aren’t true. Well, at least for the pups. Adult bulldogs do have a laid-back or sometimes even a lazy temperament.

But bulldog pups are different. They have high energy levels that can be a problem if they get too hyper. In fact, a lot of adult bulldogs retain their energetic personality.


But why do they reach that certain level of activity?

Hyperactivity in Dogs

Normally, hyperactivity in dogs is caused by having too much energy stored. This means your pup may not be getting the exercise or activity needed daily. If that energy piles up, they become hyperactive.

Hyperactivity often results in destructive behavior. They’d chew on your shoes or furniture, knock down things, or won’t listen to you.

But for some dogs, hyperactivity may be attributed to your reactions.

Many dogs are eager to please and that may include your bulldog. If you react positively towards their hyperactive moments, they tend to do it more often. The same goes if you laugh or smile when they become destructive.

Your bulldog’s hyperactivity can also be attributed to lack of proper training. Your dog will do whatever they want if they aren’t trained. They can even bring this into their adulthood.

Will My English Bulldog Calm Down?

After dozens of chewed shoes and broken furniture, will your bulldog ever calm down?

Don’t worry. You can train your dog to be less hyper and calmer. Plus, there’s a simple way of losing their hyperactivity.

More Exercise

Remember when we said it was about having too much energy? The easy fix to hyperactivity is more exercise – or at least more opportunity to let that energy out.

Give your dog more time to walk, run, or play with you. If you haven’t been walking them daily, you should. Even an hour or so at the park and playing fetch with them can help with hyperactivity.

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If your pup wants to play, let them. Give them ample room to run around. It’s even better if you can let them out on your backyard so they have enough room to be active.

When walking your dog, have a good balance of leading the way and letting them do their thing. This means you should let them sniff things and explore their surroundings. But while walking, make sure they know you are the leader and they should follow you.

This will also help in training.

Proper Training

Train your pup as soon as they can walk around better. Their puppyhood is the best time for any training as they absorb it easily and more quickly.

Apart from obedience training, reward their calm moments. Stop reacting positively to hyperactivity and destructive behavior. Give them treats when they sit around after being told to sit or stay.


Intelligent breeds like English bulldogs get distracted. They need something that will also stimulate their minds. Giving them the proper toys can help.

You can also get toys that will take up most of their time.

While the good old stuffed toys are still good choices, try to bring in more unconventional ones. If you can find a toy where you can hide treats, the better. For example, there are hollow bones that you can fill with peanut butter.

Bring a Playmate

Another pup can greatly help. Your pup will focus more on a playmate rather than your couch. Just ensure that there’s no aggression towards other dogs. Socialization will help get rid of that.

Besides pups, your children can be your dog’s playmates. Since children are normally hyperactive, a bulldog playmate will keep them focused and happy. In a way, you’re hitting two birds with one stone.

But if you have a child, make sure you teach them the dos and don’ts of handling dogs. Rough playing can injure both your kid and your dog. A tight little hug may make the dog feel trapped and may become aggressive.

It’s best to monitor their play time to avoid accidents.


Neutering your dog can also help calm your English bulldog down. Bulldogs can get hyper when there’s a female dog in heat near them.

The process is also known to be more healthy for your dog.


There are lots of misconceptions about certain breeds of dogs such as the English bulldog. But you’ll never realize what and how they truly act unless you’ve got one. For some, the hyperactivity comes as a big surprise. But it’s something that can be fixed when it becomes a problem.


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