How Many Years Does a Cockapoo Live?

Any dog lover would feel queasy about talking about how long their dog can live. Many would agree that their dogs don’t live as long as they would want, especially for those who own an adorable Cockapoo. The last thing pet owners would like to hear is the question, “How many years does a Cockapoo live?” Haunting as it sounds, there are benefits to facing this reality.

How Many Years Does a Cockapoo Live

How long do cockapoos usually live?

The American Cockapoo Club states that generally, these designer dogs live for about 14 to 18 years on the average. Sometimes they can also reach their 20’s. Even if they may not live as long as humans, Cockapoos live relatively long when compared to other types of dogs.

When is a cockapoo full grown?

One important key to a cockapoo’s long life is the concern with size. Since cockapoos come in four different sizes, finding out when they are full grown adults varies. Cockapoos can either be standard or maxi, miniature, toy Cockapoo, and teacup toy.

Standard or maxi Cockapoos can grow up to at least 15 inches in height and should weigh more than 19 pounds. In about 9 months, standard Cockapoos reach full size. The miniature Cockapoo can be anywhere between 11 to 14 inches in height, while their weight should be within 13 to 18 pounds. They reach full size within six months.

The toy Cockapoo can reach 10 inches and may weigh under 12 pounds. Finally, the teacup toy cockapoo grows up to less than 10 inches in height and should weigh less than 6 pounds on the average.

What are the Cockapoo’s nutritional needs?

In general, Cockapoos are not choosy with the types of dog food they eat. However, it is important that the food they eat should maintain their health which in turn increases their lifespan. Small dogs only need one-fourth to three-fourths a cup of high-quality dry dog food in a day divided into two feeding times. But then, this depends on their age, build, size, metabolism, and level of activity.

How can I know if my Cockapoo is overweight?

If you aren’t sure if your Cockapoo is within a healthy weight, take note of its physique. When you look down on your dog, you should see a waist. Then, while placing your hands on its back and having your thumbs run along the spine while your other fingers are spread downward, try to feel the ribs without pressing too hard. If you cannot see or feel any of these, this means your cockapoo needs to go on a diet and exercise more.

What sort of exercise should I have my Cockapoo do?

It is important to give Cockapoos some exercise that is at a moderate level, so they don’t become restless. It also ensures that they maintain the right weight. Although long walks are not a must, letting them play in the house or yard is enough.

You can also have them play with other dogs in the park because Cockapoos are naturally social dogs. Finally, give your Cockapoo the attention it needs. If not, they can get lonely or develop anxiety. That can lead to excessive barking and can also lead to destructive behavior.

What are the health concerns of Cockapoos I should know about?

Making sure your cockapoo lives long and at its optimal health entails a certain awareness when it comes to common ailments they are susceptible to:

  1. As your cockapoo ages, cataracts occur. Cataracts cause the dog’s eyes to have a cloudy appearance. These can be removed surgically to improve eyesight.
  2. Slipped stifles, otherwise known as Patellar Luxation, is a common problem in smaller sized dogs. Patellar luxation happens when the knee joint slides out of place. This can be very painful for the dog.
  3. Some cockatoos can inherit Hip Dysplasia. This is when the thigh bone does not fit into the hip joint. In dogs, this can be seen in lameness on one or both hind legs. Others, however, would not show signs of pain or discomfort.
  4. Arthritis can also develop as dogs age.
  5. Cockapoos can get food allergies, contact allergies, or inhalant allergies. If your dog has food allergies, try eliminating some foods from its diet. For contact allergies, check how your dog reacts to its bedding, flea powders, dog shampoo, or other chemicals. Finally, since inhalant allergies are caused by allergens which are airborne, watch out for dust, mildew, and pollen.
  6. Ear Infections can also cause a cockapoo some discomfort. Because the ears can be floppy, they tend to trap more moisture, dirt, and debris. So, check your dog’s ears regularly.
  7. Liver disease can occur in cockapoos. Either they have copper toxicosis or chronic active hepatitis. Consult your veterinarian for more concerns regarding this condition.

With some good old TLC that comes with being a pet owner, your cockapoo will surely live longer. You won’t ever need to be bothered by the next person who asks, “How many years does a cockapoo live?”

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