They’re Nanny Dogs but Will a Pit Bull Turn on You?

Pit Bulls have grown to be the sweetest dogs of America. In contrast to popular opinion, people should not fear pit bulls. More often than not, confused people who aren’t familiar with them would ask, will a pit bull turn on you?

Let’s start by setting the tone that pit bulls are not bullies. These dogs shouldn’t be synonymous with “bully breeds”, a term coined back in the 1800s. Brought into the country by English immigrants, pit bulls were for farmers to use.

A general term of calling pit bulls is terriers. Pit bulls come from terrier breeds, and they have a lot of wonderful traits. Terriers exhibit protectiveness, loyalty, athleticism; and they can be under training. They are also very bright dogs that are quick to pick up instructions.

Are Pit Bulls Considered Family Friendly?

Yes, pit bulls are perfect for families, and they have always been that way. There are owners who fail to understand pit bulls and their temperament. Which is why people have misconceptions about these lovable and committed dogs.

Pit bulls make great dog nannies and you can place your kids under their watch. These dogs are sweet, and they are also very submissive. Pit bulls are very obedient which is why you could also teach them how to fight.

People need to stray away from the misconception that pit bulls are aggressive. No dog breed pops out an aggressive puppy. One in every litter could be born as the dominant. Then there are also puppies being more submissive than the rest.

Aggressive dogs usually develop their temperament depending on their surroundings. Stress and negativity can make a dog hostile. It’s possible that each dog breed can produce an aggressive dog. It depends on how a dog tends to develop its character over time.

Pit bulls are always tagged as dangerous and they need a break from this. Once you get to know your pit bull, you will see how loving they are.

Will Pit Bulls Attack Their Own Owners?

Breed wise, pit bulls will never attack their owners because they are pit bulls. There may be instances of attacks and it’s only because there’s something off with the dog itself. People usually connect a dog’s behavior to its breed and pit bulls often fall victims to this.

Dogs don’t snap on their own. In some cases, this is because the dog’s character is rude. In other cases, they could feel threatened by strangers. Some owners are also careless with their pets and this causes accidents.

When smaller dogs start barking and taunting at older dogs, the latter sees it as a confrontation. If a smaller dog isn’t controlled by its owner, chances are they get attacked by the bigger ones. This is where dog discipline comes into the picture. It may be a good idea for you to have your dog trained to be safe.

Dog training can protect smaller dogs and your own as well. You could also train your dog and teach him obedience as safety measures. This prevents instances of your dog getting out of control and biting or attacking others.

Pit Bulls: Which Type of Terriers Are They?

Before getting yourself a pit bull, you need to know their different types. The common pit bull types you run into would be:

  • Staffordshire Bull Terriers
  • American Pit Bull Terriers
  • American Staffordshire Terriers

These breeds originate from the Bull and the Terrier. Pit bulls and bulldogs are often mixed to create the Pitbull American Bulldog. This mix breed is very intelligent, trainable, and loyal.

The Bull and Terrier breeds are both fighting dogs. Both breeds were also brought in the United States for farm work and other tasks. Because of a dog’s character, it’s crucial that you know how to pick the right dog food for this breed.

How to Be a Good Owner to Pit Bulls

The behavior of your pit bull depends on how you train them. These dogs are the type that is willing to learn whatever you teach them. Your pit bulls need enough exercise, make sure you give it to them. They are very athletic and might need to walk or enjoy regular outdoor activities.

Keep your pit bull healthy. It’s important to know what food is best for them. A happy pit bull is contented, strong, and responsive. You can also check this page to know what dog foods to avoid for your pet.

Be the leader for your pit bull. Make sure they get enough exercise and training. Pit bulls are intelligent breeds and you could take advantage of that. Use their unending energy for positive activities. Show them the love and affection that they need. In the long run, they will reciprocate it.

Is It Safe to Take Your Pit Bull to the Park?

With the majority of people still seeing pit bulls in a dark light, parks may not be a good idea. You might want to consider dog daycare centers instead of “walking” your pit bull outdoors.

Dogs can also feel human emotions and they can read the atmosphere. Parks can have uncontrollable activity. There are lots of different people there that might be afraid of pit bulls. Spare your pit bull from the emotional stress and judgment.

So will a pit bull turn on you? It could, and it could also not. Be a responsible owner and give them the love and understanding they deserve.

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