Why Labrador Retrievers Are the Best Dogs

Choosing a pet dog can be tough nowadays. There are so many breeds to choose from—from purebred dogs to hybrid mixes. But if you want to find the best family pet, Labrador retrievers should be on your list.

Labs have been America’s favorite dog breed for a long while. They even hold the top spot for AKC’s breed popularity as of now.

But why are Labrador retrievers so popular among dog lovers? Why should you consider them as part of your family? Read on and learn why Labrador retrievers are the best dogs.


Reasons Why Labrador Retrievers Are the Best Dogs

In general, Labrador retrievers are for everyone. Regardless if you have a big family or a small one or you have children or you don’t. They can even fit people who are active and those who are a little laid-back.

But to be a little more in-depth, here are a few reasons why Labs are the best.


Perhaps the best thing about Labs is their even temperament. These dogs are kind, gentle, and sweet. Since they were originally born as retrievers, they’re also energetic and active.

Labs are friendly creatures. They are patient with the small ones and are devoted to their humans. Because of their friendly nature, however, they aren’t the best watchdogs.

This dog will tolerate other animals—even cats as long as they’re properly trained. You can also live with them in an apartment complex as they’re good with strangers. You don’t have to worry about constant barking and growling whenever a stranger passes by.


If you want a smart dog that’s easy to train, the Labrador retriever is for you. They’re highly intelligent creatures and because of that, they learn faster. Training should be easy. Even first-time dog owners can do it well.

But not all Labs are the same. You’ll definitely find some that have noticeable stubborn streaks.

These dogs have an eager-to-please personality. They love getting praises and head scratches, so positive reinforcement definitely works. They’d do anything for these little rewards and a little tasty treat.

That said, never use physical punishment or any punishment at all. Your dog may react negatively, and they may become shy or aggressive.

Sweet and Devoted

Labs are also amazing at cuddling. They can show their sweetness and devotion in many ways. Luckily, cuddling is one of them.

These dogs love getting close to their humans. It’s not uncommon for your dog to lay by your side if you let them in your bed. They’d also snuggle close to you on the couch when you’re watching TV.

And since these dogs are bigger than your average lap dog, it will be very comfortable.

They will also show their devotion to you by following you around. Labs have a tendency to get worried, so once you’re out of their sight, they’ll worry.

But be careful with this type of behavior. Your Lab may be too attached to you, and this could lead to separation anxiety. Train them to be independent to avoid possible destructive behavior when you leave.

Energetic and Outgoing

Do you love walking, running, or swimming? If you do, then this is one more reason why Labrador retrievers are the best dogs for you. These creatures were born with amazing energy level. They can definitely keep up with your active lifestyle.

In fact, your dog will require regular exercise, so this will benefit you. You can bring them to your daily runs. They’re also naturally good swimmers and have waterproof coats. If you have a pool or a nearby pond or river, you can bring them along for a swim.

These dogs are also perfect for playful and outgoing people. Want to play fetch or Frisbee? You can train your dog, and they’ll be amazing at it.

Remember that Labrador retrievers were originally meant to retrieve game for hunters. That means if you’re a hunter yourself, they can still do the job pretty well.

But be sure to get a dog bred for field line. These are Labs that are still bred for hunting.

Quirky and Funny

Labrador retrievers look kind and friendly. But they can also be prone to quirky and funny expressions. They’re laid-back animals that enjoy life, and it can be contagious. A day with a Lab will ensure a day filled with happiness.

Once you have a Labrador, you’ll feel definitely better. That’s why they’re also one of the best choices as therapy dogs.

Low Maintenance

One of the best things with Labrador retrievers is that they’re low maintenance. That means you don’t have to brush their hair on a daily basis. Or that you don’t have to bathe or groom them every now and then.

But Labs do shed and rather heavily at times when seasons change. It’s best to have a good vacuum at hand.


Any dog is an amazing companion as they’re loyal and sweet. But Labrador retrievers are extra special and can be amazing members of the family.

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