Are Boxer Dogs Protective?

By just looking at its seemingly worried wrinkled face, many people assume that boxer dogs are aggressive and unfriendly. In fact, this breed, at face value, intimidates some people. Given their physical appearance, are boxer dogs protective?

Don’t Judge a Breed by Its Face

If all people judge a dog by its outer appearance, then AKC wouldn’t have listed the boxer as part of the top 10 popular dogs among pet owners. Boxers are favorite family dogs. In fact, author John Wagner described the boxer as an all-around dog who has no equal.

But are boxer dogs protective? Read more and learn why boxer dogs are the best watchdogs for your family.

Reasons Why Boxer Dogs Are the Best Family Watchdogs

Desires Human Affection

Boxers love to be with humans. They want to be with any individual in the household—man, woman, children. They love their families and are loyal to the fullest. In spite of their imposing expression, they just can’t help but adore their humans.

Happiest When They Are with Kids

Boxers are good with children. Many pet owners claim that this breed loves to seek attention from their humans, especially kids. Boxers are famous as good babysitters. This may be the best reason why they are great family watchdogs.

Moreover, a boxer is a master cuddler. One pet owner, Stacy, said her boxer loves to be snuggled like a baby.

A Dog for All Seasons

The boxer’s official classification is in the “working group.” But his desire for human company and affection gives him the credit of a family dog.

The boxer has a very keen sense of hearing and is always vigilant—another reason why it makes a good family protector.

Sunny and Goofy

Don’t be fooled by this breed’s endearing facial expressions. The boxer is a funny and lively doggo. The unfamiliar may think this breed is constantly anxious or ready to attack, but the truth is, this fellow is full of good vibes. It’s very energetic and enjoys loads of playtime with you, especially with the kids.


Steadfast and Reliable

If there is a “brawns and brains” dog title, without a doubt, it will go to the boxer. This dog is not only strong and fearless but also smart and reliable. Many pet owners say that this breed’s high level of intelligence allows itself to learn how to interact with humans from any age level.

One interesting information about this adorable canine is that it doesn’t bark right away when its sensitive ears hear something. It will stay calm but observant and is alert enough to bark once it’s able to confirm danger. Simply put, the boxer is a smart barker and can pull off with grace under pressure.

Caring Tips for Your Dependable Watchdog

If you are planning to get a boxer soon, make sure you are ready to care for such a breed. Here are our plain and simple caring tips that will keep your boxer happy:

Ensure Proper Nutrition
This is very crucial for any breed. If you want a healthy and strong pet, you have to make sure you are feeding it the right kind of food. Don’t give in to the temptation of sharing your human food to your pet because dogs and humans have different nutritional needs.

Keep in mind that a puppy’s food is different from that of an adult dog. Go to a trusted and reputable dog company and ask for its best recommendations. Also, establish a regular feeding schedule for your doggo.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your boxer has plenty of fresh and clean water all the time.

Give Your Pet Enough Exercise
The boxer is an upbeat and playful breed. You need to give this dog enough exercise to let out that excess energy. If your boxer is still a puppy, a daily 20-minute brisk walk will do, but when your boxer becomes an adult, extend the walk for another 20 to 30 minutes.

REMINDER: Apart from physical exercise, mental stimulation is also important. Make sure to give your boxer both.

two dogs on a grass field

Keep in Touch with Your Vet
Aside from your efforts, your boxer also needs to see a trusted vet. This is to make sure that your pet gets the necessary vaccines to protect its overall health.

Final Thoughts

Are boxer dogs protective? You bet, they are, but in a good way. Boxers are protective of their human family because they love them and will always want to keep them safe. So if you’ve been debating with yourself if you should get a boxer, then think of better reasons.

Your protective pooch will not ask much from you—just your love and affection.

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