Do English Bulldogs Like Other Dogs?

Bulldogs are sociable and friendly pets. In fact, bulldogs interact well with kids and can cope with other pets with ease. Despite your bull dog’s nature, you may have to introduce it to other pets to make sure it can adapt with ease. Here we will find out, do english bulldogs like other dogs?

If you are looking to introduce strength and stubbornness to your family, a bulldog is a good choice. Bulldogs may seem ferocious at first, especially to people they meet for the first time. However, that is just a face they put up. Underneath, they are loving and friendly and want nothing more than love and a good meal.


Factors Influencing Socialization and Interaction

Like humans, dogs also need friends. Your bulldog needs to socialize to meet other dogs. This will not be possible if the parent does not put in the work.

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If you have a new pet at home that you would like to introduce to your other pets, it is best to find out your pet’s breed history. Most pets are amicable. Therefore, socializing will be a breeze. On the other hand, some are not friendly and tend to have few fellow pet companions.

You must also consider whether a dog is neutered. Meeting other canine friends can be tough if conditions are not right, such as during estrus or if the dogs are the same gender.

Exposing Bulldogs to other Pets

English Bulldogs are known to get along just fine with other dogs. They get along well with puppies and small animals. If you are planning to introduce your new bulldog to your other pets, start with one pet then move on to the other pets for short lengths of time under proper supervision.

If you have a female bulldog, it is likely she will be the one to mother the new puppy. This will make the puppy’s interaction with the other pets much easier. If you have other dogs that are a little dominant than your bulldog, start with them.

However, you need to understand your pets well enough so you’ll know how to make introductions properly.

You also need to master some patience and common sense. Usually, it is advisable to organize such introductions in a crate. Later, once the pets have a face-to-face meeting, remove all the toys that your resident dog might consider his.

If Your Dog Is Not Social

Some pets are shy because of what they have gone through in the past, like being mistreated or abused. A common cause of shyness is lack of proper exposure. Most shy pets have never been exposed to other dogs or people since their puppyhood. If your bulldog is always confined to the house, he will not have the chance to meet other dogs.

For your dog to have a healthy outlook toward interacting with other dogs, you need to take the lead during your pet’s puppy years. Pets tend to look up to their parents because you are considered the alpha or the leader of the pack. Therefore, you need to guide your pets into a stimulating environment. Without the right leadership, your bulldog may turn out to be a skittish or timid dog, especially when you introduce him to an unfamiliar environment.

What You Can Do to Help Socialize Your Bulldog

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Correcting your pet’s shyness or inability to interact with other dogs is a process that requires patience and a lot of love. The first few weeks are crucial, so you should ensure you have enough time to participate in a socialization activity.

  • Do not cuddle or praise your pet when he feels frightened. It will only give the wrong impression. Instead, stay where they can go near you. Your presence is all they need because to them, you are their protector.
  • Praise your bulldog only when he displays a calm demeanor.
  • Review all the dog training basics you will be referencing to ensure you have the right instructions.
  • Put on his leash, and then take him outside. Practice simple and basic commands like “sit,” “roll,” and others.
  • Praise your pet when he is able to interact peacefully with other pets.

Introduce Your Pet to New Dogs

If your bulldog does not have much exposure to other dogs, he might not want to be with them. He may also display aggression, which is a common sign of lack of exposure to other pets. To make him comfortable around other dogs, start exposing your bulldog to other dogs while they are still puppies.

If your Bulldog behaves well when it is meeting other dogs:

  • Let it know you appreciate the effort. You could use phrases like “good dog”.
  • Express your satisfaction by giving him treats.
  • Ensure the interaction happens while it is leashed. The other dogs should be leashed as well.

Conclusion: Do English Bulldogs Like Other Dogs?

Bulldogs can be loving, loyal, and social animals. Usually, a well-socialized bulldog gets along well with other dogs. But, do english bulldogs like other dogs no matter what the situation? Some have gone through traumatic experiences causing them to become shy. If your bulldog is shy, you can easily turn him into a social being with ease using the tips we have listed in this article.

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