How Many Hours Do Cockapoo Sleep?

If humans need at least eight hours of sleep to survive the day, what about dogs? Different dog breeds may follow different sleep patterns. Others may sleep longer, while some might not sleep as much. Cockapoo dog breed have a sleep schedule of their own, which spans the entire day. This begs the question, how many hours do Cockapoo sleep?

It is essential to know of the cockapoo’s sleep patterns so you know how to keep them healthy. Knowing how long they sleep and when they sleep will also help you map out their pattern for the day.

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How many hours do Cockapoo sleep?

An average adult Cockapoo can sleep anywhere between 12 to 14 hours within a 24-hour period. It’s different for puppies since they need about 18 to 20 hours of sleep because they’re a lot more energetic. They’re programmed to sleep at night and stay awake throughout the day. The only difference is that dogs sleep in smaller chunks throughout the day and can take a nap any time.

Since Cockapoos have medium levels of energy, they may not need as many naps during the day. They also tend to sleep the same time as their owners. They can easily be woken up by noise and movement, so there is no definite sleep pattern if they are disturbed by noises from outside.

You won’t need to worry about how many hours a Cockapoo sleeps because all dogs will sleep when they are tired no matter where they are. The only difference is that they may not experience REM sleep when they sleep outside or during the day.

Will Cockapoo sleeping positions affect their sleep patterns?

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Sleeping positions can affect the length of time Cockapoos sleep. Some positions allow them to relax fully and sleep soundly. Other positions are meant to help them get ready to act when necessary.

To start, there are four basic sleeping positions of dogs we end up taking snapshots of. (And yes, they are so adorable!)

The first position is when your dog sleeps curled up in a ball. Although this isn’t the most comfortable, it is a defensive position. Being curled up like that helps protect the dog while sleeping. It prevents attacks from predators and keeps the dog really warm, preserving body heat which is important especially when they’re outdoors.

Cockapoos may sleep like this when napping in areas that are not their usual sleep locations. For example, they will curl up when they sleep on the floor or on the porch.

The next position is the oh-so-comfy sleeping-on-his-back position. This is most comfortable for dogs but makes them susceptible to attack since the tummy is exposed. But, if you see your Cockapoo sleep this way, this is actually good because he feels safe in his environment. They will usually do this in their dog beds.

The third is when your dog sleeps on its side. Because this is so comfortable, they sleep soundly this way. Defending itself quickly or springing up to action is difficult in this position. When you see your pooch like this, you know they’re utterly content and relaxed, and are not expecting an attack.

The last common position is when your dog sleeps on its stomach. This, however, isn’t ideal for sleeping but is more for resting. In the wild, this position makes it easy for your dog to spring to action when needed. At home, this would mean that your cockapoo would like to keep an eye out for anything and everything – toys, leashes, snacks, their Cockapoo food, hugs, anything at all!

So, of all the sleeping positions, you’d definitely want to see your cockapoo either sleeping on its side or on its back. This means they’re not worried about anything at all and feel so safe in the environment you set up.


When should I start worrying about my Cockapoo’s sleeping habits?

First of all, it is completely normal for your pooch to take longer naps than usual. The only time you really need to be concerned is if you notice a dramatic change in your dog’s sleeping habits.

If your active Cockapoo suddenly ends up sleeping all the time or if he doesn’t sleep at all, then you might want to visit the vet. Cockapoos can sleep more when they are sick. This is especially true if they have a thyroid or heart problem.

Sleeping Cockapoos are extremely adorable, but you should always check if they are keeping up with their routine. Many dogs will sleep and nap at the same time each day. If the pattern changes, you may want to observe them and see if there are any significant changes in their energy and health. So, how many hours do Cockapoo sleep? When healthy, they can sleep as much as they want and take a nap anytime, anywhere.

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