Best Dog Food For German Shepherds (Updated in 2020)

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best dog food for german shepherds

If you own a German shepherd dog, you must agree with me that they have an extremely sensitive digestive system. Investing in the best dog food for German shepherds is never out of the question.

Unless you wish to spend a better part of the year in a veterinary clinic seeking for medical treatment, I’d suggest you read this article up to the last sentence. This breed of dogs is typically used for service that involves physical activities. Because of that, you should always give them foods with a high nutritional value.

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Best Dog Food For German Shepherds Comparison

German Shepherd Nutrition 


German shepherds are dogs that weigh over 50 pounds at maturity. It is important to give them food rich enough to provide them with their daily energy needs.

So what exactly makes up good dog food for German Shepherds? Below is a list of the primary dog food ingredients and their impact on your German shepherd breed:

Carbohydrates In The Form Of Starch

This is the main source of energy for your German shepherd. Starch is present in grains and potatoes. Though it is not advisable to feed dogs grains like wheat, most German shepherds are allergic to wheat. However, to be on the safer side, look for alternative ingredients such as rice and oats. Your dog can digest them better.


Protein is extremely essential in muscle building for your German shepherd- so make sure your choice for dog food contains that. You need around 30 to 40% protein content in your dog’s food. Proteins are found in animal-based sources such as chicken, lamb, and fish. Proteins are also present in nuts and grains such as peas and beans. If possible avoid by-products of processed meat.


This is another great source of energy. In addition, fat is responsible for the shiny and smooth dog coat. 15 to 30% fat content is recommended for your dog. Fat is available in most dairy products. But if your dog is lactose intolerant, avoid them. Omega fats are found in fish oil. They are a great immunity booster.

Additional Nutrients

These will be in the form of fibers, vitamins, and sugars. Fibers are readily present in vegetables, while vitamins and sugars are found in fruits.

The Age Of Your Dog

By now you understand that not all adult dog foods can be fed to puppies and vice versa. Make sure you chose dog food for German Shepherds suitable for your dog’s age.

For more information on puppy food for large breeds like German Shepherds, read this post.

Note that you should never introduce or withdraw your dog’s food suddenly. It might cause a fatal complication to their digestive system- most especially with German shepherds. As a general rule, start by introducing a small portion of the new food mixed with the old food. Gradually increase the amount over a period of at least one week. If you don’t notice any reaction, you can give the new food without mixing after the seventh day.

Top Foods For German Shepherd Breeds


Eukanuba Breed Specific Adult Dry Dog Food

  • Package weight: 3, 10, or 30 lbs
  • ​3D dental defense system
  • ​Reduces tartar build-up in dogs
  • ​Nutritional value: 23% crude protein, 13% crude fat and 5% crude fiber
  • ​A small portion is filling for your dog
  • ​Well-balanced diet that is easy to digest
  • ​Most dogs love the chicken flavor
  • Not suitable for dogs younger than one year

EUKANUBA has specially formulated this food to give your dog a high source of protein. The chicken flavor is well received by most dogs, and the food provides an optimal defense system for your dog’s teeth. This brand is a great choice for you if your dog suffers from malnutrition with other brands. It is fully packed with nutritious ingredients. However, it is too strong for puppies. You need to buy special dog food ideal for puppies.

The main ingredient is chicken which is a high source of protein. As a result, your dog builds up very lean yet strong muscles. That is exactly how a German shepherd dog should be for optimal performance. The fiber content which aids in the digestion of food is also optimized. And because German shepherds tend to have a sensitive tummy, EUKANUBA brand of food will get digested and absorbed without causing any discomfort.

The dog food for German Shepherds also contains a good amount of fatty acids and Omega 3 and 6. These ingredients combined enhance a healthy skin for your dog. Consequently, their coat becomes radiant. Finally, this food is enriched with natural taurine and L-carnitine. These two are best known for promoting a healthy heart. Overall, it provides a well-balanced diet which means you don’t need to add supplements.


Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition German Shepherd Adult Dry Dog Food

  • Brewer’s rice is the main ingredient
  • ​Contains DHA and EPA
  • ​Kibble food consistency
  • ​Helps with food digestion
  • ​Easy for your dog to grasp and chew
  • ​Promotes a healthy coat for your dog
  • ​Promotes a strong immune system
  • Not suitable for dogs under 15 months old

Royal Canin brand focused on providing energy for your dog. The brand is fully packed with fats and carbohydrates. If your German shepherd tends to get tired after a short exercise, the Royal Canin brand is your ideal choice. However, for an overweight dog, you’ll need to consider a brand that has a lower fat value.

Brewer’s rice is a very nutritious ingredient. It helps with the maintenance of strong joints and healthy bone structure. The additional minerals and vitamins support the overall well-being of your dog.

The kibble consistency comes in a size, shape, and texture that are easy for your dog to grab. They are designed in a way that they encourage your dog to chew. Therefore, the chances of swallowing big chunks of food are minimal. Furthermore, the food is rich in fiber which helps your dog in its digestion.

