Dachshund Will Not Stop Barking? Steps You Can Take

The dachshund is a hound dog with a very strong hunting background. Moreover, they are also very good watchdogs with a loud bark that resembles that of a big dog. However, this barking behavior of a dachshund might not be favorable to everyone. Let’s find out what to do when a dachshund will not stop barking.


What to Expect in a Dachshund

The standard temperament of a dachshund is friendly, curious and spunky, according to the American Kennel Club. Moreover, they are also described as smart and vigilant. The dachshund is a hound dog that was initially bred for specific hunting tasks. Nowadays they are commonly found in family homes as a family dog. Even though hunting instincts might be present, the dachshund might not have much opportunity to exercise their hunting instincts when they live in urban areas.

Dachshunds can be loud at times when they are nervous or suspicious about something or someone. However, this behavior can be corrected with the right training and tools. If you live in an apartment with a dachshund, excessive barking behavior might be frowned upon by your neighbors. Therefore, this behavior is something that has to be addressed as soon as it becomes a problem for you. On the other hand, the barking behavior of the dachshunds in farms and other larger areas might be acceptable.

Dachshund Howling vs. Barking

Dachshunds, just like any other dog is capable of howling. However, as hunting dogs, dachshunds prefer to bark than howl. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can expect your dachshund to be quieter than other dog breeds. On the contrary, dachshunds can be quite loud despite their small size.

Barking behavior in dachshund is quite common. That is why they are ideal watchdogs since they can alert you very well when suspicious things are happening around them. However, excessive barking behavior is a different story because this means that the barking is uncontrollable and can be annoying, especially if there is very little reason to bark excessively.

Dachshund running on field

Causes of Excessive Barking Behavior

Excessive barking behavior can be triggered by a lot of things. Moreover, excessive barking behavior greatly differs from regular barking when there is something suspicious going on. The Definition of excessive barking may be subjective for every dog owner, depending on how much barking noise you can tolerate. There are numerous causes of excessive barking behavior which you might want to address in your dachshund if the noise is a persistent problem for you. Here are some of the most common causes of excessive barking in dachshunds of any type:

Dachshund Will Not Stop Barking

Excessive barking in dachshund may be caused by a lot of things. Moreover, barking behavior that is tolerated greatly varies depending on the household that the dog is in. If your dog does not stop barking, you may initially check the reason behind it. There might be something or someone that your dog is seriously concerned about. However, if you find nothing suspicious in your home, yet your dog barks excessively, it might be caused by something else.

Dog panic attack and anxiety are the most common behavioral problems which cause excessive barking in dogs. However, it might not be very easy for dogs to calm down with these conditions. You might need some prescription medications from your vet to help manage the anxiety or panic attacks in your dachshund.

Boredom, excitement and attention-seeking behavior may be addressed by providing the proper toys and training. Dachshunds can be trained, but they can sometimes be stubborn and they might need a firm trainer since they can be very determined to do the things that they want. Moreover, you can use tools and toys to address these behaviors which may cause excessive barking.

Distress may cause excessive vocalizations in many forms. But, as a responsible pet owner, you have to identify what is causing this distress in your dog. Moreover, you may seek the help of a veterinarian to determine whether the signs of distress are caused by health problems or living conditions.

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How to stop excessive barking behavior in Dachshund

Excessive barking in your dachshund may be caused by numerous things. But, the bottom line is you might not want the behavior or someone in your home or neighborhood does not approve of the excessive barking behavior. You may address the behavior with proper training such as being quiet upon command. However, sometimes keeping a dachshund quiet might be easier said than done. That is why you might need to use a training collar to help manage the unwanted excessive barking behavior. Patience, focus and consistency are the keys to successfully training your dachshund to be the dog that you want it to be.

If your dachshund is excessively barking or vocalizing as a sign of distress, it might be caused by health issues that your dog’s veterinarian might need to address with prescription drugs. On the other hand, excessive barking may be caused by the dachshund’s inability to adjust to its new environment and new owner. In this case, the dachshund might not even listen to you if it does not trust you, yet. You may show your dachshund positive behavior to minimize suspicion and to help them adjust easily.


A dachshund will not stop barking for several reasons that you have to find out. Dogs aren’t able to speak for themselves, so it is up to you to figure out the meaning of their constant vocalizations. Excessive barking may be caused by physical or psychological issues in your dog that a veterinarian may have to assess.

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