Will a Golden Retriever Shed Hair?

The golden retriever is one of America’s most favorite breeds. They are loyal and friendly dogs with even temperament. Plus, their golden coat is so recognizable for its amazing color and its softness.

In general, people love goldies because they are beautiful and perfect as family pets.

But will a golden retriever shed hair? If so, how much, and how can you handle it?


Will a Golden Retriever Shed Hair?

The type of coat a golden retriever has can tell you exactly whether they shed or not.

Golden retrievers are best known for their dense, glossy coats. The outer coat is resilient and firm with a good undercoat. They also have feathering along their necks, at the back of their thighs, and their tails.

Dense and double-layered coats often turn into shedding. With that said, goldies do shed. And they shed quite a lot, especially for someone who doesn’t like it.

In general, a golden retriever will shed moderately throughout the year. This means you’re likely going to see a couple of hairs or so on couches and carpets. These may also get on your bed or stuck at the back of your shoes and on your furniture.

It’s good to have some powerful vacuum if you’re thinking of getting a goldie. You’ll need these, especially during spring and fall. These two seasons are when your dog will shed the most as they change their coat.

When Do Golden Retrievers Shed Most?

During springtime, your dog will lose their “winter coats” and vice versa. But apart from these seasons, there are also other times when your dog will shed more. Below are the most common reasons behind a goldie’s heavy shedding.

Losing their Puppy Coat

Pups from four to six months still have their puppy coats. It’s to keep them warmer as they’re still getting used to regulating their own temperature. That’s also one of the reasons why puppies are extra fluffy and adorable.

Around their sixth month or so, they will start losing their puppy coat. They’ll shed more around this time to make way for their adult coat.

Expect some heavy shedding around this time.

Neutering or Spaying

Neutering or spaying has all sorts of benefits. For one, it’s to help keep the population of your dogs in check. But these medical treatments also bring disadvantages.

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One of these disadvantages is shedding. Your dog will experience heavy shedding for a few months after the treatment. This is because there are changes in hormone production.

Male dogs are more affected than females.


Bad allergies can cause more than just itching and hot spots. It can become worse to the point where your dog will lose more of their fur. Their incessant scratching will cause all their hair to fall at some point.

Allergies can be caused by either food, cleaning agents, or everyday objects. Be sure you check your dog’s reaction to their surroundings and the food you give them. As soon as they start itching, you may want to bring them to a vet.

Bad Diet

A bad diet can also cause more shedding than usual. Dogs that have a bad diet normally have dry skin, increased stress, and damaged hair roots. Some commercial dog foods strip your dog of good oils. This then leads to heavy hair shedding.

Ensure that you feed your dog high-quality dog food. Check it for any allergens, especially if your dog is sensitive. Ask the vet what they recommend based on your dog’s size, age, and overall health.

You can also add digestive enzymes to your dog’s food. This helps maintain your dog’s natural oil and keep their scalp and coat healthy.

How to Control Shedding

It’s easy to fall in love with golden retrievers, but their shedding can be a little frustrating.

The good thing is you can control and tame their shedding. Doing the following can help lessen the loose hair that falls out of your dog.

1. Brush your dog’s coat regularly. It would help if you do this daily, especially on the days they shed more. Brushing can get rid of your dog’s loose hair before it falls out on its own. Use an appropriate brush for your dog’s coat and brush both directions. Do this until there is less hair coming off.

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2. Bathe your dog on a regular basis as well. They don’t really need daily bathing, but it can help get rid of the loose hair. Use an oatmeal-based shampoo to help keep their skin healthy. Never use anything that has harsh chemicals.

3. Massage your dog during bath time. You can get rubber or silicone mitts made especially for this task. It can also help loosen the hair and take it out before it does on its own.

Will a golden retriever shed hair? Yes, they will. And it can be quite a lot. But knowing the cause and following our tips can help control the shedding.

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