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dog food for beagles

Are you a Beagle owner or are you planning on adopting or buying one? Whether you already have one or not, it is important to consider which is the best dog food for beagles. Beagles are famous for their playful and curious nature, so it goes without saying that they will need all the sustenance they can get.

Beagles are not as sensitive as other dog breeds, but they still have certain needs for nutrition and wellness. Some Beagles may be allergic to some ingredients, while others are more inclined to adapt naturally to common ingredients in dog food like grain, chicken meal, and more.

To know more about what a Beagle needs to eat, here are some information on what you should consider getting and what you should not feed your Beagle.

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Food for Beagles Comparison

Beagle Nutrition

Before you go out and buy food for your Beagle, you should determine whether they are the 13-inch or 15-inch size. Measure the height at the withers to know which type of Beagle you own or are planning to own. Knowing this will go a long way to knowing which type of dog food for Beagles and how much dog food you must feed your beagle.

Now that you know which size your Beagle is, here are some considerations on how you should choose dog food.

Beagle Appetite

Beagles are notorious for their appetites. They are technically power eaters because they go through their food in no time at all. That is why there is a widespread problem in Beagle obesity. They may look cute when they are pudgy, but that does not mean that they are healthy.

When feeding your Beagle, it is important to train them to settle for the portions that you give out. Feeding a Beagle – any dog actually – requires attention to their weight and the amount of food that is recommended on a daily basis.

beagle dog

If you feel like your Beagle is not eating enough, check to see if you fed them the right amount of food. Most dog food for Beagles show you the grams per day that your dog must eat, depending on their breed size. Since the Beagle is a small breed, but not a toy breed, their food intake is at the lowest bracket for generic feeding charts.

Some Beagles may beg for more food, but the most you can give them after their daily feeding are some low calorie treats for training purposes. Rule No. 1 when it comes to treats: Never give them out for free because dogs will consider this as normal behavior. They will then expect treats without having to work for it.

Nutritional Requirements

As with most dogs, Beagles require dog food that is packed full of protein and calcium. Protein is their main source of energy, while calcium helps keep their bones strong. Many dogs suffer from hip dysplasia later on in life and a Beagle is no exception. That is why they require as much calcium as is recommended by doctors and vet-approved dog food for Beagles.

As for fats, you should consider getting dog food that has minimal fat that only uses it for flavor. You should also check to see if these types of fat provide healthy amino acids like omega-3 and omega-6.

There are also some types of food for Beagles that have vegetables and fruits in them. These provide other nutrients like Vitamin C for the immune system, Vitamin A for better eyesight, and Vitamin E for healthy and lustrous coats.

Getting all of these nutrients in one dog food is ideal, but the most important thing to consider is whether the ingredients are compatible with your Beagle’s digestive system and whether or not they are allergic to certain types of food.

Beagle Health Issues

One of the most common health issues in Beagles, aside from obesity, is hypothyroidism. It is also one of the reasons why some Beagles gain weight easily. For Beagles that are diagnosed with this problem, owners can simply ask the vet for supplements for maintenance.

Other than that, Beagles with hypothyroidism should also be fed low-carb, grain-free dog food for Beagles, as this lowers the chances of exacerbation of symptoms. Beagles with hypothyroidism should also exercise regularly, but not with high-level activities like obstacle courses or intense fetch sessions. A brisk walk twice a day is enough.

Best Dog Food for Beagles with Allergies

If you notice that your Beagle has skin allergies that are not related to environmental factors, you may want to check their food. Beagle allergies are usually caused by grain, wheat, or flour. This means that you need to consider grain-free dog food or natural dog food like dried meat kibble.

Other options include wet dog food that is also grain-free, cooked meat (but this can be expensive in the long run), or vegetable-based dog food for Beagles. Some allergies can also be caused by chicken by products in the dog food. In that case, you are better off with beef or lamb rather than poultry-based dog food.

Best Puppy Food for Beagles

As puppies, Beagles can eat almost anything and adapt to the ingredients in the dog food for Beagles like grain and wheat. However, it is important to note that puppies need more nutrients than adults. The dog food they eat must be specifically tailored for puppies.

The difference between adult and puppy food for Beagles is the amount of nutrients packed in one serving. For adults, they are lessened because there is also the risk of obesity because of the increased nutrients in puppy food. For puppies, they need all the nutrients they can get because they are at their peak energy stage.


They are also still growing so they need all the help they can get to develop their bones, muscles, and other systems in the body. Start feeding your Beagle puppy healthy food as early as possible to help them grow big and strong.

