Boxer Lab Mix Breed: Get to Know The Boxador!

What do you call a Boxer and Labrador mix? It’s a Boxer Lab or a Boxador! This mix is from the fun and loyal Labrador breed and the playful and energetic boxers.

If you’re planning on getting the Boxador, it helps when you learn about their mix beforehand. Knowing what the Boxador’s temperament is will help you adjust in taking care of your future pet.

Continue reading below and find out information that dog parents should know.

Getting a new or another dog is always a wonderful experience. It’s also fun and important to know what you can about raising this specific mix. You’ll learn more about how a Boxador is as a family pet and what its general characteristics are.

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General Appearance of a Boxer Lab Mix

Boxadors have short, sleek, and silky hair. Even if the coat is short, it causes a huge amount of shedding. This is because both the Labrador and the boxer have high shedding tendencies.

  • Weight: Up to 55–75lbs. for females and 55–80lbs. for males
  • Height: Between 22 and 25 inches 
  • Colors: Brown, tan, black, brindle, or white
  • Markings: A flash on the face that contrasts the main coat color, May have white patches on the chest, belly, and feet.
  • Lifespan: 12 to 15 years
  • Temperament: Playful, loyal, loving, and obedient
  • Perfect for: Active lifestyles and families that have lots of physical activities
  • Activity level: Exercise for at least 1.5 hours a day
  • Intelligence: Medium/high

What Can You Expect from the Boxer Lab mix?

The Boxador is an amazing mix and makes a wonderful family pet. It’s a wonderful companion, very easy to train, and loves adventures.

In case you want to get a Boxer Labrador mix, you have to know the essentials in raising the crossbreed.

This mix is one of the most popular and is even part of America’s top breeds. Labradors make amazing family pets because they are lively and friendly to kids. Boxers are more on the athletic side and are very playful breeds with lots of energy.

Boxer Lab Mix Temperament

Boxadors love human companionship. They love it when the family plays with them. This is why you need to make sure you have time and energy for playtime.

Arrange a game of fetch on a regular basis and have your kids play with them too. Boxadors are great with children. The crossbreed has so much energy stored to play for a long time.

Even though they might be big in size, Boxadors are called the gentle giants. At play, you need to check them in case they run over smaller children on accident.

You don’t have to worry about Boxadors being aggressive towards children. They are protective of their family and will make sure that the kids are safe.

If you want your dog to loosen up, you can enforce socialization. This means exposing the puppy at its early stages to strangers. This can make them confident and happy with other people apart from their family.

In some cases, when you want your Boxador to behave with the kids, training is key. You might want to have your pet undergo guard dog training to ensure his and your family’s safety.

Does Your Boxador Pack a Personality? Find Out Here.

Knowing that the Boxador comes from very playful parents, you can expect twice as much. Be ready for a pet that can sometimes be a fireball. If your family loves activities and playing outside, then this mix breed is for you. Boxadors can:

  • Have high energy levels; sometimes suffers from hyperactivity.
  • Have increased levels of being playful. If there is a chance, a Boxador will take it so that it could play.
  • Be very obedient to its owner. This is a breed that wants to please their owners no matter what.
  • Be very friendly to other animals and humans. You won’t have trouble making the dog get along with everyone.

Being Prepared for the Boxador’s Energy

Your Boxador will not be a dog that stays put. He won’t only sit down and nap all day. Boxadors are active dogs. They need mental and physical activities to keep them going every day. It’s to reduce the chances of them becoming bored and forming destructive behavior.

This breed will not bark as much unless they feel scared. Take time to introduce new people to your dog. This is because Boxadors are overprotective and tend to distrust strangers.

Are Boxadors Prone to Separation Anxiety?

It’s crucial to know whether your pet can handle separation well. Boxadors are actually  prone to separation anxiety. You can leave them alone, but it’s not recommended to leave them for an extended period.

Let them have someone with them if you’re going away longer. Have someone they trust to walk them or play with them every day. This helps keep them active and less sad that they are alone.

Making Guard Dogs Out of Boxadors

The Boxer Lab mix takes different percentages of characteristics from both sides. One can be more Labrador than Boxer and vice versa.

If you’re planning to train your pet to become a guard dog, you can do so. Start with the training early on so they can incorporate the actions of a guard dog in an easier manner. There are many guard dog training schools that can help you get your Boxador started.

It also helps to use positive reinforcement to encourage your dog to start guarding. Boxers are natural guard dogs, and Labradors are loyal. This combination can make a good guard dog.

Caring for Your Boxer Labrador Mix: Make Sure They’re Healthy

Boxadors have high energy requirements. Owners should take this into consideration when getting this breed. You have to keep up with your dog since they will love the outdoors and will need plenty of exercise.

As a family dog, this breed will fit in fine. They are great with long walks and will love playing with children. The more family members that a Boxador plays with, the healthier their environment is.

Like Labradors, Boxadors love eating! They will eat away what’s on their bowl, which is why you have to look into their diet. Make sure that their food is healthy, and avoid feeding them junk food.

This doesn’t mean you can’t give them snacks. Boxadors love tasty but healthy treats as well. One thing to note is that Boxadors tend to eat too much. You will need to supervise them when they eat.

When left to their own devices, Boxadors eat fast. They can end up bloated since they gobble up the food. A good strategy is to split their food to make them consume it at specific times a day.

  • Dry or Wet dog food: Both
  • Allergies: Some are allergic to grains
  • Type of diet recommended: High protein to keep their coats shiny and sleek. Their diet needs to be at least 20% protein and 15% fat

Need Ideas on How to Keep Your Boxador on High Energy?

This is one of the best parts of keeping a Boxador. You get to think of new and creative ways for their physical activities. There are many fun training games that you can play with your dog.

Not only are they happy and healthy, but they are also socializing and bonding with you. Playing games is a way to connect with your Boxador, so don’t neglect this type of activity for this breed.

  • Finding games: You can hide treats or toys all throughout the house and yard for your pet to find. This enables them to use their senses to scope out the territory and find the hidden item.
  • Playing freeze: Restraint in active dogs is important. You can put treats or toys in front of the dog and tell them not to touch it. Give them the treat or toy if they behave and follow you. It helps give them control over their hyperactivity.
  • Calling them over: With another member of the family, call over your dog. Reward them with treats or pets every time they obey. This game teaches Boxadors obedience and recall.
  • Hide and seek: A game that not only children love but dogs too. You can play hide and seek with your dog, or you can use a toy. This gives them a lot of time to burn off their excess energy physically and mentally.

So Do You Think a Boxador Is Good for You?

The boxer lab mix is beautiful. If you live an active lifestyle and love the breed, then go for it. Dogs will reciprocate the love they receive from their owners. to them As long as you are responsible for your dog and you care for its health and safety, then there’s no need to worry about getting this fur baby.

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