Are Pugs Good with Kids?

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Adding a dog to the family is a serious matter that you have to think through. Although dogs are man’s best friend, some aren’t the best choices when you have small kids.

But what about Pugs? Are Pugs good with kids? Can you adopt an adult one when you have children running around the house?

This article will dive on that topic.

Pugs and Kids

Pugs are small lap dogs. One concern you might have with smaller breeds is that kids may handle them roughly. That’s a big deal with Chihuahuas.

Fortunately, your Pugs are bigger than Chihuahuas, with the former having some good muscle mass. Plus, they can also gain a little fat that will protect them further. That means kids can play with them better.

But you have to be careful not to make your Pug obese because obesity can shorten their lifespan. In addition, you should keep track of your children when they’re playing with your dog. Stop them when it becomes dangerous for either your dog or your kids.


Teach your kids to handle your dogs with care. If possible, it’s best to have a dog when you’re kids are older or at least 12 years old.

Pugs love to play. Surely that’s something both your dog and your kid will love.

Moreover, Pugs have a flat face which makes biting hard and rather impossible. They’re even known as the safest breeds for young kids.

Pug’s Temperament

Besides their anatomy, Pugs have an even temperament. They are gentle little creatures that tolerate kids and other animals. Once you have a Pug, you’re bound to have a devoted and affectionate dog.

These dogs love to snuggle and cuddle with their owners. They may even sleep with you as long as you let them.

Pugs are also passive. Your kids may prod or tease them, but they won’t bite or nip your kid. In fact, they will feel protective of your children.


Some children will play roughly than others. Despite your warnings, their excitement can cloud their judgment. They’d forget that Pugs are living, fragile creatures.

Here are some of the things you have to consider when you let your children play with your dog.

Caring for Pugs

Pugs have bulging round eyes which call for disasters. They’re prone to eye problems because of this. Their eyes can get scratched when your children play with them roughly.

When the eyes get scratched, it will cause redness and swelling. The issue will worsen and may even lead to other health problems. They may get blindness or infection.

Their size may also make them fragile. Pugs may be sturdier than Chihuahuas, but they are still small enough. They may get broken bones or get wounded.

Weather Conditions

Your kids may be fine with warmer weather. Just let them rest for five minutes and some water and they’ll be fine. But Pugs will have a hard time.

Pugs have a narrow air passageway which causes several breathing problems. If your place is warm, make sure your kids play with your Pug in a cooler shade. It can be under a tree or inside your house.

As much as possible, never let them play under the sun. Your Pug will have difficulty breathing. If it’s hotter than usual, limit their playtime as Pugs don’t do well with a heavy workout.


Safety should always be a priority when your dog and kids are playing. It doesn’t matter if your kids are trained or your Pug is basically harmless. They should always be in the safest place possible.

If they are playing in the garden, remove all possible hazards;for example, harsh chemicals that may be lying around. Make sure you also maintain your place to avoid disease-carrying insects.

You can also make your home pet-proof. It’s almost the same as keeping your house child-proof. One way is to keep electrical outlets out of reach or covered for safety.


Pugs are normally more fragile than your children. But if your child has asthma, Pugs may be a little problematic.

Despite their short coats, they shed regularly. This can lead to asthma attacks or allergic reactions.

Teaching Responsibility

Pugs can also teach responsibility to your kids besides being a playmate and a guard. After training your kids to handle Pugs, you can also teach them how to look after the dog. Teach them how to feed the dog and when.

Although pugs have breathing problems, they’re generally low-maintenance. They are the perfect dog breed to teach your kid a lesson.


Having a dog can change your home. They can make it a better place as your child can find a devoted playmate. Luckily, Pugs are well-suited to become a family pet—a dog that can keep your child company.

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