5 DIY Ideas for Your Pet

5 DIY Ideas for Your PetAre you tired of spillage and lack of storage when it comes to your pet’s food? How do you deal with poop from your puppy? Are you finding trouble traveling with your pet in the car? Worry no more, this article will give you cost-free ideas to solve common pet problems.

Being a pet owner for over a decade, I understand what makes a pet owner look forward to a comfortable night’s sleep. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get down to work and be creative!

Collar Covers

Different pets have different neck sizes. Get your pet’s measurements right especially between the tag and clasp for accuracy. To make the neckband lovely, you can opt to stamp the name on your fabric or line with decorative fabric. I prefer to use different kinds of materials or color depending on what is readily available. Nylon is always a great match in terms of durability and gentleness on your pet’s skin.

Your Pet’s Beddog sleeping

Your sweet little friend has been bugging you all the time in your bed especially when you need to sleep. It is time to make him his share of comfort.  An old tire can be easy to use since you have less assembly work to do. For the safety of your pet, it is advisable to line the edges using a soft material to avoid injury.

You probably have old rags or towels; they come in handy. Stitch a pooch and throw in all those fabrics you don’t use. Take into consideration the size of your tire to ensure the pooch fits in well. The bed is quite appropriate since you can move it from one side to another. It can be your puppy’s resting place on the balcony or a sleeping bed inside the house.

Food Station With Storage

dog bones

We know how bad a mess pets can create while feeding. A food station is an easier solution since the pet doesn’t have to kick her feeding tins around the house probably asking for a refill. You can use readily available materials e.g. buckets, basins, crates, etc.

When choosing an item to use as your food station, ensure it is of appropriate height to avoid straining your pet when feeding. Finally, trim the edges to make them pet-friendly and avoid injuring them during feeding.

Pet Potty

I learned that pets, particularly dogs, like to do their business on grass. This poses a challenge for pet owners who live in apartments where gardens and backyards are converted to busy parking lots. Don’t you worry; this pet potty is well designed to suit an apartment setting.

You will need a kennel tray, plywood, screws, wheels, and a roll of sod to design a perfect pet potty. Tools needed are a jigsaw and a screwdriver. You can place this pet potty on your balcony, but it is best placed in secluded areas since pets love privacy.


Car Seat Hammock

A car seat hammock ensures your vehicle is left clean after traveling with your pet especially for long distances. It also ensures safety just like a child’s car seat. First of all, you need to take your car measurements from behind the driver’s seat, all the way down to the back seat and up to behind the back seat.

For the straps, fix some hooks or fasteners to the back and front seats as well as on your material to secure it. As for the material, find something that is readily available (I promised you cost-free projects) and easy to wash. For extra elegance, you could trim the material and stitch neatly on the edges.


  • Understand your pet
  • Work with what you have
  • Find inspiration from your environment
  • Safety counts

The Final Word

You deserve to be comfortable and happy, and so does your pet. I hope the above projects will help you find solutions to the principal problems we have with pets. If you have any fancy ideas or comments, feel free to share with us.

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