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Do you own a Havanese or are you considering getting one for you and your family? That’s an excellent choice because Havanese are such cheerful little pups and dogs.

They are very sociable, which means they spend a lot of energy trying to get your attention as well as other dogs’. Because of their active predisposition, you must feed them the best dog food for Havanese.

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Best Dog Food for Havanese Comparison

Havanese Nutrition

Here’s a fun fact. Havanese are the only dog breed that is native to Cuba. You can easily distinguish a Havanese by the curled over tail and their shiny and silky coat. Some owners like grooming their Havanese with cording while others prefer to keep the coats straight. This makes them similar to either the Puli or a tiny Sheepdog or Shih Tzus, depending on their hairstyle.

Although they may look like they thrive in the country, they are actually ideally suited for the city because of their need for socialization. They can live on farms, but they will look for friends whenever they get the chance.

This breed is smart and easily trained because they have a need to please their owners in exchange for play time, of course. They are also naturally predisposed to become watchdogs, so they may be more alert than others when there are new people or animals roaming around the area.

You will rarely find a Havanese that is sitting quietly in the corner, which is why they will need to consume a proper amount of dog food to make up for their energetic nature. Not only that, they’ll need the proper nutrition to keep their coats shiny and strong.

With that being said, here are some considerations when choosing dog food for Havanese.

1. Age

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Adult Havanese and puppies have different nutritional needs. It is important to choose the right food for Havanese based on their age because adults, puppies, and seniors absorb nutrients differently. Havanese puppies will eat more than adults or seniors. Adults will consume what is given by their owners based on their weight bracket. Seniors may have issues eating because of their teeth and their reduced absorption rate.

Ensure that you get the age-appropriate food so that your dog will get the proper amount of nutrition that will make them grow big and strong.

2. Weight

Weight is also an important factor because this is your main basis when serving dog food for Havanese. Always follow the vet’s orders for food or the instructions on the packaging. Dogs can either be at the lower or higher weight bracket. There is a difference in how much they should eat to avoid obesity or malnutrition.

3. Energy Level

As mentioned before, Havanese are energetic dogs. But not all Havanese are the same when it comes to this. A Havanese that gets ample exercise will require more food, while those that stay inside for long periods will have to eat less because they are still full of calories that need to be burned.

4. Allergies

There are no main allergens that have been reported for Havanese dogs because of their excellent genetic predisposition. They are generally healthy and live for a long time – approximately 16 years given the proper care and nutrition.

However, you never know if your Havanese ends up with a weak immune system. This could be caused by environmental or genetic factors, but either way, it is best to check if the dog food for Havanese may cause allergies.

With that being said, try different brands first to see how your Havanese reacts. Of course, do not feed them different brands every day. Always transition their food within a seven day period so that your Havenese will not get an upset stomach.        

5. Wet or Dry Dog Food

Should you feed your dog wet or dry dog food for Havanese? It depends on your dog, actually. It also depends on your vet’s decision. If your dog does not have any health problems, let them choose which dog food consistency they like. If they do have health issues, consult your vet first whether they are better off with dry or wet dog food.

6. Ingredients and Manufacturing

When choosing dog food for Havanese it is important that you look at the list of ingredients on the pack. Grains are mostly okay for Havanese, but you have to test for allergies as I mentioned before. Here is what you need to look out for when choosing based on ingredients:

  • Protein – What kind of protein is added in the food? Is it pure meat or meat by products. There is a big difference because the former is more suited for dogs. Meat by products do not contain as much nutrients as you would expect because they are made out of bones, organs, and other parts of livestock used in production. Pure meat is simply the bones, muscle, and fat from cows, lamb, chicken, etc.
  • Vitamins and Minerals – You may want to look for Vitamin C, D, E, and A when choosing dog food for Havanese. These are the essential nutrients to help your dog grow while preventing major health issues related to eyes, bone, and muscles.
  • Fats – Many dog food brands add healthy fats to their products because it is the second source of energy next to protein. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are also essential for some to boost their immune system and collagen production. This will help your Havanese grow a long shiny coat as well.
  • Carbohydrates – Dogs are not as responsive to carbohydrates because their bodies are meant to digest protein and bones. However, with evolution, they can eat vegetables and some grains to augment their energy.

7. Health Issues

The main health issues for Havanese are related to bone and muscle health. That is why it is important to choose dog food for Havanese that focus on these health aspects. Their food must be designed to stimulate proper bone and muscle growth to ensure that they do not develop common muscle and bone problems like hip dysplasia, patellar subluxation, and more. They may also have issues with their eyes, which is why Vitamin A is essential in their diet.

