Will Pugs Sleep with You?

Will Pugs sleep with you? Should you let them?

The sleeping condition of any dog depends on the owner. If you want them outside in their own doghouse, there’s no problem. You can also let them sleep inside the house in their bed. The most important thing is they are comfortable.

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It’s only wrong if you leave them somewhere where they are in discomfort and afraid.

But if you wish to sleep with your pug, it’s good to know if they are willing to.

Will Pugs Sleep with You?

Truth be told, any dog will want to sleep with you in your bed. Aside from feeling comfortable, they’re also close to you. And dogs love it when they are close to their humans.


Pugs will especially love cuddling with you in your sleep. They were bred to be companions and lap dogs. Your dog will love the feeling of being hugged.

As mentioned above, there’s nothing wrong with letting them sleep with you. But it’s better if you consider the following:

  • Pugs snore. Light sleepers may find this a problem throughout the night.
  • They love getting close to you. You might wake up in the morning with their face or tail in your face.
  • Pugs are also prone to breathing problems. They may choke with too much fabric in your bed. It can also be problematic if you sleep with many pillows.
  • Dogs need a potty break—even at night. If you haven’t trained your pup yet, they may pee on the bed. You may also need to wake up once in a while to let them do their business.

What If You Don’t Want Them in Bed with You?

Prepare and set rules before you get a Pug. You should already plan where they will sleep. Find a comfortable space for your Pug if you don’t want them to sleep in your bed.

You may also let them sleep inside the bedroom, provided they have their own bed.

But what if they keep climbing up your bed?

It’s easy to train a Pug, especially when they are still pups. Train them to respect your rules and spaces. If they climb up to your bed, firmly but gently tell them “No.”

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Pug’s Sleeping Habits

It’s essential to know your Pug’s sleeping habits whether you like sleeping with them or not.

Pugs have a reputation for being lazy. It’s generally thought they only sleep throughout the day. But that isn’t really true.

Still, that doesn’t mean your Pug doesn’t need sleep. Here’s the normal sleeping habit of a Pug from the day they are born until they are adults.

Newborn Pups

Newborn pups are a lot like babies. They will need more sleep in order to grow.

Newborn pups will need 22 hours of sleep every day until they are 3 weeks or so. They’re basically asleep all the time. They will only wake up for eating and then will be back to sleep.

By 3 weeks, your pups’ vision and hearing will work much better. Your pup will be awake longer by this time to explore more.

From 3 weeks to 8 weeks, you can expect them to sleep for around 20 to 21 hours every day.


A dog’s puppyhood is perhaps its most fun stage. They will struggle to stay awake just so they can experience everything at once. You might see your pup struggling to stay awake while eating or playing.

But pups from 3 months to 5 months still need plenty of sleep. They’ll roughly need at least 18 to 20 hours of sleep daily. This includes naps and nighttime sleep.

It’s not unusual for your pup to stay awake for a solid three or four hours. So don’t worry. If they get tired, they’ll sleep wherever they might be.

That’s why you should take time to check on them and make sure they’re safe and comfortable.

The older your dog gets, the longer they stay awake.

Adult Pugs

Adult pugs will sleep for around 14 hours a day.

Normally, they have almost the same sleeping pattern as you. They will also sleep for 7 to 8 hours every night. The rest will be on and off napping.

But this can change from one dog to another. Some are more hyperactive than most and may be dead tired by the end of the day.

Others like to shadow their human. They may sleep longer or shorter depending on your schedule.


Will Pugs sleep with you? They definitely will if you let them. The ultimate choice is yours, the owner.

But there’s no right or wrong answer to whether you should let your Pug sleep in your bed.

What’s important is that they are comfortable and safe. Make sure they are away from harm and undisturbed when they are sleeping. In many ways, they are like us or our children.

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