Will Labrador Retrievers Protect You?

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Labrador retrievers are well-loved for their even temperaments and loyalty. They have high energy and are kind to people, especially the small kids. This combination makes it possible to find your dog and your kids a playmate.

A Lab’s friendliness is one of its winning traits. But can it also put you in danger? Will Labrador retrievers protect you?

That’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.

Are Labrador Retrievers Guard Dogs?

Guard dogs are protective of their family and territory. These are the dogs that can guard your property well. They don’t just bark—these dogs will intimidate intruders who enter your home.

If someone attacks you or attempts to, you can trust in your guard dog to defend you. They are alert and have a sharp sixth sense when it comes to danger. You’ll feel much safer when they are around.

But not every dog is capable of being a guard dog, regardless of how intimidating they look or how loyal they are to you. Unfortunately, a Lab isn’t the breed for this job. They are way too friendly even with strangers.

Nevertheless, Labrador retrievers can be good watch dogs. They differ in the sense that watch dogs are typically the alarm. Labs are friendly, but they have more tendency to bark than other dog breeds.

Their bark can alert you if someone has entered your home or they sense something unfamiliar.

A Labrador retriever often works best as a home companion. Family dogs are kind and even-tempered like this breed. They also work rather well with small children and can adapt to any environment.

These dogs are bred to add smiles and love to our everyday lives.

Will Labrador Retrievers Protect You?

Since Labrador retrievers don’t work well as guard dogs, will they still protect you?

Of course, they will. But only to some degree. Never expect too much and hope to see your Labrador guarding the house. 

They will pull you out of harm’s way and may even fight anyone who hurts you. But they aren’t territorial as any other dog. In fact, protection isn’t their priority unlike breeds that work as guard dogs.

But that’s the general idea when it comes to these dogs. The truth is, some Labs can play the role of a guard very well. They aren’t as friendly as most Labs and will be more suspicious of strangers.

These are the types of Labrador retrievers that are definitely going to protect you.

What we mean to say is that it all comes down to your dog’s specific temperament. Each dog has its own personality. Although most Labrador retrievers are cut from the same cloth, not everyone is the same.

Even at a young age, you can tell if your pup is more protective or friendlier.

Labrador Retriever Temperament

But why aren’t Labs the best choice as guard dogs?

Labrador retrievers are on the top spot of the most popular breeds according to AKC. That means a huge percentage of families and individuals in the US has one. They’re the best choice for most families because of their even temperament.

Like all dogs, Labrador retrievers are loyal and affectionate. In fact, they may be too affectionate that they act as large lap dogs. They love cuddling, getting your attention, and feeling your love.

These dogs are patient with children. And if you’re a family with small kids, it’s important to find someone like the Lab. Their high energy can complement your own children’s active lifestyle.

Additionally, they are gentle and kind creatures. Apart from strangers, they also work well with other animals like cats. This is something you should consider if you’re thinking of having a multi-pet household.

Labs are also friendly. It’s one of the things that people love about them. It’s also one of the main reasons why they aren’t amazing guard dogs. Instead of attacking intruders, they might ignore them and do their own business.

They may also be bribed by good treats, pats, and belly rubs.

Their friendliness also makes it easy to socialize them. You don’t have to spend extra time and effort to train them to be social. Labradors naturally are.

Labrador Jobs

Besides being family pets, Labs are also hired to assist humans in different jobs. They are highly intelligent creatures with incredible energy. Some of the perfect jobs for them include the following:

  • Guide dogs
  • Therapy dogs
  • Service dogs
  • Search and rescue dogs

So, even when they can’t really protect you that well, they still have important jobs. Most of all, their main job is to make your home happier.


Will Labrador retrievers protect you? Yes, they will to some degree, but they aren’t considered as guard dogs. Still, this breed is one of the best family dogs you can get. They won’t be the number one breed in America for nothing.

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  1. We have had many labs over the years and when they are challenged they will move to be protective. They have never been overly aggressive but they have gotten the point across.

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