Top 4 Wet and Best Dry Dog Food For Havanese

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Wet Dog Food

  • For all ages
  • Grain-free
  • Healthy and balanced formulation
  • Premium dog food tested and assessed by scientists

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Wet Dog Food is ideal for Havanese who are sensitive to certain ingredients like grain and meat by products. They have a limited amount of ingredients that are infused with vitamins and minerals that are essential for Havanese of all ages.

Because of the versatility and safety of the food, it can ideally be fed to your Havanese until they grow old. It has a sweet potato and fish formula that many dogs like, which means you won’t have much of an issue when feeding them. Since it is wet food, the smell is also more enticing than dry dog food.

The company attests that they do nine tests to confirm that their dog food deserves its premium label. The tests are done by chemists and microbiologists who are certified to handle dog food assessment and production.

Because of their meticulous attention to the production process, you are given dog food that promotes digestive health, improves the shine and luster of their coats, and provides complete and balanced nutrition for Havanese of all ages.

Royal Canin Canine Health Nutrition Mature 8+ In Gel Wet Dog Food

  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • Appetizing smell
  • Less phosphorous for kidney health
  • Best for senior dogs
  • Ideal for dogs with low appetite

This dog food is specifically designed for older and mature dogs whose sense of smell has declined. The formula is intended to be palatable to dogs of all ages, but more so for senior dogs. It is ideal for your senior Havanese dog, especially if you noticed that they’ve been loosing their appetite.

Apart from that, this Royal Canin formulation has less phosphorous to ensure that your dog’s kidneys are well taken care of. It also offers complete and balanced nutrition for mature and senior dogs. Even if your dog is not yet old enough, this brand and variant will help improve their appetite.

Dogs can lose their appetites for a number of reasons – mostly health-related – however, a gel-consistency dog food like this one will help them eat more and easily swallow the food. The only downside is that it used by-products, which is okay for most dogs. However, if your dog does not respond well to it, you may be better off with another variant.

It is also not grain-free, which can be a problem for Havanese with grain allergies. Barring that, this is an excellent choice for owners who have trouble feeding their Havanese.

Merrick Classic Small Breed Dry Dog Food

  • Pure meat ingredients
  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Can be eaten by pregnant adult Havanese

Merrick is known for their use of pure meat in their formulation. This is as natural as you can get when it comes to dog food for your Havanese. They do not use complex carbohydrates like potatoes. They have an excellent formulation for Havanese because they focus more on bone and cartilage health with their glucosamine and chondroitin components.

They also added Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which help aid in skin health and hair growth. The only downside is that it is not grain-free. However, it makes it less expensive in the long run. Merrick also uses fruits and vegetables to make up for the vitamins, minerals, and minimal carbohydrates needed by Havanese.

This variant is also ideal for small breeds so that they can maintain a healthy weight. Just be sure to follow the instructions for feeding to avoid obesity or malnutrition. They also use superfoods, which are powerful antioxidants that can help your dog digest their food properly. This also enhances their liver health so that they can process toxins and excrete it from their body.

Their main ingredient is deboned chicken, so you must ensure that your dog is not allergic to that meat. The great thing about this brand and variant is that it is also good for pregnant Havanese. All you need to do is follow the serving for pregnant dogs to ensure that they get all the nutrients they need while carrying their puppies.

Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dog, Beef and Rice Formula, 40 Pound Bag

  • Includes superfoods
  • Has probiotics and insoluble fibers for digestion
  • Has DHA for brain development
  • Less grain component

Diamond Naturals uses only pasture-raised beef in their dog food. The ingredients in their food is ideal for Havanese because they promote the development of lean muscles, shiny coats, and strong bones. They add vitamins and minerals using fruit ingredients that are ideal for Havanese dogs. They also included probiotics in the formulation to aid in digestion. When feeding dry dog food, that component is essential.

They also avoid fillers like grains, wheat, corn, etc. With the additional DHA, this dog food variant also helps in the development of the brain and vision. That is good news for your Havanese because they will become smarter and have healthier eyesight.

The formulation also includes Omega fatty acids that help improve skin and hair, as well as the immune system of your Havanese. It also contains insoluble fibers that help the digestive system move properly. There will be less gas and constipation for your dog with this dog food.

The only downside I see in this dog food is that it is not completely grain-free. However, there is minimal content, which can be okay for dogs who are not extremely allergic to grain. In terms of cost, it is quite affordable for the quality it offers. If you want to read more about cheap dog food, click here.

Based on the reviews mentioned above, I prefer Merrick Classic Dry Dog food because of its affordability and complete nutritional content. It will help Havanese live a life with less health issues and you can buy it as often as you wish because it does not put a dent in your wallet.

Now that you have an idea of what to feed your Havanese, which do you think is the best dog food for Havanese out of all? Depending on your choice, you Havanese will be happy that you are thinking of them and want the best for their dietary needs.

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