The food is rich in fiber in addition to LIP proteins that are highly digestible. This limits intestinal fermentation which is a common characteristic of the German shepherd breed of dogs, due to their long colons. As a result, your dog’s food nutrients are highly absorbed, and very little waste is excreted. If you realize that your dog excretes very little stool with Royal Canin brand, there is no need to worry. Because now you understand why!


Gentle Giants Natural Dog Food

  • Contains baked lamb bites, air dried fruits, and vegetables
  • ​Nutritional value: 22% crude protein, and 9% crude fat
  • ​Additional nutrition: fruit vitamins
  • ​Nuggets food consistency
  • ​Very enjoyable for most dogs
  • ​Contains natural ingredients and is GMO-free
  • ​This food transitions from a puppy to an adult comfortably
  • Not ideal for dogs trying to add weight

Gentle Giants dog food for German Shepherds contains real food baked and resized into palatable chunks. If you look keenly, you can see the pieces of fruits in there too. It doesn’t include grains that would otherwise affect a German shepherd’s digestive system. If your dog loves the natural taste of food, they will like this brand. However, due to the little fat content, don’t give this food to a thin dog trying to add weight. You might not notice any significant change.

This is yet another protein packed food. With lamb as the primary source of protein, your dog will have an excellent source of muscles. The fat content is not very high as compared to the other foods reviewed above. Because of that, it is the best option for German shepherds. It is also the best food to give to an overweight dog if you want them to lose the excess fat faster.

The food is enriched with vegetables that are a high source of fiber. This ensures your dog can digest the food without complications. Finally, the dried fruits are an excellent source of vitamins. Vitamins enhance your dog’s immunity. As a result, they can fight minor illness without the need for medication. Vitamins also contribute to a healthy coat.


Wellness TruFood Baked Blends Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Dog Food

  • Contains baked lamb bites, air dried fruits, and vegetables
  • ​Nutritional value: 29%, crude protein, 17% crude fat and 4.5% crude fiber
  • ​Kibble food consistency
  • ​Palatable and easy to digest
  • ​Very moderately priced
  • ​Rich in calcium and protein
  • ​Packed with carbohydrates for additional energy
  • An excellent source of antioxidants

The Wellness TruFood gives a natural food like experience for your dog. It is a baked blend of lamb chunks, fruits, and vegetables, fully packed with nutrients for a healthier dog. The amount of calorific value you get from this food is incredible. Your dog will look energetic and be very active.

If you are on a tight budget and looking for a natural based dog food, Wellness TruFood would be the best food for German shepherd breeds. However, if your dog suffers from malnutrition, consider investing in a brand with more additional supplements.

The Wellness TruFood is made from baked fresh ingredients such as baked slaughter waste. This gives your dog an experience almost closer to natural food. Consequently, most dogs love the taste of this dog food for German Shepherds.

This brand is fully packed with calcium. At 1.4%, it is more than enough for your dog’s strong bone formation and healthy joints. The additional vitamins and Omega 3 contribute to a healthy coat and stronger immunity for your dog.

The food comes in kibble nuggets. These encourage the dog to chew the food more; resulting in a better digestion and absorption experience. Although this brand fails slightly in its fiber content, you will rarely experience problems with indigestion.


Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Large Breed Puppy Food

  • Most dogs love the chicken flavor
  • ​Easy to chew and digest
  • ​Rich in calories
  • ​Nutritional value: 26% /crude protein, 12% crude fat and 4.5% crude fiber
  • ​Lower fat content for leaner puppy growth
  • ​Calcium level: 1% min
  • Contains Vitamin E, Phosphorus, and Omega 3& 6

The Wellness large breed puppy food is designed nutrient packed for your dog’s growth requirements. It transitions well from the puppy stage to an adult dog. The brand promises to improve your puppy’s vision and brain development by using the important key ingredients.

This is great dog food for German shepherds if you are looking for a well-balanced and energy-packed diet. It will transition well into adulthood. However, for very weak puppies, consider adding more calcium supplements in this brand. Alternatively, go for a brand with a higher percentage of calcium.

The flavors of this brand are a beautiful combination of brown rice, chicken, and salmon. Most dogs find it tasty and you won’t have trouble with them eating.

The food composition is great. There are key ingredients such as DHA fatty acids that promote brain and vision development. This is excellent with puppies because they are at their most critical stage of growth. The fat at 12% is ideal for a puppy’s stage of growth. Not only do you get a lean puppy, but your puppy will also develop strong muscles at a tender age. This is an excellent rate of growth if you intend to use your German shepherd for physical activities as opposed to being just a pet.


The Final Word

To get the best experience with your German shepherd, you need to invest in the best dog food for German shepherds. Food that will give your dog loads of energy and enough protein for muscles to build up.

Ideally, you should focus on food with a high content of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Ultimately, you need a strong dog to handle physical activities such as hunting and police duties without looking dull and gloomy.

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