Can Boxer Dogs Be Left Alone?

If you want a Boxer pup but also have to hold down a 9-to-5, you may be thinking that it’s fine to just leave him home the whole day. But can Boxer dogs be left alone?

Boxers are known to be very loyal and to have a tendency to cling to their owners. They can get anxious when alone, which means you could have a hard time getting your dog to accept enforced solitude during the day.

If you can’t always be with your Boxer, should you still get one? Is there any way to get your Boxer dog to tolerate being left alone? Read on to find out.


Can Boxer Dogs Be Left Alone?

Boxers generally have a strong need for companionship. They are high-strung and have a lot of energy that they need to use up through play and exercise. This is why Boxers often struggle with being left home alone with no one to play with.


Boxers also have a tendency to get bored. Without their family to pet them and give them attention, they resort to looking for things to play with—and often end up destroying them. This is especially true if your dog has not had obedience training.

In addition, Boxers have a reputation for being stubborn. These are powerful and playful dogs that need capable and patient handlers.

This is not the breed you want if you’re looking for a dog that will obey your every command. This means that if you’re training your Boxer to get accustomed to your workday schedule, it may take a long time before he gets used to it.

Boxer pups, in particular, don’t tolerate extended periods of solitude. Like other puppies, they need extra affection and TLC. But because Boxers get particularly attached to their caregivers, your Boxer pup will probably get upset every time you have to leave for work.

Boxers and Separation Anxiety

Boxers like to be around their family. They thrive on companionship and on regular play sessions and walks. This is not a breed that should be left alone the whole day.

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Owning a Boxer for the sole purpose of having a guard dog is discouraged because this isn’t the type of dog that you can ignore or leave to fend for itself for hours on end. Boxers can suffer from separation anxiety. When they do, they can be destructive or get sick from stress.

These are the problems commonly caused by separation anxiety in Boxers:

  • Excessive barking and howling
  • Stress that can lead to health issues
  • Chewing shoes, furniture, and other important items in the home
  • Digging and ripping up carpets and rugs
  • Urinating inside the house

Because Boxers can have separation anxiety and become stressed to the point of getting sick, they’re not ideal companions for singles who live alone and work outside the home. They also won’t do well in a small apartment.

Instead, Boxers are better-suited to large families and couples or individuals who live in a home with a yard. If you have a Boxer and live in a cramped urban setting, you need to take your dog on daily walks or hire a dog-walker.

How to Get Your Boxer Used to Being Left Alone

Boxers do poorly when left on their own for long periods. However, you can train your dog to get accustomed to your absence. You can also ensure that his environment is comfortable and that he can entertain himself while you’re gone.

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Here are our top tips:

Don’t leave him in complete silence.

You can ease your Boxer’s separation anxiety by keeping your television or radio on while you’re away. Hearing human voices or soothing music can have a calming effect on your pup. Just make sure that the TV isn’t tuned into a war movie or that the radio or iPod won’t play heavy metal music as these can stress out your poor Boxer.

Go on a walk before you leave.

Take your Boxer out for his daily walk in the morning before you leave for work. This ensures that he’s all tuckered out by the time you walk out the door. If he’s already exhausted, he won’t have to look for something to do, which is good news for your wooden tables, rugs, footwear, and plants.

Be patient.

According to the American Kennel Club, Boxers have a mind of their own. If you’re getting a Boxer, you should anticipate that training him won’t be easy and that getting him to be okay with your absence may take a while.

Can Boxer dogs be left alone? This is just one of the many questions that need a direct answer before you decide to acquire a Boxer pup. Remember that while some breeds can tolerate some alone time, most just don’t like being left alone.

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