Can Chihuahuas Help with Asthma?

If you or any of your loved one has asthma, you will keep looking for ways to get rid of it. Like any other condition, this is something that you don’t want to keep for a long time. And if owning a cute dog is an option to get rid of this pesky illness, then what amazing news that is!

How true is it, though, that owning a Chihuahua can help you rid of that annoying asthma?

Asthma Quick Facts

Asthma is c chronic and long-term health condition that affects the respiratory system. It is characterized by wheezing, heavy breathing or breathlessness, coughing, and tightening of the chest. As of 2018, the Global Asthma Report says that about 1000 people die every single day because of asthma. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that approximately 235 million people worldwide bear the asthma condition.

Is a Chihuahua a Cure?

What’s up with this Chihuahua-healing-asthma rumor? Where did this come from? The speculation came from the Aztecs and is as ancient as the 13th century. During those times, Aztecs believe that dogs absorb the diseases of their owners and, as a result, treat the humans from their condition. This theory was even resonated in the 1950s through this story:

A parent of a child with asthma brought home a Chihuahua one day. Since then, the child and the Chihuahua became inseparable. When the child got older, her asthma symptoms became less frequent and they notice their Chihuahua started wheezing at the same time.

Dr. Michael Blass—in his article in U.S. News & World Report—wrote that in children with asthma, “many will have fewer symptoms as they get older. As chihuahuas age, they make a ‘wheezing’ type of sound when they breathe; thus the idea that the child’s asthma has transferred to the dog.” So to be clear, a Chihuahua curing one’s asthma is simply a common myth and has no medical basis.

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How Chihuahuas Can Help You

This little and charming canine friend may not really cure your asthma, but that doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy its presence. In fact, its company alone is a good-enough reason to give you loads of joy and positive returns. Chihuahuas are a beautiful breed, and they can be a fantastic addition to your household. Because they are tiny, they will adjust well to small spaces—perfect for your tiny apartment.

Children Can Benefit on Living with Pets

While there is still no specific medical basis that can support the theory of Chihuahua helping with asthma, Amanda Gardner of confirms the bright side of living with pets. Children who live with pets, specifically cats and dogs, have a low likelihood of developing allergies from the same pets when they grow up. But a new study implies that it is likely only if those children have been living with their pets since they were still infants. This research confirms that exposure to pets as early as the first year of a child’s life will put the allergens at bay.

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Why Choose a Chihuahua

Here are some facts about this tiny breed that will tickle your fancy:

  • Chihuahuas have a long lifespan.

This is one fact that many dog lovers would love to know. A Chihuahua can live between 14 and 16 years! That means you can enjoy more than a decade of companionship with this canine friend.

  • Chihuahuas are brainy.

If you are thinking about fooling this dog, you will have a hard time. Aside from being highly intelligent, Chihuahuas, literally, have large brains. In fact, they have the largest brains among all breeds, considering their body dimension.

  • Chihuahuas belong to the oldest breed.

In 1904, the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized the first Chihuahua named Midget as an official breed.

  • Chihuahuas are colorful.

You will have several choices when it comes to color. You can have a pure white Chihuahua or a black one. Other colors are fawn, chocolate, cream, gold, and mixed black-and-white or brown and white.

  • They have a big personality.

Chihuahuas may be recognized as the smallest breed, but you cannot underestimate their size. Despite being the smallest, they have big and feisty personalities. In fact, they can be good watchdogs. If you still have doubts, watch this video from National Geo Wild.

  • They are very devoted.

The Chihuahua is an ideal companion dog. It loves to spend quality time with its owner and—like other dogs—you can expect it to be very loyal.


Your pet Chihuahua is a perfect companion dog. It wouldn’t mind tagging along with you in parks or other recreational areas.

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