How To Treat English Bulldog Skin Problems

All dog breeds develop skin problems at some point, but bulldogs are more likely to develop them. This is why it is important for you to know how to treat English Bulldog skin problems.

English Bulldogs have cute wrinkles, but that is also, where you will find all the yeast and bacteria that cause skin problems. A little moisture in these areas is enough to set off irritation.

If you do not clean the wrinkles properly, you Bulldog will develop severe skin issues. Preventing skin problems is the best kind of treatment for your dog. Visit your vet and find out how to look after your dog’s skin.

Bulldogs suffer all kinds of skin infections and conditions. If your pet’s coat seems irritated, have your vet look at him so that he can be treated. Here are a few things you can do if your pet has a skin infection, irritation, or hotspots.


Determine The Cause

Schedule an appointment with a vet so that your pet’s skin is tested immediately. If you notice any hair loss, irritation, or redness, point them out. A test will determine if the skin has mites or mange. If mange is not the cause, more tests will be done to determine if the irritation is caused by a fungal or bacterial infection.

In the event that it is a bacterial infection, the affected area will be cleaned thoroughly with an antibacterial solution until it heals. On the other hand, if the skin has hotspots, a solution of iodine will clear it off.

Dealing With Skin Allergies

If your pet has both bacteria and mites, then you know that you are looking at a skin allergy. The most likely cause is the food you are feeding your dog as well as their hygiene. Bulldogs are very diet-sensitive. A minor change in his diet can cause skin irritations and hair loss. This the case when his new diet does not have important minerals and vitamins necessary for healthy skin and coat.

Keep His Baths to A Minimum

Baths also contribute to skin irritation in Bulldogs. Even though your pet lives indoors with your family, you can only bath him thoroughly a few times a month. Since they are very sensitive, limiting your pet’s baths can help in reducing the occurrence of these irritations.

Over-bathing your pet can lead to hair loss, skin irritation as well as allergies. Some shampoos contain oil-stripping elements, which is not good for oily skin such as that of a Bulldog. Skin oil is essential in maintaining a healthy coat and stripping it will cause a variety of skin issues.

Other than oil stripping, dog shampoo has chemicals and perfumes that can harm your dog’s coat. That includes those Bulldog-specific shampoos have harsh ingredients that cause irritations and allergies. To keep your bulldog clean, use pet wipes and pet powders to decrease moisture.

When To Bathe Your Dog

When you have to wash your dog frequently, there is something you can do to keep skin irritation at a bare minimum. Let your dog sit in his crate for an hour at least. This will allow your pet to get rid of most of the dirt himself. Since most homes have concrete floors, the mess your pet will create is something you can deal with.

Allowing your pet this hour prior to a bath will get rid of most of the dirt he brought along. You will have a much easier time when you start bathing your pet. Begin by rinsing off whatever dirt was left before you use dog shampoo.

If you notice dirt spots after you rinse your dog, apply a dime-sized dollop of dog shampoo and wash those areas that need to be cleaned properly.


Rinse the shampoo or soap off your pet’s coat thoroughly. Ensure that all the soap has washed off. Begin from the top of his head and rinse his coat as you move down his back.

Pay special attention to the region below the chin, around the chest and under his belly. These sensitive areas get irritated very easily.

Once you have rinsed off all the soap, gently blot the belly and wrinkles with a clean towel. Then, let your dog dry where necessary. Do not rub too much with a towel as that will lead to skin irritation.

Once your pet has air-dried for at least 30 minutes, lightly dab all the folds to ensure you get rid of all the moisture that can attract bacteria. If your pet is in need of much more aggressive skin treatment, you can ask for a specialized shampoo from your vet.

Final Word

Overall, limiting your Bulldog’s baths and keeping him on healthy pet food can keep his coat looking healthy. That way, you will know how to treat English Bulldog skin problems. In addition, keeping your pet away from chemicals, shampoo or soap residue will help him avoid skin allergies or irritations.


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