Best Dog Food for Senior Beagles

Because of their old age, senior Beagles are not able to process food as easily as younger Beagles. Though they may not be as active as puppies or adults, their nutritional requirements have also increased because of the deterioration of their bones, muscles, and nervous system.

It is also important to note whether your senior Beagle has any sickness so that you can choose the best dog food for them. Dog food for senior Beagles are usually packed with the same protein, calcium, fats, and vitamins as puppy food, but with a different serving size.

Now that you know how to choose dog food based on your Beagle’s preference, here are some of our choice options:

Top 4 Foods For Beagles

Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food

  • Grain Free
  • Contains superfoods
  • Includes antioxidants
  • Uses real salmon

Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food is ideal for Beagles who have allergies to wheat products. They use real salmon in their formulation, giving your dog one of the best protein sources out there. They also have Roasted Duck, Sierra Mountain Lamb, Venison, Wild Boar, and Bison flavors.

The most important feature of Taste of the Wild is that it does not use grains like wheat or corn as fillers. Most of the content in the food is made up of superfoods, peas, vegetables, as well as additional vitamins and nutrients.

It’s in the mid-range when it comes to cost, but it’s affordable for something that is healthy for your Beagle. They also have antioxidants that help flush out toxins that can harm your Beagle in the long term.

The great thing about this variant is that it also helps improve muscle and bone strength as well as the immune system. The shiny coat and fur is an added bonus as well. Lastly, it contains probiotics that aid in digestion. It’s a completely balanced formulation that is ideal for adult Beagles.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

  • Uses real meat
  • Has LifeSource Bits Vitamins and Minerals
  • Uses whole grain
  • Increases energy

Blue Buffalo is one of the most trusted brands in the United States. While the food is not grain-free, it is packed full of proteins that can help. It is mostly made out of deboned chicken, which can be an issue for Beagles with allergies. However, once you rule out any allergies, you can safely feed your Beagle Blue Buffalo regularly.

The formulation is designed for high energy dogs. Beagles are quite playful, so they’ll need a lot of that. They also added BLUE’s exclusive LifeSource bits – their own mix of vitamins and minerals that are ideal for your dog’s nutritional needs.

They have a variety of dog food for different ages and sizes as well. Their flavors include Lamb and Rice, Fish, and Chicken. They only use whole grain wheat for healthier carbohydrate consumption.

Nutro Lite and Weight Management Adult Dry Dog Food

  • Weight management formula
  • Uses pasture-raised lambs from New Zealand
  • Has antioxidants and amino acids
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • More protein

The main ingredient in Nutro Lite and Weight Management Adult Dry Dog food is pasture-fed lamb. It is one of the best protein sources for dogs, which helps them improve their muscle and bone development. The main feature of this brand of dog food is its weight management formulation.

Beagles are prone to obesity, which is why this is ideal for dogs that are growing too big too fast. It also contains essential amino acids and antioxidants that will help your improve your dog’s immune system and collagen production. This means that they’ll also have a shinier coat.

They do not use genetically modified ingredients. They also ensure that each batch is sourced from trusted meat and vegetable suppliers. It’s not grain-free so you should check if your Beagle responds positively to it first. 

Merrick Whole Earth Farms

  • High protein content
  • Uses superfoods
  • Includes probiotics
  • Improves digestibility
  • Decreases shedding

Merrick Whole Earth Farms is one protein-packed dog food variant that is great for adult Beagles. Their main ingredients include pork, beef, and lamb. The main feature of their product is the easy digestibility brought about by high fiber ingredients and probiotics.

They also utilize superfoods for improved vitamin components. These include blueberries, cinnamon, and more. The dog food is safe to consume as there are no grains included in the formulation. They only use sweet potatoes and potatoes.

It helps improve hair and fur strength as well, leading to less shedding and shinier, healthier coats. They also have a smaller kibble size for small breed dogs or the smaller Beagle breeds. It’s also quite affordable for the qualities it offers, making it one of the top choices for dog food for Beagles.

After looking at all the choices it seems both Merrick Whole Earth Farms and Taste of the Wild win this round. I think that they are both great in their own way, with Taste of the Wild having more variety, while Merrick offers affordability.

Depending on your Beagle’s needs, you can choose between the two or the other choices which have special features for your Beagle as well. In the end, it is your choice because you know what it best for your dog. Just make sure you choose the best dog food for Beagles so they can live a healthy and long life.

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