Best Dog Food For Basset Hound: The Right Choice for This Year

what kind of food to feed a basset hound

Popularly referred as the “Hush Puppy”, the basset hound is one of most famous household and advertising dog breeds. Who can ever resist those adorable long ears and tiny legs? Aside from its endearing appearance, this dog is also known for being friendly with everyone especially the kids. To maintain its high energy and positive behavior, it is so important to choose the best dog food for basset hound.

In addition to this, the nourishment that your hound will get from his food will determine the quality and length of his life. You want to keep your fur baby happy and alive for a long time right?

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Best Dog Food For Basset Hound Comparison

Basset Hound Nutrition

“You are what you eat”: this is one of the well-known quotations that individuals use to motivate themselves to live a healthy life. It serves as words of inspiration for people to take care of themselves by reminding them to consume their well-needed nourishment.

The same quotation applies with your fur babies. Just like humans, it is also necessary for a dog to ingest high quality food to attain the nutrients that they need for optimal wellness.

Their body requires vitamins and minerals that will maintain their overall health. If you find yourself tempted to take the cheapest dog food before putting it in your wheel cart, you should stop and rethink about it more than twice.

Low-end dog food is usually mixed with by-products, chemical preservatives, artificial flavorings and fillers that have unsustainable nutrients. It can make your basset hound feel full but it can’t provide all the necessary nourishment that your dog needs for its everyday living.

Most of the time, the food fillers used are wheat, corn and soy components that can produce negative effects in the wellness of your pooch. These components are known for causing allergic reactions to dogs especially those who are quite sensitive.

To further elaborate the importance of good dog food for basset hounds, here are the benefits of proper nourishment.

best dog food for basset hound

  • Healthy skin and coat– One of the obvious indicators of a dog’s state of wellness is their coat and skin. If you noticed that your pooch’s fur is shiny and there are minimal skin conditions, your hound’s health is definitely well-taken care of.
  • Less digestive track issues– The ideal dog poop should look like a firm chocolate-colored log. Expect a minimal odor but it shouldn’t smell too awful that scooping it up makes your stomach turn. If your hound’s stool doesn’t look like the standard healthy poop, you should rethink about different various aspects which include your dog’s food intake.
  • Stronger bones and muscles– Basset hounds need the high level function of their bones and muscles to help them deal with all the challenges of daily physical activities.
  • Higher energy– Who wants their dog to lay in the floor all day? If your fur baby looks like he’s always uninterested in playing fetch, this is one of the surefire signs that he is not getting proper nourishment. Start planning and changing his diet with upscale quality of dog food and expect to see him wag his tail for excitement every play time.
  • Better temperament– The basset hounds are known for being an ideal household pet. Owing to the fact that these dogs have friendly personality, they barely expose their teeth in people and other dogs even those that are strangers! This makes it easy for you to notice if your hound is not in a good condition. If your dog is unusually aggressive, this might be a sign of his poor nourishment.
  • Positive mental health– A healthy body can highly contribute to the healthy mind of your dog. If your dog is not feeling well, it can surely lead to distracted mind and feelings of forlorn. Avail a high-quality dog food for your basset hound and expect to see him turn from being gloomy into cheerful.

what kind of food to feed a basset hound? Top 4 Selected in 2018

Merrick Buffalo, Beef & Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food

  • This dog food for basset hound is specifically designed for easier digestion so you can expect your dog to produce a healthy stool
  • These fatty acids also contribute to the healthy skin and shiny coat of your pooch.
  • Aims to give the best prevention to various dog health issues.
  • Rich in Chondroitin and Glucosamine which aid in strong bones and healthy joints

It is a well-planned mixture of three flavors such as buffalo, beef and sweet potato that your dog will surely enjoy and also perfect for avoiding the appetite loss of your basset hound.

The Merrick Dog Food contains high levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which are known for aiding in the optimal wellness of your hound’s heart, eyes and brain.

The next time you decided to play fetch, you can expect your dog to be enthusiastic and full of energy. You and your dog can definitely enjoy your next playtime.

Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Dry Dog Food High Prairie Adult

  • The ingredients for this dry dog food came from sustainable resources with approved certification from concerned institute
  • Great source of optimal amino acid which can help in muscle development.
  • Rest assured that you’ll get a complete source of vitamins and minerals.

If you’re looking for the number one source of protein which can help strengthen the muscles of your dear dogs, then this High Prairie Adult – Venison & Bison Dog Food is one of your best choices.

Give your dogs the best treat ever by feeding them with roasted bison which boasts real meat. Aside from the main ingredient, your dogs can benefit from the nutrients brought by fruits and vegetables.

Rest assured, this recommended dog food for basset hound boasts the combination of high-quality ingredients creates a superfood for your dog. From antioxidants to probiotics and fatty acid, you can sleep well at night confident that your dogs received the best possible treat you could ever give them.

Once you’ve decided to purchase this High Prairie Adult – Venison & Bison for your pets, you are not only giving your dogs the food they deserve, you are also helping the environment.

Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food 

  • The chicken used as the number 1 ingredient is caged-free and sourced responsibly
  • It is packed with whole food ingredients that undergone minimal processes
  • Comes with amazing flavor that all dogs will find irresistible

Just like us, humans, our pets need to eat healthy, too. And when it comes to your dogs, it’s a natural thing to do to search for the best food you can give them especially if they’ve done something cool or something great for you. If you’re looking for answers on what kind of food to feed a basset hound, then this Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature’s Variety Chicken would surely catch your interest.

What makes this dry dog food special? Well, for a start, your dog would surely enjoy the combination of real animal ingredients and wholesome ingredients. There is 70% real meat and the remaining 30% is comprised of vegetables and nutritious oils.

Moreover, you would never think twice feeding your dogs with this amazing food as it is made of natural food products only. Aside from providing your pet with high protein, vitamins and minerals, they will become stronger and healthier—thanks to the probiotics content which can help your dog during digestion.

Once you’ve decided to purchase this recommended dog food for basset hound, you should never worry about the quality and taste as each piece of kibble comes coated in freeze. They are dried raw to keep the nutritional content intact. The ingredients for this dry dog food came only from trusted resources in the USA.

Nutro Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

  • This dog food is made exclusively and responsibly in US facilities
  • It boasts the finest natural food ingredients in the world
  •  It consists of other fine ingredients from sustainable and natural resources that promote weight management
  • The unique blend of nutrients also helps your dog experience a healthier digestion

How long have you been taking care of your dog? If you’ve been together for many years now, then perhaps the bond between the two of you is very strong now. Well, chances are, you are giving your dear pup a healthy dose of food every day. If you’re looking for an additional treat that can make your dog happier, then this Nutro Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food can be a great addition.

This dry dog food for basset hound is made up of lentils, sweet potato and Pasture-Fed Lamb. Of course, more than 50 percent of the ingredients are made up of real meat. Your dog would surely finish his meal with unrivaled appetite because of the delicious taste.

Aside from the unique taste, your dog would benefit a lot from the nutrients brought by fruits, vegetables and other wholesome ingredients. It also consists of other fine ingredients from sustainable and natural resources that promote weight management and healthier digestion.

Rest assured that Nutro Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food boasts only high-quality ingredients as they are made exclusively in the US. It also passed certification standards that guarantee the safety of your dear dogs.

If you’re quite getting overwhelmed looking for the right dog food for basset hound because there are lots of dog foods to choose from, then it’s good to know that the above mentioned products are proven and tested and you can give them a try without worrying about your dog’s health and safety.

The ideal dog food for basset hound is easy to find especially when you know where to look. However, make sure to check each product thoroughly so you won’t put your dog’s life in danger. Before every purchase, check the ingredients and other information. It is necessary especially if you want to spend longer years with your beloved pup.

As cliché as it sounds, a dog is a man’s best friend. While they cannot talk or cannot think like us, it doesn’t mean they deserve any less. Whether you’re a dog lover or not, we must keep in mind to treat them the way we wanted to be treated. They deserve the best dog food for basset hound. With the joy and protection they can bring us, it is only natural to give them the proper care and love they deserve.

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